High Fat Foods That Are Healthy to Eat

Healthy fats are good for your body and mind, but we’ve been raised to think that all fats are bad for us. While we can’t answer the question as to why we’ve been taught that all fats are bad, we can help you understand what fats are good to eat.

Below is our list of the best high fat foods that are healthy to eat. Consider adding these into your diet as you navigate towards a healthier lifestyle this year.


This is the most popular healthy fat to enjoy and you can do so many things with avocados. We’ve seen people use avocados in a topping for toast, smoothies, tacos, and guacamole. This fruit is a fabulous source of fiber and protein to help you achieve your healthy diet goals.

Dark Chocolate

Many people love snacking on milk chocolate, but dark chocolate is the way to go! This somewhat bitter chocolate is full of fiber and other nutrients to enjoy as part of your fitness lifestyle goals. You can use dark chocolate for the ganache, or pairing with your favorite fruit for a special treat.


This high fat healthy food to eat is a favorite among many people. It takes just one cup of milk to create a thick slice of cheese, so it’s full of other nutrients that your body needs, too! You can enjoy cheese on a salad, burger, or grilled cheese to reap all benefits of this healthy fat food.

Whole Eggs

While they used to say you shouldn’t eat eggs because of the yolk, we’ve now learned that whole eggs are indeed a healthy fat to enjoy. There are many ways you can enjoy whole eggs in your current diet, such as scrambled, sunny side up or casseroles.

Fatty Fish

Some fatty fish that are healthy to enjoy in your diet include salmon, mackerel, and sardines. Herring is another fatty fish you can include in your meal plan. You can eat fatty fish for lunch or dinner, and swap up how you serve it to make each meal different.

Chia Seeds

While you won’t be grabbing a handful of chia seeds, they are a healthy fat that you can sneak into many meals and smoothies. Chia seeds are best enjoyed in oatmeal, yogurt, and smoothies but you can find other unique ways to include them as part of your high healthy fat diet.

These are just some of the high fat foods that are healthy to eat when you’re looking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Use our list to craft up your future meal plan with healthy fats and other nutritious foods.

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