What Did Albert Einstein Look Like In Color?

No person, alive or dead, is as synonymous with science and intelligence as German-born physicist and inventor Albert Einstein. Einstein explained photoelectric effect, the existence of atoms, the special theory of relativity, and the relationship between mass and energy — all within a single year (via History). Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which found that gravity and motion could affect space and time, was the biggest breakthrough in the field of gravity for over two centuries and turned the German into a scientific superstar.

While he is one of the most well-known figures of the past century, Einstein’s death in 1955 meant he left the world before color photography was the norm used by professional and casual photographers. Most of the pictures we have of one of the most brilliant minds to walk the Earth are in black and white. Thankfully, modern colorization techniques mean these photos can be given new life, and we can see the genius as he really was over 100 years ago.

Albert Einstein's famous hairdo is even more striking in color

One of the most iconic aspects of Albert Einstein’s appearance is his wild white hairdo, which has become a mainstay for the design of scientist characters in film and TV — mad or otherwise. Given that it was already white, it’s easy to imagine that his hair would be one of the less remarkable parts of colorization, but its stark contrast with the rest of his face and clothing is something to behold.

The original photo was taken in 1947, just two years after the end of World War II. Einstein’s theories and research were used in the development of nuclear weapons during the conflict — something that deeply saddened the pacifist scientist. A German Jew, Einstein helped the United States with the acquisition of uranium, not wanting Adolf Hitler to win the nuclear arms race. There is a stoic sadness behind his eyes that is further illuminated once their true colors are revealed.

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