More Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild

Everyone knows that you can get anything at Walmart, we mean anything. From food and clothing to services like mani-pedis, and getting your taxes done. But if you don’t frequent these hypermarkets then you’re probably not familiar with the most interesting feature in these stores, the shoppers!

Alamy Stock Photo
Alamy Stock Photo

What type is that, you ask? We’ll in this PC era we’ll just hold our tongues and let you judge for yourselves. Let’s just say that if you thought that you had seen it all after reading part one, Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild, then we’re even a bit embarrassed to tell you that you haven’t seen anything yet.

Like a Boss

We’re sure this man made more than a few people smile – he just went shopping with his entire home, complete with his mugs, his Captain America bag and a flower ceiling.


This man needs a PhD in decorating electronic wheelchairs. And hey, we get it, nothing says home like a green robot, some flags and a stuffed animal parrot.

Who’s the Quack?

What are you supposed to do when you can’t find a babysitter for your pet duck? You take him with you to Walmart, obviously. That duck seems incredibly concerned with that woman’s choice of cheese.


We can just hear him saying, “I told you I don’t like that brand, lady”

The Bad Element

This guy is officially the winner of our list. This is the most hilarious, and appalling, rendition of “The Fifth Element” we’ve ever seen. Whoever said you need more than a mop, dad briefs, and some duck tape to look like Leeloo?


We don’t know what kind of Halloween party this guy, or his blue alien friend, were coming from, but we’d love to meet them.

Toilet Paper Train

We all know what it’s like to walk out of the bathroom with a piece of toilet stuck to your shoe. But this is a bit hard not to notice. There are some things better left unsaid, because really, there is no way to avoid embarrassing this woman if you told her she has a huge piece of toilet paper for a dress train.


Just look at how blissfully unaware she is looking for the right shade of blush. If it wasn’t for the safety hazard of this woman tripping on the toilet paper and falling on her face, we’d say it’s better for her to go on living her life without ever knowing this happened. But we really hope someone told her.

Mom Doesn’t Know When to Stop

We don’t know if it was her kids or her husband that had enough, but this woman definitely got on somebody’s nerves.


Whoever it was that did this is a genius. And absolutely hilarious. Next time don’t be so judgmental, mom. Or you’re staying in the clothes section until further notice.

The Diaper Tutu

Countries should really learn from Walmart – become a place where everybody’s welcome, no matter how weird they are. It truly is a beautiful thing that this man can waltz into a store wearing a kid’s ballerina tutu and a diaper underneath, and  have no thoughts in his mind other than what size purple bucket to buy.


Although, we are kind of hoping this man was just doing a dare.

Satyr Saturday at Walmart

Just when you thought you’d seen everything there is to see at Walmart, you run into a satyr at the checkout counter. We know that Walmart is known for having every single item you can imagine, but finding this guy some pants that fit might  be a stretch.


Hey, maybe he’ll even find some hoof-friendly socks and a pair of shoes to go with it!

I Feel Pretty

People like this man are what make our trips to Walmart so delightful. Just imagine you’re browsing casually for a new Blu-ray and you cross paths with this fierce-looking, plaid loving character? This man means business, and there’s no way he’s going to get caught anywhere not looking fabulous!


This guy not only color-combined his shorts with his long-sleeved shirt, he added a black leather belt with a shiny buckle, some cool sunglasses, and a quirky hat. And he decided to make things a little sexier by showing off his entire stomach; he’s even posing for the photo! You go, guy!

Way Too Hot

Didn’t you know that Walmart’s ‘electronics’ section is famously hot? This woman does, and she’s serious about a new TV. She’s doing the proper research before purchasing, and she’s not going to let the heat distract her from her goal.


Perhaps this woman is having hot flashes and decided that her age is not going to keep her from her regular activities – like shopping. Or, maybe, the heat outside was just too unbearable so she just decided to take off her shirt and go into Walmart’s AC. And hey, Walmart is known for letting anyone (and anything) into its stores. No dress code needed.

A New Fashion Trend

As much as we’d like to chuck this up to being ‘forgetful’ or ‘spacey’,  there really is no way you can unintentionally go out wearing underwear over your pants. Maybe this woman was so distracted she thought she was putting on a skirt to add a little something to the plaid pants?


Either that or she’s actually trying to start a new fashion trend – which we really don’t see happening. Then again, if hammer pants can become a trend, why can’t this?

The Cowboy That Went Too Far

We’re going to choose to believe that this guy just stepped out of a Christmas party and went to Walmart after his wife asked him for some extra ornaments. And this was obviously a costume party, in which this man decided to be funny and dress as a psychopathic cowboy with lassos for shoes.


Or maybe we just have to face the fact that this man is actually insane enough to buy and wear those shoes. In fact, maybe he’s looking for some ornaments to decorate them. They sure could use something to make them stand out.

Sam Eagle Goes Shopping

Apparently, the cast of ‘The Muppets’ decided to make a pit stop at Walmart, and Sam Eagle was the first to get out.


We don’t know if he’s intentionally growing his neck hair (which is unsettling enough as it is), or if he just hasn’t had access to a mirror in the last decade, but we seriously hope he’s heading straight to the ‘toiletries’ aisle to get a razor and some shaving cream!

Enough, Grandma

This kid had enough, and he’s decided to rebel by using his head as a wedge to keep his grandma’s shopping cart from moving! Kids hate going grocery shopping, as clearly evidenced in this photo. And who can blame them? As a kid, you just want the fridge to be stocked at all times, you couldn’t care less how it got there.


But this grandma decided to go against all odds and take her grandson to Walmart, and honestly, kudos to this kid for coming up with such a ‘creative’ solution to his unbearable boredom.

Mr. Fox Goes to Walmart

What else were you expecting to see at the ‘nail care’ aisle in Walmart? Maybe the guy was at a serious cosplay party with his friends, when he realized he felt like a midnight snack. Or maybe this is just how Mr. Fox does his shopping, to avoid anybody approaching him and asking any annoying questions like, “do you know where the diet water bottles are?”


You have to hand it to this guy – if he was going for the whole Tanooki Mario theme (a raccoon version of Super Mario), he totally nailed it. But the furry, stuffed animal he’s carrying? Yeah, that’s a little bit much, pal.

Ever Heard of Scissors?

There is nothing more beautiful than healthy, long, shiny locks. But not when it becomes a safety hazard. If this woman spends one more week without a haircut, those locks are going to reach her feet and start tripping her over. Not to mention the countless things that hair could easily get caught on – wheels, shelves, fans!


And while this is definitely one of the less bizarre situations we’ve encountered at Walmart, it is still quite a sight to see. Surely somebody at Walmart has the number for a good hairdresser!

Goats Have Rights Too

Here’s something you don’t expect to see at the ‘school supplies’ section of Walmart. This woman either has insane separation anxiety when it comes to her goats, couldn’t leave it alone because she has bigger animals that could eat it, or didn’t wear her glasses and took a goat instead of the dog. But weirdness aside, it is pretty cute that she’s carrying that little goat around in a baby carrier. And the goat doesn’t seem bothered at all.


The guy is even carrying around a baby bag with a huge milk container for the goat! Seriously, though, we’re used to seeing small dogs carried around like babies, little kids on leashes, and even cats walked around like dogs. But this?! What’s next? A puma in a baby stroller?

Steer Clear of the Video Game Aisle

Because shopping at Walmart isn’t weird enough, this guy just decided to spice things up and dress up as Slender Man to go get his new video game. For those of you who still don’t know, Slender Man is a fictional, supernatural character that was created as a creepypasta internet meme. And this guy just took it way too seriously.


Seriously, buddy, the entertainment section is one of the best parts about going to Walmart, don’t block the entire video game aisle by just standing there freaking us out! How do you even ask someone like this to get out of your way?

Be Yourself, Even at Walmart

We don’t know if this grandpa mistakenly went through his wife’s closet and was so distracted he just wore one of her dresses and went out. Or, most likely, this is how this man chooses to dress, and it’s important he feel comfortable, even for a small shop at Walmart! And we fully support it!


The hilarious thing about this pic is the guy wearing a cap. We can’t figure out why he’s in such shock – because somebody actually snapped a picture of this old man? Or his utter surprise at seeing an older man dressed in a dress at Walmart?

The Leopard Print Dungeon Master

It looks like this guy was on his way to some sort of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ comic-con event. Or maybe he just felt like dressing up for his Walmart shopping that day. However, you have to give credit to this guy for the hilarious fashion mix-up he has going on.


The upper half of his body is a dungeon master, complete with chains and what seems to be wooden doll arms attached to his arm (better to not ask why). But if you were to look at the lower half of his body, you’d think this guy was aiming at a makeshift costume from ‘Cats’ – complete with a sexy leopard print skirt and high, black leather boots.

Motivation Is Key

Many people suffer privately and openly about having body dysmorphic disorder and that’s something that no one should joke about. What we will say is there have been many times when we’ve walked through the doors of Walmart and have seen people in clothing that is not flattering to their body type.


All we will say here is that it’s important to love your body and take care of it as it is the only one you will ever have.

Customer Of The Century

Some people don’t believe in dressing down for any occasion, and this woman was one of them. She needed to make a quick run to Walmart to pick up some supplies, but refused to be seen without full makeup, a blowout and a fancy dress on. You really never know who you’re going to run into in Walmart. Maybe her Prince Charming was there. If so, she needed to look the part.


It’s no surprise that her outfit went viral after this picture was taken. This is another photo for the books that could absolutely be meme worthy.

Double Standards

We’re not really sure what’s going on here. Some may laugh, and some may be really grossed out. Either way, we were not expecting to see this when this guy lifted up his shirt. As it turns out, this guy’s T-shirt, which reads: “smooth talker, straight shooter,” was not really the reality and his undergarments suggested quite the contrary.


After leaving Walmart to go and pump some gas, he wasn’t leaving much to the imagination, but we can’t help but wonder why he wouldn’t just leave his shirt down? This is a question we never got the answer to.

Checking Out

We know, kids can be pretty exhausting sometimes. Especially when you’re trying to get your daily chores done. Grocery shopping can become quite the task when you bring the little ones along.


Most times they are grabbing anything they can from the cart and it drives their parents insane! It looks like this kid was completely checked out from the day of shopping, so he decided to lay himself right on the conveyer belt. Not the cleanest, but the mother was so fed up she didn’t seem to care.

Classing It Up

Party planning is so hectic! It’s no uncommon that you will miss a few items as you’re setting everything up so a trip to Walmart is usually in order at some point.


This man’s wife sent him to the store to pick up some iced tea that she had forgotten to get herself the day before. He wasn’t thrilled to have to run to the store in this outfit and we can understand why.

I’m Blue Da Ba Dee

Everyone has a favorite color, but some people take it to the extremes. This woman is guilty of that as she covered her body in blue from head to toe. She even went as far as going to wear a blue wig to match the whole outfit.


Here she is seen buying blue toys for what looks like her dog or her cat. The employees at Walmart named her the “blue lady” for obvious reasons.

By Cupid’s Bow

Love has no limits and this photo has proven that Cupid will travel to the most mundane of places! This guy wanted to spread the love as Valentine’s Day was approaching and chose to target Walmart as his latest location to help people find their love match.


His outfit consists of a sparkly heart antenna, angel wings, and heart glasses. This was the perfect outfit to get people ready for the season of love. He clearly wears his heart on his sleeve, and how cute is that?

You See Me Rollin’

We love a woman who just doesn’t give a heck about going out in public without makeup and hair not done. At least not yet.


All you women know the struggle of keeping hair rollers in your hair to achieve those perfect curls for any occasion! We know, it looks bizarre, but beauty doesn’t always look beautiful at first. These things take time!

Pants On The Ground

We don’t know what’s going on with the people in Walmart thinking it’s okay to take their pants off in the middle of the store for everyone to see. We don’t understand what’s so difficult about going over to the designated fitting rooms instead of undressing in the middle of the aisle.


Especially when there are usually children in the store. It looks like this man is wearing some type of nightgown and is not happy with how it looks.

Call Me Madame

Being politically correct nowadays can be incredibly difficult with all the terminology and appropriate sayings that come along with gender identities. This man was clearly fed up with people referring to him as the wrong gender. He took things into his own hands and made a sign to tape to his back. It’s perfectly clear that he would like to be referred to as a she.


We are thrilled that more and more people feel comfortable coming out and going against what society tells them they should be.

Life’s A Struggle

There is obviously some truth behind the saying, “shop til ya drop!”. There’s no denying that shopping can be absolutely draining and exhausting.


I know that after hours of shopping I’m ready to stop, drop, and sit right down on the floor if there isn’t a chair for me to sit on. This man was absolutely exhausted from the shopping trip he went on. It’s no wonder that he laid down the second he saw an empty bench. Sometimes a power nap in the middle of Walmart is what this guy needed.

Legs For Days

We love people who love the skin they’re in and feel comfortable enough to express themselves. It’s not always easiest to show off parts of ourselves that we feel proud of because we feel that we may be judged in a negative way.


This guy is totally feeling himself in his skirt and heels and we are here for it! You go girl!

Newest Trend

Are you wondering, what the heck? Yeah, us too. We’re not entirely sure what triggered these people or anyone to do this, but it looks to be catching on-literally. LOL.


People find themselves at Walmart, go to the aisle with the plungers, stick them to their bodies and take a picture of it to share with the internet. It’s almost as weird as the people eating the Tide Pods. It’s nothing to brag about.

Come On Cameo

What do people wear when they want to blend in and not be seen? Camo of course! This couple looks like they wanted to stop into Walmart to play some video games for free instead of buying the game for home.


Maybe they thought they wouldn’t get caught if they both wore camo. We will give them an A for effort on the outfit choice, but maybe an F for the poor choice of a date night idea.

These Jorts Were Made For Wearing

We like to call this look, “athleisure” to a degree. It looks like this guy did a quick Jane Fonda fitness video and went straight to Walmart to get his food and household needs.


At least that’s what we think happened. We give him props for wanting to stay in tip top shape however! We do think that working out in shorts could be a little uncomfortable, but as long as you get the workout done that’s what matters!

Fashion Forward

We’re all about expressing yourself in the way you want to, but we can’t figure out if this was a fashion forward trend or this person woke up late and needed to get out the door quickly.


Our guess is that he was running late to somewhere and didn’t realize his shirt was backwards…or did he? The cut off sleeves are also in question and it looks like it might be a size too small. Someone call What Not to Wear on this guy!

Quinn Of Walmart

We’re thinking that this picture was taken around Halloween because why else would someone be in a Quinn costume? We don’t know but who knows! If you take a look around the store, it doesn’t seem like it’s Halloween.


The only other explanation was that this person was just trying to express themselves through their clothing.

Game Time

Being a kid is so much fun! Life is simple, and you feel carefree without having any responsibilities to worry about. Your parents take care of you day in and day out, and al you really have to do is mind y our own business and play with your favorite toys.


Sometimes parents want in on the fun too as you can see in this picture. They certainly deserve a break here and there, but you can tell their child is waiting to get in on the fun!

Eye Am Watching You

As we all know, tattoos are permanent. Sometimes we see them on people and question whether or not they were in the correct state of mind when getting them done. We’re wondering what led this man to put an eye on the back of his head.


We think that it may have been done in effort to intimidate others and I’m sure there are times when he succeeded. Would you think that this man’s third eye was watching you if you ran into him from behind?

Show Stopper

Ripped jeans are the trend right now and in fashion you’re seeing it almost everywhere. With that being said, there are still people who are taking it too far. If you’re someone who wears ripped jeans, I’m sure you remember a time when someone asked you if you wanted money for a new pair or that it was time to throw them out.


This pair of ripped jeans takes the ripped jeans fad to a whole new level.

Stranger Danger

We’re all familiar with the signs on fences and house doors that say, ‘beware of dog’ when the owner wants to warn visitors of their dog’s temperament. Have you ever seen someone make one for a baby? We didn’t until we saw this picture which mildly surprising considering a baby is highly susceptible to germs and getting sick.


Touching a stranger’s baby is not the smartest thing in the world and we strongly advise asking the parents if it’s okay before doing so.

A Woman With A Cause

This photo is quite concerning. This is another photo that we think could make it into the Guinness World Book of Record’s, but for different reasons. One may ask what would ever make a person want to grow their fingernails that long, and we’re wondering the same thing. It’s not hygienic and makes getting even the simplest chores done almost impossible.


It’s not every day that you run into someone with nails this long, and we’re bet you’re glad you don’t!

Too Much Information

This is a pretty crude t-shirt. Some people find shirts like this to be quite hilarious whereas others find it disgusting. Shirts like this display the personality and humor of the person wearing it.


This shirt isn’t the most socially acceptable, but it isn’t the worst thing you could wear out in public. Most people don’t take pleasure in the fact that a grown man is informing you that he has passed gas in a public place.

Mister Easter

Our guess is that Easter came early this year. We’d like to think that he did it for the kids because otherwise this outfit is a little ridiculous. This guy went to Walmart dressed to the nines. He made this custom outfit that has every bunny toy and Easter egg you could possibly think of.


As you can imagine, the outfit gained a lot of attention from the children in the store. As friendly as this seems, parents should still keep a close eye on their children. You can never be too trusting!

No Words

We have seen all types of parents and kids in Walmart throughout our lives, but this one might just take the cake. As you can see, the mother of this child seems completely unbothered by the fact that her child has a plastic bag over their head.


To you and I this may seem like poor parenting, but to her it may just be another day in the life of motherhood. The severity of this situation is incredibly dangerous as these types of bags come with a choking hazard. The mother does not seem concerned and that is very concerning to us.

Fancy Shmancy

Have you ever seen a couple in their wedding attire walking through Walmart? Well, now you have. We all know how expensive weddings and photographers can be. This couple decided to take the less expensive route and decided to get their wedding photos done at the photobooth for $4.


As strange as it may be to see while doing some casual shopping, we hope this couple lives happily ever after.

Time To Shine

What you do in your own home is your business. If you want to wear clothes, great. If you don’t, even better! However, it’s not socially acceptable to go into public without any clothes. This nudist chose the wrong store to mess with when it came to indecent exposure.


The cops look less than thrilled that they had to take this guy down for making a poor decision. Within just a short period of time they arrived at Walmart and brought this guy down to the ground. We can only imagine the charges that were filed against him. We hope he learned his lesson.

Captain Ameri-Mart

We’d like to think that because Captain America is one of the good guys, he’d get his groceries for free, but don’t think so fast. This well-known superhero arrived at Walmart looking less than thrilled in his full get-up.


Captain America, we know how tiring it can be when you’re out there saving the world. The cashier doesn’t seem to be phased by the famous superhero in his checkout line and we’re a little disappointed.

Too Cool, Mom

We’re confused to say the least. She was probably trying out a new trend that literally no one else is going to follow. The outfit is not flattering to say the least.


We strongly recommend that she retire this outfit immediately. One can only hope that her daughter doesn’t follow in her mother’s footsteps in regard to fashion.

Like Father Like Daughter

We’re not really sure what’s going on with this picture, but a few things come to mind. First off, this guy couldn’t decide whether he was hot or cold. Secondly, whose clothing drawer did he pick through? His wife’s? His daughter’s? We aren’t sure.


Female or male, we don’t recommend wearing leggings under shorts- it’s not a good look. We would highly recommend the women of his family to sit him down and have a talk with him about his outfit choices.

Return Of The Mask

It happens, we’re always forgetting that we need something that the most inconvenient times. I mean just take a look at this girl who was in the middle of pampering herself with a face mask and had to run to Walmart to grab some items.


This isn’t the strangest thing that we’ve ever seen, but it’s funny enough to take a picture of and share with the virtual world. This is a picture that is definitely meme worthy.

Mission Accomplished

Some may see this shirt and think it’s funny, whereas someone else may look at it and be intimidated. We wouldn’t advise messing with anyone who has a shirt on that says this. You don’t know what she’s capable of. One may say that this woman has a lot of pent up anger and frustration.


We would advise that you act with caution if you run into someone like this in the aisles of Walmart.

A Bug’s Life

We’ve seen some pretty outlandish outfits and accessories so far but this one is probably the most questionable. We aren’t worried about the off-the-shoulder tie dye shirt and the large hold hair bow, it’s the stuffed centipede on her leg that’s a little strange.


It’s more likely that you would see a small child carrying this centipede around. However, to each their own. We aren’t surprised by anything we see anymore.

Don’t Fret, I Have A Ferret

We’ve seen so many pets so far throughout this post, but this one may be at the top of the list for most bizarre. This guy decided to bring his pet ferret while doing his Sunday shopping.


The ferret looks to be rather placid while being wheeled around Walmart. Considering all the strange occurrences that happen in this store, the other shoppers didn’t seem to be phased by this strange pet.

Crack Me Up

We know that sometimes the line to get into a fitting room is long and the wait time can be frustrating. Especially when your strapped for time.


We could only assume that this woman was in fact short on time considering that she tried on pants right in the middle of the store. This of course is against the law, but we won’t say anything if you won’t.

Turtle Time

We aren’t aware of any ban of pets coming into Walmart, so don’t be surprised when you see animals like this coming through the doors. We’re not sure why this person decided to bring their pet turtle to Walmart, but we won’t ask questions.


Not only would bringing a turtle on your shopping trip slow down the process tremendously, but turtles seem to enjoy their alone time. Maybe this woman has separation anxiety from her pet turtle.

Real Life Thriller

Michael Jackson is that you? If you were walking past this guy you just might think he had been resurrected. Then you may be wondering what the heck would Michael Jackson be doing in Walmart.


We hate to break the news to you but it isn’t the late singer, just a crazy lookalike. We started to wonder if this guy impersonates the King of Pop for a living and was just passing through after one of his appearances. Either way, we’re glad someone was able to snap a shot of this guy.

Meat Me There

Some people work incredibly difficult hours that when they can find the time to sit back and relax, they will take it whenever, wherever. This woman was at that point of needing a break and she saw Walmart as the perfect opportunity to take it. However, we can’t quite comprehend her decision to cover herself with meat inside the fridge. Of course everyone is entitled to their own decisions and preferences but this one is just exceptionally bizarre.


This lady acted responsibly by keeping her cute four-legged friends in her cart while she did her shopping instead of letting them roam freely through the aisles.

Barking Mad

If you found yourself walking past this shopping cart, there’s no way you wouldn’t find this completely adorable. Everyone loves a puppy, but what do people love more than a puppy? Multiple puppies!


It’s obvious that these pups were happy to come along for the shopping trip. This lady acted responsibly by keeping her cute four-legged friends in her cart while she did her shopping instead of letting them roam freely through the aisles.

Sneak(er) Attack

This is something you don’t see every day. Instead of throwing out a pair of shoes and getting a new pair, this woman decided to turn her sneakers into what we’d like to call sneaker sandals.


This is something you don’t see every day. Instead of throwing out a pair of shoes and getting a new pair, this woman decided to turn her sneakers into what we’d like to call sneaker sandals.

Make (Hair) Do

Hair and fashion trends have come and gone over the years. Sometimes we may look back and seriously question how certain hair trends were ever a trend at all. This guy has a look going that is never going to be popular in our opinion.


We can’t be sure if this is an intentional hair ‘do, or if he’s trying to hold on to the last bit of hair he has left. While many would have resorted to a hat with hair looking like this, we admire his confidence for going out in public like this.

It’s A Miracle!

You and I would both be lying if we said we never questioned the people who ride around in those electric shopping carts. Of course, people have used them for reasons other than their intended purpose.


Take a look at this photo because we can’t help but laugh. How many of you have stumbled across situations like this one here? If this woman was trying to convince people that she was handicapped, she definitely wasn’t doing a good job.

Creative and Classy

We aren’t really sure what type of look this guy was going for, but either way, he’s got it all wrong. A trend everyone has had trouble understanding is the look where men wear jeans low enough that their underwear is hanging out.


One may ask if guys like this own a belt, and we’re asking the same question. Here’s a picture of a guy with his extremely long shirt tucked into his gym shorts. Someone thought it was embarrassing enough that they had to take a picture and share it online.

Monkey Business

It goes without saying that this point that people like bringing their exotic pets to Walmart while they do their shopping. This woman was seen holding her pet monkey while she was walking down one of the aisles.


We know that it doesn’t take long for a pet to become part of the family. Just by looking at this guy we can understand why she didn’t want to leave him home alone. He’s cute, and that warrants bringing him everywhere.

Faux Fashion

This one made us laugh, but we also found it to be somewhat creative as well. We can’t decide if this was a joke or if this person was really trying to deceive others into believing she was wearing an authentic pair of UGGS.


We know how expensive designer brands can be, so we don’t judge her for pulling this creative little stunt. She definitely isn’t fooling anyone, but we give her props for trying.

Pushy Child

Is this for punishment or just for fun? Take a look at this child pushing his mom in a shopping cart with her baby. We aren’t one to judge the parenting decisions of others, but we can’t help but question the reasoning behind this.


On one hand, the child may have insisted that the roles reverse, and he pushes his mom around the store. Or, this could just be some questionable parenting. We’ll leave this one up to you guys to decide for yourself.

Driving Miss Cart

Can you ever remember a time when you didn’t walk into Walmart and saw those electric carts plugged into the wall and didn’t want to whip it around the store? These women decided to do exactly that.


To make things more exciting they made an electric cart line. While we all must remember that these electric carts are put there for a purpose and that purpose is so they can be used by those who are handicapped. With that being said, we can’t help but be a little jealous of these Walmart shenanigans.

Love Me Some Lizard

We are all too familiar with the feeling we get when we’re about to leave the house and our pets give us the, “please don’t leave me” look.


Some people just can’t leave without their pet. It’s obvious with this woman who decided she couldn’t leave her reptile friend at home while she did some shopping. Seeing him attached to her head we could assume that he maybe suffers from bouts of separation anxiety. While he may be cute and intriguing to some shoppers, there’s no doubt that he was absolutely terrifying to others.

Gender-fluid Grandpa

It’s so important to be your raw and authentic self because remember, there’s only one you out there! We give major props to this guy for going out in public dressed like this despite what people were probably thinking and whispering about him.


He was clearly going for a more feminine look and we can’t say he didn’t pull it off. We admire that this man doesn’t care what others think of him. More people should be like this guy!

Tail As Old As Time

This man has taken unique style to a whole new level with this look. You may be wondering what would possess someone to attach a fox tail to a regular pair of blue jeans and leave their house. We’re not so sure, but we admire his originality.


It takes a lot of courage to wear something out of the box out in public.

Hot In Here

Summer’s in the south can be quite hot and dreadful even for those who were born and raised there. Those who are used to it however don’t always use sunscreen and run the risk of developing terrible sunburn like the person in this photo.


We’d like to give you a friendly reminder to always use sunscreen when going out in the sun. We can only hope this person was shopping for some aloe to relieve some of the pain she is probably feeling.

Holy Hair

We’re just as amazed as you are. There’s no way these dreadlocks didn’t make it into the Guinness World Book of Record’s for the world’s longest and thickest dreads. If not, the title holder may have some serious competition.


This style of hair has become more mainstream over the years. There are not typically the most hygienic, but if you maintain them well, they can look pretty cool. It must have taken this person a lot of time and dedication to grow their dreads this long.

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