What to Know About Going to the Beach This Summer

Many of the beaches have started to open up all over the world, after months of being closed up. If you’re thinking about venturing to the beach this summer, there are some things to think about. Due to the pandemic, there are new rules, guidelines, and recommendations that everyone must know before packing up the car to hit the water.

Today we’re going to share what you need to know about going to the beach this summer so that you can enjoy a fabulous day of surfing, swimming and sun tanning on the sandy beaches all over the world.

Consider the Location

Since the virus is still around you’re more at risk going out to a public location with people that have come from all over the world. Before you head to the beach, consider which location will suit your family best. Consider staying local to your hometown so that you’re reducing the risk of transmitting the virus to another area or contracting the virus by visiting a hot spot.

Consider Your Risk

Each person has to make their own risk assessment before going to the beach. Take into consideration whether anyone in your family may require hospitalization if they happen to contract the virus. Family members with asthma or other underlying health conditions will be at a higher risk of needing more care if they were to contract the virus.

Practice Social Distancing

Once you’ve determined the location and risk level for your family, be sure to practice social distancing while at the beach. Maintain at least 6 feet apart from any strangers at the beach by selecting an area to set your beach blanket, umbrellas, and chairs up. If other people at the beach start to creep into your area, simply move your seating area or consider leaving the beach if it becomes overcrowded.

Bring Your Own Food

You can minimize your exposure to anyone with the virus by not only maintaining appropriate distance but by bringing your own food. Pack a cooler with enough food and drinks for the whole family. This will ensure you don’t have to go to the food shack or restaurant, thus increasing your risk of getting the virus during your day out at the beach.

Consider a Mask

It’s important to bring a mask with you, as most public places have a mask mandate. Check out the local area’s rules regarding masks and wear one whenever you’re unable to social distance.  Many public beaches are requiring masks to be worn whenever visitors are on walkways or going into the public common spaces at the beach.

No matter where you decide to venture this summer for a beach day, you can use our tips to help you enjoy your time at the beach. Getting out of the house and enjoying some fun together will help you recover from the depression and anxiety that consumed you for the last few months during the stay at home orders.

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