How Charlie Watts Earned The Title Of One Of The World’s Best Dressed Men

If there was one thing Charlie Watts was known for aside from being the legendary drummer of the Rolling Stones, it was his impeccable dress style. Watts was a major fanatic of dressing up in suits and ties. His personal style kept him distinguished from his other bandmates as he tended to dress formally. Watts even expressed that his fashion choices made him feel like the odd man out in Rolling Stones; everyone else welcomed and tested out modern fashion, but Watts maintained his love for suits.

He told British GQ Magazine in 2012 that he has confidence in his own style, loves tradition, and was no fan of photo spreads because he liked to style himself. “To be honest, I have a very old-fashioned and traditional mode of dress. I get embarrassed, and I don’t really like going to photo shoots. I don’t like stylists,” said Watts.

Voted the 'best dressed'

Over the years, Watts continued to maintain his gentlemanly fashion sense and he became recognized for it. He was always known for playing the drums while wearing a jacket and t-shirt. His particular style set him apart not only from his band, but from a lot of rock stars of his time. It even earned him a lot of fashion titles. In 2011, GQ named Watts as one of most stylish musicians of all time, and Vanity Fair added him to their international best-dressed list for 2006.

Some of his favorite brands were Prada and Ralph Lauren, but he also tested out his own design skills. Watts created some of his own clothes he wore and talked about it in his GQ interview, stating that his taste often put him out of luck with his dressmakers. “If I went to my tailors — I have two in London — and I said I wanted a notched lapel on a double-breasted suit, they wouldn’t make it. It’s always a peaked lapel on a double-breasted suit,” said Watts.

Watts was inspired by the old English dress style, but also drew inspiration from the style of suits that jazz musicians typically wore.

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