Your Favorite Celebrities May Be Some of the Worst People in Hollywood

Thanks to social media and their well-documented lives, we are often under the misconception that celebs are just like us and that we know them. But celebrity appearances are often carefully curated. That being said, every so often, they are thrown in a situation that brings out the real them — and the discoveries can be disappointing and sometimes even upsetting.

From Ellen DeGeneres to Steven Seagal — some celebrities can be real jerks in real life…and we have all the scoop!

From America’s Sweetheart to Your Worst Nightmare

After catapulting to fame following her role in “Pretty Woman”, Julia Roberts was considered one of America’s biggest Sweethearts. Her infectious smile had people falling in love with her, but over the years, things changed. More and more Hollywood insiders have come clean about her nasty behavior behind cameras.


In “Hook”, the 1991 “Peter Pan” adaptation directed by Steven Spielberg, Roberts was cast as Tinkerbell. The actress would lock herself in her trailer for hours on end, show up late, and never apologize. Unsurprisingly, her nickname on set was “Tinkerhell.”

Guy Fieri Storms Out

During his time on the Food Network, celebrity chef Guy Fieri stirred up drama on his show “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”. According to the show’s producer, David Page, the chef uses harsh word choices to alienate entire groups of people.

Getty Images Photo by Frazer Harrison

Early on in the show, Page received a phone call from Fieri, who had just stormed out of a restaurant. Why, you may ask? Fieri decided that the two men running the restaurant were a couple, and that “those people” weird him out. Get over yourself, Guy!

Don’t Get on Naomi’s Bad Side

One of the world’s most famous supermodels, Naomi Campbell is also known for being one of the world’s biggest divas. For years she has been reported to display some entitled and rude behavior.


Perhaps the most notorious of her tantrums occurred when she threw her phone at a maid once. She has been convicted of assault on four occasions, after being accused eleven times of committing acts of violence against employees! Eek!

A Diva With Crazy Demands

Gwyneth Paltrow is an Academy Award-winning actress who is known for living a luxurious lifestyle. She seems to have taken this lifestyle to an extreme — she has gained a reputation of being somewhat of a diva, a demanding one at that.

Alamy Stock Photo

While visiting a Michelin-starred restaurant in London, where she looked at the menu and announced, “I can’t eat this stuff. Let’s just go up to my suite and order room service.” To add insult to injury, the actress demands that someone clean and dry the shower at her gym before she enters!

Tom Cruise — Unhinged and Hurtful

Thanks to his outbursts, overcontrolling demeanor, and heated rants about other celebs, Tom Cruise has been the center of a lot of media-related criticism. In 2005, Cruise received backlash when he called actress Brooke Shields “irresponsible” for taking prescription medications in hopes of helping her debilitating postpartum depression.

Getty Images Photo by Anthony Harvey

Cruise went as far as to say that the medication was the reason Shield’s career hadn’t gone anywhere in recent years. His remarks hurt many people, especially his female fan base.

Anything But a Hero

Known for her “adorkable” portrayal of Jess Day on “New Girl”, Zooey Deschanel is what we would call a “manic pixie dream girl.” Offscreen is anything but a dream girl; some people claim she is a nightmare to be around. In 2013, a super-fan describe how meeting her “hero” Zooey went from being a dream come true to the worst day of her life.

Getty Images Photo by: Paul Drinkwater

Not only was the actress dismissive, but she was also just plain rude. Costars have also remarked on how the actress likes to be in control on set and throws tantrums when schedules don’t go as planned.

Do You Know Who I Am?

James Corden’s charisma and humor have helped him become famous across the globe, and yet, there are some dark sides to his personality.

Getty Images Photo by Ian Gavan

According to a Reddit thread, the late-night television host is the most entitled and arrogant person a fan has ever met. Corden loves using the “do you know who I am” line while out and about.

Jennifer Lopez Ignores Flight Attendants

Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s biggest names. She does it all. Although she’s known for being “Jenny from the block,” her behavior suggests otherwise. According to various sources, the performer refuses to talk to service industry workers.


A flight attendant second this statement, explaining that when he asked Jennifer what she wanted to drink during a flight, the singer ignored him, turned her head, and told her assistant, “Please tell him I’d like a Diet Coke and lime.”

Charlie Sheen is Bad News

Charlie Sheen is known for his bad-boy persona, and although he was once the highest-paid actor on TV, that changed thanks to his many public outbursts. After calling “Two and a Half Men” producer “turd” and wishing him “nothing but pain,” Sheen was fired from the series.

Alamy Stock Photo

Sheen went on to rant towards CBS and Ashton Kitcher, who replaced him on the hit series. He’s always had a talent for attracting unfavorable attention, the list of his slip-ups goes on and on.

Don’t Get in Rihanna’s Way

The iconic Rihanna has had her fair share of bloopers over the years. Her most memorable slip up may have been at her 2013 concert in Birmingham, England. She was performing “We Found Love” when a fan reached for her hand. That’s when Rihanna smacked her over the head with a microphone! Of course, the whole thing was caught on tape, so word spread quickly.

Getty Images Photo by George Pimentel

Instead of apologizing, the pop star clarified that the microphone incident was intentional! A year later, she made headlines once again. This time, it was for mocking a 16-year-old fan that wore a prom dress designed to pay tribute to the singer. Rihanna posted a photo of herself wearing the dress herself, captioned “IG,” alongside a photo of fan Alexis Carter in the same gown with a caption that read “Real Life.”

Amy Schumer Is Not a Team Player

Amy Schumer first made a name for herself thanks to her sharp sense of humor. Her stand-up comedy sketch called “Inside Amy Schumer” ran on Comedy Central for a total of four seasons.

Getty Images Photo by Noam Galai

In 2018, the comedian was called rude after she interrupted another comedian’s set to rehearse some of her jokes. Brendan Sagalow, the victim of her rude interruption, later said that the incident was a pretty nasty thing to do — it was his first headlining set in front of friends and family. Not so sweet of her, now is it?

Steven Seagal Almost Got Fired From Saturday Night Live

Along with his big build, Steven Seagal has a reputation for being a bully and a jerk. He earned this persona thanks to several intimidating interviews he gave, where he endlessly criticized people.

Getty Images Photo by George De Sota

According to actor David Spade, Seagal was one of the most hated “Saturday Night Live” hosts. He was so hated, in fact, that he almost got fired! Time Meadows explained that the actor was impossible to work with and that he criticized the cast and writing staff continuously.

Spike Lee is an Ungrateful Guest

Other than the reputation he’s built around his movies, Spike Lee hasn’t gotten the best publicity over the years. There are stories about fans who say he visited their college to lecture, only to give un-insightful and unenthusiastic speeches. One fan even disclosed that Lee insulted the audience, calling them rednecks and racists.

Getty Images Photo by Pascal Le Segretain

Another fan said he cut his speech short by nearly an hour and was rude to those who asked questions. The list goes on and on…

Charlize Theron Is Late and Demanding

Charlize Theron moved from South Africa to Hollywood to make it big — not to make friends. In 2014, actress Tia Mowry approached Theron at a SoulCycle Spin class. Seems innocent, right? Well, apparently, after Mowry said hi, the “Monster” star rolled her eyes and said, “Oh my god.”


Insiders discovered that Charlize always arrives late to class with a scowl on her face. Taking it one step further, she asks those who are already settled at their bikes to get up and switch with her, which delays the class even more!

A Nightmare to Work With

Although he may come off as a funloving guy, Mike Myers’s goofy characters are far from his personality in real life. His “Cat in the Hat” co-star, Amy Hill, described working with him as a horrible and nightmarish experience.


Not only did the actor demand for someone to follow him around and feed him chocolates on set, but he also made the cast and crew wait hours for him daily, micromanaging the production. On the set of “Love Guru”, Myers fired actors for just looking at him!

Kristen Stewart Delayed Production

Kristen Stewart may not be regarded as one of the most overly happy and smiley stars — and her public image goes along with it. In 2018, she was caught in the middle of a Reddit thread about celeb jerks.


According to the blog, the actress caused a lot of trouble while on set in 2017. She was always getting into physical and verbal altercations, which caused a month delay of production for the film.

She Made a Scene for Having to Wait in Line

Liv Tyler is another A-Lister who has been called pretentious and rude by those who have met her. One fan had a bad experience they had with Steven Tyler’s daughter at the Museum of Modern Art in Los Angeles. The fan explained that there was a five-hour wait to get into the museum when Tyler showed up and made her way up to security, to demand they let her in.

Getty Images Photo by Jemal Countess

The guard told her that she had to make reservations ahead of time, even if she was a VIP. The actress allegedly threw a fit and argued with him about who she was!

Jennifer Lawrence Defense Mechanism

In 2017, Jennifer Lawrence sat down with comedian Adam Sandler to talk about how she deals with the ongoing stresses of being one of the biggest names in Hollywood. The “Hunger Games” actress revealed that when she enters a public space, she becomes rude to deflect unwanted attention from fans.


She claims it’s her way of defending herself and added that when a fan approaches her when she is at a restaurant, she makes a face. She’s not big on selfies either. When asked for one by a fan, she bluntly says no!

Blaming Animals for His Behavior

Working with Johnny Depp is like working with Captain Jack Sparrow — volatile and explosive. The actor’s bodyguards have even filed several lawsuits against the actor. These lawsuits include claims over unpaid wages as well as working in a chaotic and dysfunctional environment. In 1994, the actor infamously demolished a New York hotel room, only to blame the damage on…an armadillo?

Getty Images Photo by Samir Hussein

It seems the actor doesn’t learn with time because two decades later, he was sued by the location manager on the film “City of Lies” after punching the man in the face. Twice.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Sick of Saying Sorry

Catherine Zeta-Jones has something standoffish about her, and we can’t put our finger on the exact reason why, it’s just a feeling we get from her. It turns out, our instincts aren’t wrong! The actress has been called arrogant and impolite on various occasions, and she knows it.

Getty Images Photo by Jesse Grant

In 2018 she said she was sick of being humble and that she wasn’t sorry for being and married to a movie star. This isn’t the only time Zeta-Jones has made a conceited comment; she is also known for saying that she doesn’t think a million pounds is a lot of money.

A Pushy MVP

Warning! This next one may break your heart! An MVP both on and off the court, Michael Jordan is reportedly a pretty lousy human when it comes to his fans. We’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news – but this hero once pushed an old lady when she approached him and asked for an autograph.

Getty Images Photo by Chip Somodevilla

He’s notorious for making outrageous demands when dining at restaurants and then refusing to leave any tip.

She Doesn’t Practice What She Preaches

Ellen DeGeneres ends each episode of her very successful talk show by telling her audience to be kind to one another. Ironic, since we know that the host doesn’t practice what she preaches. Throughout the years, many stories have surfaced demonstrating that DeGeneres may as well be one of the meanest people alive.


After podcast producer Kevin T. Porter posted to Twitter asking people to share their most insane stories regarding Ellen, he was overwhelmed with the answers. One person responded that after she served DeGeneres brunch, the talk show host complained about the server’s chipped nail polish, nearly costing the woman her job.

Katie Couric is A Cruel Bully

One of the best-known television personalities in the news business, Katie Couric, has a long history of undeniable success as a broadcast journalist. Although she succeeds in her professional career, her social life tells an entirely different story. Journalist Sheila Weller exposed Couric’s true nature.


Weller explained that Katie terrorized former news anchor Ann Curry by disapproving of her clothing right before going on air, just to throw her off balance. Couric was so cruel, and an NBC producer once said that no one wanted her to come back.

Tobey Maguire Said What?!

Whoever thought that portraying a superhero meant that you’re a genuinely good person hasn’t met Tobey Maguire. The actor managed to make headlines in the summer of 2014 when poker hostess, Molly Bloom, called him out for his behavior at the table.

Getty Images Photo by James Devaney/WireImage

In addition to describing Spiderman as the “worst tipper” and a “sore loser,” Bloom revealed a rather disturbing story. Maguire had ones told Bloom to “bark like a seal who wants a fish” in exchange for a thousand-dollar chip…and the worst part is, he wasn’t kidding!

A Bad Tipper and Tough Director

Director M. Night Shyamalan has never had the most excellent reputation in Hollywood, even the extras on his set know that he’s hard to work with. “I was an extra in one of his movies, and he made a HUGE show of walking around and chatting up all the women.


Couldn’t be bothered to look the men in the eyes,” a Reddit user wrote about the director. Not only that, but Shymalan is also a lousy tipper that expects the most when sitting at a restaurant.

Mariah’s World

“Mariah’s World” is more than just a reality television show — it’s Mariah Carey’s way of life. During an interview in the early 2000s, Carey asked about her opinion of Jennifer Lopez, to which she quickly responded, “I don’t know her.” To make matters worse, she’s given the same answer to that question several times throughout the years.


This wouldn’t be a big deal if it weren’t for the fact that Lopez has stated that they’d met many times. Mariah, what’s your problem with Jennifer? There’s enough diva in the world for you both to claim.

Gordon Ramsay Yells at People Off-Screen, Too

If there anything Gordon Ramsay is notorious for, it’s his foul mouth and harsh words. Although many think his on-screen persona is an act, people who know him personally claim that he isn’t much different in real life. The former assistant manager at the chef’s London-based restaurant, Maze, explained that she once heard Ramsay swearing at his assistant over the phone.


What about? Chairs! The chairs that had been ordered for a Christmas Eve dinner weren’t up to the chef’s standards. “They’re so terrible I wouldn’t throw them on a…bonfire!” Ramsay screamed.

An Actress Above the Law

Reese Witherspoon went viral for more than her acting career when she was arrested in 2013. She notoriously told the traffic cop that pulled her over, “Do you know my name? You’re about to find out who I am. You’re about to be on national news.”

Getty Images Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

America’s sweetheart isn’t as down-to-earth as she portrays herself to be. According to sources, she wears sunglasses to prevent her staff from making eye-contact with her. Her staff is terrified of getting on her wrong side and will do anything to please her every need.

Rachael Ray’s Short Temper

Rachael Ray has gained recognition for her fast and easy recipes and has been a significant television personality. However, she’s also apparently terrible. A fan’s cousin worked in marketing for a cracker brand Ray was selling, and Ray came in for a photoshoot with a low cut blouse that revealed the right amount of cleavage.


Production asked Ray if she could change clothes because the photos couldn’t be used, and the response they got was surprising. She immediately blew up and starting cursing at everyone!

Shaun White Has a Black Heart

Perhaps one of the world’s most famous snowboarders is famous for other reasons as well. Shaun White has been accused of acting entitled and rude — he’s closed down entire snowboarding parks so that he could be the only person in attendance.


That may seem bad, but the worst story ever told about White is that he ditched sick kids that wished to snowboard with him from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Not only did he not show up, but he did so so he could ride the half-pipe alone!

Pierce Brosnan Pushed James Corden

James Corden has also been caught in a situation of discomfort — and lived to tell his story. According to the comedian, Pierce Brosnan is one of the rudest celebrities he’s ever encountered. In 2017, during a game called “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts,” he was forced to decide between drinking bird saliva or naming a celebrity who was rude to him.


He admitted that when he and his wife were at a U2 concert, Brosnan shoved them out of the way in the crowd without an apology, let alone a glance.

Mel Gibson Is Saying All the Wrong Things

Mel Gibson has made a name for himself through both acting and directing. He used to be one of Hollywood’s most prominent icons but has tarnished his reputation over the years by insulting various groups of people. During an arrest in 2006, Gibson burst into an angry rant and told the arresting office that Jews had caused “all the wars in the world.”


He continued his tirade by calling the female cop sexist names. This was not the first of the award-winning actor’s misogynistic remarks. In 1995, he said that he doesn’t like feminists and that women and men are not equal.

Not So Funny Now, Is He?

Jonah Hill is perceived on-screen as one of the funniest guys in Hollywood. That being said, he ultimately lacks a sense of humor in his interviews. In a 2013 interview, the interviewer referred to Hill as Seth (Rogen), to which Hill responded, “No, I’m Jonah. That’s a great way to start.” He went on to call the interviewer’s questions dumb and of little relevance.


That wasn’t even the half of it. Years later, Ornella Fleury sat down with the actor, adding jokes relating to his latest film, to which the actor responded: “I’m glad I came on this show to get ridiculed by your local weather girl.”

DJ Khaled’s Got It All Wrong

In 2018, DJ Khaled came under fire when he disclosed intimate details about his relationship with his wife. He said many eyebrow-raising things, one of which is that he believes that there are different rules for women and men in a relationship.


He went on to say that a woman should praise the man, the “king” as he called it. The DJ’s selfish and sexist remarks were not received well by fans and fellow celebs alike. The music icon didn’t care; he has yet to give a formal apology or take back what he said.

Kevin James Has Zero Respect

Although he is known for his many lovable roles, Kevin James on-screen and off-screen is two different people. According to many sources, the actor does not respect non-A-Listers. When an excited fan reached out to shake the actor’s hand, he swatted the hand away and turned away without saying a word.

Getty Images Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo

When James found out that someone on set was a security guard and not a fellow actor, he told the guard to stay away from him. What about a little respect, huh?

Bad Boy Bieber

Justin Bieber has been the center of everyone’s attention since he made his way onto the scene. Once best-known for his iconic hairstyle, these days, he’s more known for his attitude. The teen pop-star has been reported using racial slurs, spitting on fans, and driving under the influence.


Throughout the years, he’s done his best to clean up his act, and yet, somehow, his bad rep seems to follow him around. We wonder when he’ll do enough damage control to clear his name for good.

A Real Nutcracker

The perfect description of Tommy Lee Jones, in our opinion, comes down to one word: grump. It’s rare to find the actor signing an autograph or talking to journalists. In fact, most journalists don’t want to have an interview with him because he’s known for cutting them off.


He once made a reporter cry during an interview, all the while he’s cracking walnuts with his bare hands. It’s not just reporters the actor has a problem with — he once told Jim Carrey he hated him while on the set of “Batman Forever”.

Terrence Howard Wants It All

Although Terrence Howard may seem like a good guy, he has a dark past. He has had many domestic violence incidents with the women in his life—something we simply cannot condone, no matter how good of an actor Howard is.


His attitude shines through into his work life as well. He let go of the production of “Iron Man” after demanding more money and left when they wouldn’t give it to him.

Ben Stiller Was Known for His Outbursts

Ben Stiller, who is known for his iconic yet neurotic characters, is said to be completely different in real life. Not only do people claim that he has no funny bone in his body, but he was said to be egotistical and unreasonable.

Getty Images Photo by Fred Duval

On the set of “Meet the Fockers”, he earned himself the nickname, “little focker,” and it was noted that the actor wasn’t content unless he was waited on hand and foot. The actor would throw tantrums over little things, and wouldn’t give them up until he got his way.

Bob Dylan Was Rude and Arrogant

Bob Dylan has been praised for his award-willing talent for decades. Those who have worked closely with him throughout the years don’t have the greatest things to say about the legend. Not only is Dylan uncomfortable being in the spotlight, but he’s also simply not a very pleasant person to be around. In 2016, the singer-songwriter was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.

Getty Images Photo by Kevin Mazur

The Nobel Committee knocked on his attitude when accepting the award. Not only was Dylan rude, but he was also described as disengaged and reserved.

Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater

Jesse James has a reputation for mistreating the women linked to him. In 2010, it was revealed that he had cheated on Sandra Bullock with many partners. During the same time, the couple was trying to adopt a child together. A photograph also surfaced during this time of James performing a very offensive salute.


Unsurprisingly, Kat Von D, who dated him later and was even engaged to him, called off the wedding because he was unfaithful during their relationship. What’s the saying? You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

Look What You Made Her Do

Taylor Swift was once America’s Sweetheart before she decided to develop a more unapologetic persona. However, she’s apparently been much ruder than we had initially thought for quite a while.

Getty Images Photo by Aaron J. Thornton

When a Reddit user’s family member changed her tires when she had a flat a couple of years back, she acted very entitled…to say the least. Judging from the drama she’s been a part of over the years – we’re guessing she hasn’t changed much.

Ariana Grande Has a Thing for Donuts

When Ariana Grande sang “Don’t Call Me Angel,” she meant it. According to various sources, Ariana is far from being an angel. We aren’t talking about the false report saying she demands to be carried around (which was explained as an out-of-context picture on James Corden’s show).


We’re talking about the 2015 donut fiasco. In 2015, the singer was caught on camera at a local donut shop in California, licking pastries on the counter. If that wasn’t bad enough, she declared that she hated Americans and America and walked out without buying anything.

Not a Fan of Giving Autographs

When you think of Cameron Diaz you think of the lovely actress who has won over fans’ hearts all over the world. Those who have had the chance to meet her, haven’t said the nicest things about their interaction with her. Aside from her bad attitude in general, fans who have reached the actress warn others not to ask her for her autograph.

Getty Images Photo by Tibrina Hobson

She has even been ranked as the worst Hollywood A-Lister to ask for an autograph! Not only does she refuse, but she is also known to give lectures to fans about why asking for a signature is dumb!

Captain Jerk

“William Shatner’s Comedy Central Roast” was the perfect opportunity to let his co-stars express pent-up rage they’ve kept bottled up for years. While on the set of “Star Trek”, most of his co-stars hated him because he was such a jerk. He was even called “Captain Jerk” for not showing up to Leonard Nimoy’s funeral.


While taking part in conventions, Shatner’s tremendous attitude was the star of the show. Discovering the way he acted toward his co-stars, it’s hard to have respect for the man.

Unappreciative of His Fans

Being a multi-talent probably comes with some entitlement, which is why it doesn’t surprise us that Jared Leto made this list. A fan that met the actor and rock star called him “totally arrogant, unappreciative of his fans and generally not a nice guy.”


Another person claimed to have served him in a shop once, and they explained that the actor was very standoffish and stared at them the whole time.

Kanye’s Way or the Highway

Kanye isn’t known for being the world’s most pleasant human being so it’s no surprise he made this list. When things don’t go his way, he becomes very pouty. He’s wracked up a long list of beefs over the years, but he’s most well-known for the time he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 VMA’s.

Getty Images Photo by Kevin Mazur

Although it’s been more than a decade since the incident, it’ll be a while before he manages to live that off.

Jennifer Aniston Is Less Than Picture Perfect

Jennifer Aniston was less than picture-perfect on the set of the 1997 rom-com by the same name. Jay Mohr shared a story about working with her, describing how unhappy she was when she discovered that he would be playing her on-screen love interest.

Getty Images Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto

Aniston’s behavior on-set led Mohr to tears, and according to the actor, Aniston pointed directly at him and screamed in his face. “…The one guy I hate, that’s the guy they hire. HIM!” Jennifer never stopped bad-mouthing her costar.

Not a Team Player

Edward Norton has a reputation for being extremely ill-mannered. In fact, rumors state his behavior was why Marvel decided not to reprise his role as The Hulk in “The Avengers”.


The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, said that Norton was not a team player and that the studio was looking for an actor that was willing to work side by side with an A-list cast. To top that off, Norton claimed that he wrote the movie “Frida” and denied credit to those who rightfully did within the Writer’s Guild.

Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros Party Too Hard

Hawaii is such a magical place, it’s easy to start thinking you are on vacation and not focus on your acting work. During the shooting of “Lost”, Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros did too much partying and both received DUIs.

Getty Images

The two were becoming busier with partying than they were working until the producers could bear it no longer. Soon, both their characters, police officer Ana Lucia Cortez and Libby Smith, met their untimely end on the show and the actresses were had to take their parties somewhere else.

Dominic Monaghan Wouldn’t Play a Small Role

Dominic Monaghan played the complex role of Charlie Pace, in “Lost”, but apparently, it wasn’t enough for him. Charlie died heroically at the end of season 3 but Monaghan didn’t exactly grieve that loss.


Apparently, Monaghan wouldn’t get along with his castmates (namely Matthew Fox), wouldn’t stop giving direction notes of his own, and sulk over how small his role was compared to the large size of the cast.

Jay Thomas Isn’t Very Cheery

Jay Thomas played hockey star Eddie Lebec on the legendary sitcom “Cheers” from 1982 to 1993. At the time, Eddie had a side- gig as a radio DJ. It was during a radio broadcast that he was caught complaining about having to kiss his on-screen wife, Rhea Perlman, not realizing he was still on the air and that people were listening.

Getty Images

Allegedly, Perlman heard what he said on the radio and Eddie Lebec never entered the TV bar again. Not only that, but his character was killed-off in some kind of freak Zamboni accident. Guess that’s what happens when you disrespect your wife.

Shannen Doherty’s Diva Reputation Precedes Her

Shannen Doherty is an actress well known for on-set drama. She was notoriously fired from “Beverly Hills: 90210” for her tardiness and erratic behavior on set. And although she managed to land another big role on “Charmed”, it didn’t last very long. Apparently, the producers had to write her off the storyline due to her inability to get along with her castmate, Alyssa Milano.

Getty Images

In an interview Milano gave to “Watch What Happens Live”, she admitted that there some rough days during the three years they got to work together.

There Is a Great Reason Why Michael Pitt’s Character Got Shot

The second season finale of “Boardwalk Empire” featured Jimmy Darmody, played by Michael Pitt, being shot in the face and killed. This dramatic moment may have been an important part of the plot, but it was also a good way to get rid of Pitt. Why? Oh, because he was a total jerk on set.

Getty Images

The actor was known for not having a great work ethic or a good attitude and would often forget his lines and go off-script. It all added up to wasting the production’s time and money and eventually getting Pitt canned from the show and UTA dropping him as a client.

Columbus Short and His Real-Life Scandals

While filming the hit TV show “Scandal”, actor Columbus Short proved to cause way too many scandals in his personal life. In fact, there were so many we aren’t sure where to start. There were accusations of domestic violence and bar fights that gave him the rightful reputation of a grade-A psycho.

Getty Images

He was let off the show (his character was assassinated), but lucky for him, his cast and crew showed some compassion and pitched in to send him to get professional help.

John Rhys-Davies Had to Stop Sliding

90s sci-fi fans might recognize John Rhys-Davis as Professor Maximillian Arturo from “Sliders”. And while sci-fi nerds are the best fanbase the world has to offer, he managed to betray them all with his ungratefulness.


He would often get into ugly, name-calling fights with the writers and even call the scripts “incomprehensible gibberish”. The creators had no choice but to kill his character off.

Mischa Barton Had to Pay for Her Bad Attitude

Mischa Barton (AKA Marissa Copper from “The O.C.”) had all the fans she could possibly dream of until she messed things up by acting like a total diva. It took no more than three seasons until she became simply unbearable to work with.


What constitutes a diva behavior, you may ask? Well, how about having a bad attitude and constantly saying she was too good for TV? Yup, we’d fire her too.

Apologize All You Want

Katherine Heigl is known around Hollywood as a difficult person to be around. Those who are interested in examples can be referred to her feud with Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen over their film “Knocked Up”. She called the film sexist and basically spat in the very well she was drinking from.

Alamy Stock Photo

Add that to her saying that the writing of “Grey’s Anatomy” wasn’t good enough to win her an Emmy nomination and you start seeing a pattern. The actress has since apologized, but the damage is already done.

Alec the Impossible

The poster boy of a Hollywood drama queen, Alec Baldwin is a notorious on-set jerk. Despite the success of “30 Rock”, Baldwin was terrible to work with. He would rarely show up on time, often yell at the cast and the crew, and complain about the most random, made-up things like how the air is too dry.

Alamy Stock Photo

But things started way before “30 Rock” even existed. In fact, “The Week” was even able to compile a list of his best freak-outs. We’d specify but you probably have more things to do today. We wonder why people in the industry keep working with him at all.

Mario Batali Isn’t a Man of His Word

Mario Batali is a renowned American chef. While he may have a great relationship with food, he can’t say the same about his relationships with human beings. Back in 2014, when Batali wanted to open his new “Babbo” restaurant in Manhattan, he promised Nurettin Akgul, his neighbor, that he would soundproof the place. He didn’t.

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Akgul, a retired oil executive, sued Batali for $10 million. According to him, since the restaurant opened, his home now reaks of garlic, food grease, and cleaning chemicals, and the constant noise from guests together with the endless humming of the air conditioners have caused him many sleepless nights. In 2015, the lawsuit was rejected by a Manhattan judge. How rude!

Chris Brown Is a Bad Neighbor

Famous American singer-songwriter Chris Brown has had way too many run-ins with the law. Brown has had problems everywhere he’s lived. In one of his old apartments, he was accused of holding dog races in the building hallway, constantly occupying the handicapped spots, and being involved in illegal graffiti artwork.

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In 2016, in his new mansion in California, his neighbors endlessly complained about him revving his car engines at 12 AM. Cops were constantly called to his place, and in one case, the standoff took 27 hours after he’d threatened a woman. Brown was released on a $250,000 bail and said he was innocent of all the charges against him. Should we believe him?

Isaiah Washington’s Big Mouth Was His Downfall

“Grey’s Anatomy” has been around for a long time (some might say too long), but Isaiah Washington has only been on it for no more than three years. Playing Dr. Preston Burke on the show, his behind-the-scenes behavior included homophobic slurs as well as verbal abuse targeted at castmates.

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Only one of those numerous incidents was followed by an apology. He was then forced to attend counseling, but apparently, it didn’t do much and he was soon fired from the show.

“You and Me, Outside” Anthony Michael Hall the Street Fighter

Anthony Michael Hall, who played a geeky teenager in “Sixteen Candles” and “The Breakfast Club”, is no longer an innocent teenager. Back in 2011, he insulted his neighbor and threatened to “beat him to a pulp”, which resulted in his arrest. Allegedly, this happened after the neighbor had asked Hall what he was doing when he saw him tear up some plants in the building.

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Mere days later, Hall knocked on the neighbor’s door and challenged him to a street fight. The neighbor slammed the door in Hall’s face and called the police. Again. Hall was arrested. Again. But released shortly after without any charges.

Foxy Brown’s Full Moon

Famous rapper Foxy Brown is known for being temperamental (to put it nicely). So it wasn’t surprising when news broke out in 2007 about a dispute she’d had with her neighbor, Arlene Raymond. Brown had a restraining order filed against her after she threw a Blackberry at Raymond. But there’s more.

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In 2010, things got heated again. Brown was rehearsing in her Brooklyn apartment, and when she stepped outside, Raymond stared her down for making too much noise. Brown lost it and resorted to offensive language and eventually bent over, lowered her pants, and mooned her! Obviously, Raymond called the police and Foxy is now banned from having any further contact.

Billy Bush Wasn’t Aware of the Cameras

Billy Bush used to co-host “Today”, but that was before his true jerk colors were leaked in the form of a tape documenting his disrespectful slurs against women. He was speaking with Donald Trump at the moment and hadn’t realized the cameras were still rolling. Obviously, this kind of misogyny got him quickly fired.

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He has taken responsibility for his part in the conversation and said that the whole incident rolled him into the hardest time of his life and career. Well, he made that bed, he might as well lie in it.

Marlon Brando Just Couldn’t Be Bothered

Famously known as an acting legend, Marlon Brando started showing an increased lack of professionalism as his career progressed. Just how unprofessional? You’re going to have to sit down for this.

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Let’s start with his behavior on the set of 1996’s “The Island of Dr. Moreau”. He learned exactly zero of his lines and had an earpiece through which crew members could feed him lines. He learned none of his lines when shooting “Apocalypse Now”, costing Francis Ford Coppola’s production way more than initially planned. Oh, and when he worked with Frank Oz on 2001’s “The Score” he simply refused to wear pants.

Lindsay Lohan Has Set a Contract Precedent

With Lohan’s famous antics and run-ins with the law, it’s surprising she’s ever been able to complete a single project.

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Take the filming of “Liz&Dick” for example. Producer Larry Thompson said that he had to prepare for almost anything while drafting her contract. It got to a point when the document included clauses in case she gets involved in a car accident, violates her parole, or poses other unexpected challenges.

Natasha Lyonne Isn’t a Dog Person

Natasha Lyonne is no stranger to legal problems. She’s been on probation for drinking and driving, she’s failed to appear in court, so “nice” isn’t the first word that pops to mind. In 2004, The “Russian Doll” actress skipped a court hearing issued after she had threatened her neighbor…’s dog.

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Apparently, she went into a fit of rage, burst into her neighbor’s apartment, and pulled the mirror off the wall. She eventually left right after announcing to her neighbor that she was going to wreak havoc on his dog. We don’t know what caused the rage fit, but we don’t the dog had anything to do with it.

Wes Scantlin Is a Fan of Buzzsaws

Remember Puddle of Mudd, the 90s rock band? Their frontman, Wes Scantlin, is hardly a sweetheart, as it turns out. In 2013, he was arrested when one of his neighbors, musician Sasha Gradiva, called the police after Scantlin destroyed part of her patio with a buzzsaw.

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His reason for it? He claimed the patio was encroaching on part of his property. Why the buzzsaw? Well, to that he merely replied: “It’s called a sledgehammer, dawg”. As if that’s even an answer. The matter was solved with the help of a muc0needed restraining order.

Sylvester Stallone Had a Thing for Water

This happened a while back, but how can we ever forget the time Stallone got sued and lost? In 1985, Vin Scully, the famous Dodgers broadcaster, sued Stallone, who lived next to him, for causing water damage to his Pacific Palisades estate.

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The damage was made after Stallone’s landscaping crew structurally altered an entire hill that separated the two properties. According to the L.A. Superior Court, the change in the hill resulted in a diverged stream of water that ran right into Scully’s home. The damage supposedly cost $106,000, but the jury put partial blame on Scully and lowered it to $69, 000.

Sharon Stone’s Basic Instincts Aren’t Very Nice

When working with Sharon Stone on the set of “Golden Boy”, director Pupi Avati thought he was in for a nice, professional time with one of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers. But he was wrong. He spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the experience and spared no words.


Apparently, negotiating with Stone over her contract “bordered on ridiculousness”, with the movie star believing that Italy (the filming location) was a third world country. When she did appear on set, Stone would often leave it unannounced only for the production to be contacted by her manager with further demands. Stone has since denied the claims but she is the only one to do so.

Chevy Chase Had to Get Thrown Out of SNL

Not many people know that, but Chevy Chase had a pretty early start in comedy in one season of “Saturday Night Live”. Why just one? Well, because he was unbearable to work with.

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He didn’t get along with many of the other cast and crew members. His poor people skills followed him years later into the TV show “Community”. It took him no time to get into a feud with the creators of the show, call it “mediocre” and leave the show altogether.

Someone’s Been Sleeping In My Bed!

Okay, this may be a little unfair because he has since changed his ways, but for a long period of time in the 90s, Robert Downey Jr. was completely different. With his substance abuse problems, it’s no wonder he’s rubbed some people off the wrong way.

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The highlight of it was one night in July 1996, when he wandered into his neighbor’s house by mistake, took off his clothes, and got into their kid’s bed. Police were called, the actor was handcuffed and taken to his actual home, where he proceeded making funny faces to the neighbors’ kids. Downey Jr. has since sought help and apologized.

Daniel Day-Douchebag

Method actors can be a paragon of commitment. But they can also be unbelievable douchebags. While his method has won him three Oscar winners, it probably hasn’t won Daniel Day-Lewis many friends.

Movie Stills

The actor has played a wheelchair-bound character for “For My Left Foot” and refused to walk on his own two legs even when the cameras weren’t rolling. How did he get around the set? He forced some crew members to wheel him around. People also got a taste of his bad temper on the set of “There Will Be Blood”, where he drove his co-star, Kel O’Neill, off the production, being unable to act alongside his antics. O’Neill was eventually replaced by Paul Dano.

Sean Connery Made the Wrong Kind of Noise

When you think of the late Sean Connery, you think of elegance and grace, and definitely imagine him as being one of those incredibly nice neighbors that would bring you a basket of scones to welcome you to the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it appears that his neighbors didn’t think so.

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Back in 2005, Connery’s neighbors sued him for $30 million. Why? Well, apparently, his downstairs Townhouse neighbors weren’t happy with him renovating and the subsequent noise. Connery countersued, but the litigious game was brought to an end when the judge issued a ruling preventing either party from filing any more lawsuits.

Christian Bale Is a Ticking Timebomb

Christian Bale is a devoted actor. A little too devoted if you ask us. It appears that he takes his craft so seriously to a point people might not want to work with him anymore.

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Meltdowns on set are pretty frequent when he is around. The most high-profile one was when he was filming “Terminator Salvation”. He kept dropping F-bombs as if he was getting paid for them and wouldn’t stop shouting at the director of photography after he accidentally stepped into his line of vision while shooting one of the scenes. How about some anger management, Christian?

Teri Hatcher Has a Hatchet to Bury

Depending on your age, you probably remember Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane from “Lois & Clark” or as Susan Mayer from “Desperate Housewives”. You probably don’t remember her, however, as having the most terrible diva attitude. Well, unless you’ve worked with her at one point or another.

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Hatcher’s “Desperate Housewives” co-star, Nicollette Sheridan, once called her “the meanest woman in the world”, and the rest of the cast and crew probably sided with her as her name didn’t even appear on the card that the cast gave the crew when the show ended.

Flesh-n-Bone Likes Playing With Fire

Bone Thugs is a 90s American rap group. They even won a Grammy in 1997, but Flesh-n-Bone, one of its members put a damper on it by having a serious run-in with the law. Flesh-n-Bone had the police called on him by the neighbors after they claimed they heard shots fired from his house.

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After the cops arrived, they found a “homemade explosive and shell casings”. Some days later, the rapper apparently threatened his neighbor! The rapper was arrested and bail was set for $500,000. We really hope the neighbor ended up moving out.

Val Kilmer Might Actually Enjoy Fighting

Kilmer is famous, not only for his acting skills but also for his on-set behavior. And Not in the good-guy-handing-out-flowers kind of way.

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The actor was supposed to be a part of Richard Stanley’s film, “The Island of Dr. Moreau”. The reason why you never saw him there is because he was fired after three days. Three days during which he wouldn’t stop fighting with people. Joel Schumacher, who worked with him on “Batman Forever”, jumped the bandwagon and called Kilmer “childish and impossible”.

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