Top Online Workout Classes

While many gyms are starting to open for people to enter and workout, many people are staying home to workout instead. Since the at-home workout option has become increasingly popular over the last six months, we wanted to feature some of the top online workout classes to get you moving and achieving your weight loss goals!

Each of these workout classes offers a different focus, ability, and perhaps price. Review each of our top online workout classes to see which will work with your schedule and goals for increased physical activity.

Gaia Yoga

This website features yoga practice for all experience levels. You sign up to watch the live videos to get your daily yoga workout completed. There’s a free one week trial before you start paying the $11.99 per month fee.

Daily Burn

If you’re looking for variety then Daily Burn is an excellent option for you! With just one membership you’ll be able to mix and match the workouts to fit your current desire for exercise options. Sign up to try this online workout class free for 30 days before committing.

Booya Fitness

This online workout class features updated music to get you moving and a variety of options to workout at home. You can get a personalized exercise plan without the extra costs involved when going to an in-person at the gym.

Alo Moves

Enjoy unlimited meditation, yoga, and fitness for just $199 per year or $20 a month, much cheaper than the average gym membership. Plus, you’ll save on gas! Alo Moves features a variety of workout options that place emphasis on mind, body, and soul.

Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson live has a wide range of workout options to fit your current goals and level. You’re able to customize your workout plan and start working out on a free trial. This free trial will provide you with the time you need to determine if this top online workout class is right for you.


This final online workout class focuses on cycling. For everyone out there who enjoys using the bicycles at the gym, this workout is for you! Simply use your at-home cycling machine to join in with daily workouts and cycling activities for a low fee.

These are just the top online workout classes we felt you’d enjoy selecting from as a means to get your workout in, without hitting the gym. No more dealing with sweaty, crowded workout sessions with strangers, nope! With these top online workout classes, you’ll be well on your way towards achieving your fitness goals without leaving home.

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