Efficient Tricks to Regain Your Balance

Stress affects our lives a lot more than we know, both mentally and physically, and there’s no way to escape it. we all get stressed every now and then, about work, school or personal commitments, and it takes a heavy toll on our mental and physical health. Especially during uncertain times like these, our stress might get the best of us, and we need to find out center and regain our (mental and physical) balance. Here are a few simple steps to let go of the stress and find your balance.

Go outside and get active

These could be two separate steps, but they work best together. it sounds like the oldest myth in the book that exercise helps to eliminate stress, but it really works. You don’t have to go for a jog if that isn’t your cup f tea – you can choose your preferred exercise – but stepping outside for some fresh air would be a blesses addition to your workout. This includes going for a walk or practicing yoga – any kind of exercise that would get your body moving.

Focus on your breathing

it sounds like another cliche, but we promise you it isn’t. There’s a reason why they practice breathing during yoga – it help us reconnect with our body and find our center. You can look for breathing exercises online – don’t feel silly about it – or you can simply take a number of conscious, deep breathes. This should be an active process of letting in air, and letting out the negative thoughts and everything that’s been weighing you down.

Do something you love

Okay, okay, this sounds like another cliche, but what can we do? They actually work! Try and take some time for yourself – away from the TV or phone – and do something that makes you happy. Personally, I’ve recently discovered that drawing and painting is surprisingly calming. It could be anything, from writing, to painting, to knitting, cooking, exercising, or catching up with friends. Anything that makes you happy.

Count your blessings

We’re not saying this as a figure of speech; sit down and make a list of the things you’re thankful for – I’m sure there are plenty of them. During such confusing times, it acknowledging our blessings and our luck is an important step in dealing with our reality. We didn’t make this up, it’s a well-known trick that dates back centuries. You’re probably thinking you could just mentally list them, but sitting down and actively writing your blessings would be significantly more effective.

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