Easy Ways to Become More Self-Sufficient

There are many ways to become more self-sufficient in life. Today we’ll focus on some of the easier options that help anyone become more reliant on themselves and the land around them. We hope that this list of ideas helps inspire you to live a more eco-friendly, self-sufficient lifestyle soon!

Grow Your Own Food

Whether you opt to grow all of your own food or just a little bit, everyone should grow something of their own. This helps you learn ways to feed yourself when the shelves at the grocery store run slim and the world starts acting amuck!


This is such a great way to eliminate the need for fertilizers and other chemical products to grow food. You can eliminate kitchen scraps, too! Having compost is an excellent way to reuse your scraps and keep the landfills lower on trash.

Learn how to Preserve

This is an important step in learning to be more self-sufficient. You must learn new ways to preserve food for the long term. With the world being sort of crazy these days, everyone will benefit from knowing how to keep their food fresh and preserved for years to come.

Use Reusable Cloths

Instead of using paper towels or things like that for cleaning and such, swap them out for reusable cloth. This will ensure you’re using less waste, and able to live a more self-sufficient life as you won’t need to run to the store to buy paper products like towels to keep clean.

Learn to Hunt or Fish

Another way to be more self-sufficient is to learn how to hunt or fish for your food. Learning new ways to get your food from nature will go a long way in your mission to be more self-sufficient! Take the courses required to get your hunting license and learn to gut a fish so that you can hop down to the river to get dinner for the fam whenever possible.

Collect Rainwater

Last, but not least, collecting rainwater is another option to stay more self-sufficient. The trick with this is that collecting rainwater is illegal in some regions so be sure to check what the laws are in your region before starting this process. Rainwater can be filtered to use as drinking water or used to water your garden and animals!

These are just some of the many ways you can work towards being a more self-sufficient person! With our current times, we felt it important that everyone learns some new ways to rely on themselves and their family for food, supplies, and sanity amidst the current chaos in our world.

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