Designer Dogs: The Coolest Cross-Breeds Ever Created

The first domesticated dogs are said to have appeared around some 30,000+ years ago, when canids walked the Earth. Canids were the first known ancestors of both wolves and domestic dogs to ever exist. And ever since dogs have been breeding, humans have been watching and making adjustments to create the perfect pet. The results of this controlled breeding are amazing cross-breeds of some of the greatest species of dog.

The process has become so popular, it even has a name: Designer Dogs. Unfortunately, searching for the perfect pet and continuos breeding has led to a lot of animals having serious health issues and remaining homeless, since people are reluctant to take them in when they’re anything less than “perfect”. Just remember to check your local animal shelter for your new best friend before you head out to spend thousands of dollars.

The Maltipoo

This doggo is another one who was mixed with a Poodle, and this time with a Maltese. Aside from Poodles being incredibly smart, they’ve also got a great coat of fur that is low maintenance and doesn’t shed. Malteses are also known for their coat, which has even been referred to as a “lion mane” for how long and luxurious it is.


When combined, you get this adorable, soft little ball of fluff. Maltipoos are known for being easy to train and get along with, and they can be great family dogs. They’re also especially great for cuddles, since they fit nicely on your lap!

The Jack-A-Poo

Ah, the Jack-A-Poo, a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Poodle. Both of these breeds are known for being very intelligent, which means that this dog will be super smart. Jack Russell’s are high energy, while Poodles are more low maintenance, so this guy will probably be pretty chill. Although, they still love to play!


This dog breed also requires a lot of attention, so don’t invest in a Jack-A-Poo if you don’t have the time to spare. They’re also known to be quite vocal, so keep that in mind!

The Bullboxer

Bullboxers are a cross between the Pitbull Terrier and the Boxer. Both dogs were originally bred as fighting dogs, but they’re also super sweet and loyal. Bullboxers, like any other bully dog, can often be stubborn in nature. They love their families whole-heartedly, and they’re incredibly faithful to their owners. They’ve got fair amounts of energy and they need plenty of time to play, but they can also be very laid-back, if given the opportunity.


They do best in homes with large backyards or other big areas where they can roam. Like any dog, they need proper training to ensure they know the rules of their household, but they can make wonderful family pets.

The Chow Shepherd

The German Chow is the glorious mix of the family-favorite German Shepherd and the super cute Chow Chow. This breed, which is also known as the “Chow Shepherd,” is known for being intelligent…and big. This dog is not for someone who’s never owned a large breed before, as it can be challenging for first-timers.


This guy is also going to have a lot of energy, so that means he needs a lot of exercise. This is a perfect breed for an active family and those who have large fenced-in yards or live on lots of acreage, where the dog can run around. These guys love to play and are avid fans of a good game of fetch with their owners.

The Czech Wolf Dog

This gorgeous breed is a mixture of the loving and loyal German Shepherd, and the toughness and fierceness of the Eurasian Wolf. The result is this long-haired, pointy-eared wolfy boy, that would make an amazing hunter and/or guard dog.

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Considering the fact that these guys are literally bred for cool environments, they wouldn’t be happy living in warm areas. They’ve also been known to be a little bit too aggressive towards small animals, too, so they would do best with larger animals only. These guys need a lot of exercise due to their wild personality.

The Morkie

Morkies are a tiny little combination of the Yorkshire Terrier and the Maltese. The cross of those two small balls of fur results in this adorable little fluffy thing. Morkies are known to have very playful personalities, and often have a lot of energy. This breed gets attached to their owners, which can lead to separation anxiety if they have to be left home by themselves. They do best in environments where they will get the attention that they need.


Morkies are said to be intelligent, but hard-headed, when it comes to training them. Keep plenty of treats on hand to make sure your Morkie stays motivated. They make the perfect companions to snuggle with while you watch your favorite shows at night.

The Beagi

Beagis are a combination of a Beagle, and either a Pembroke, or a Welsh Corgi. These guys have short little legs, and often have silly personalities. They’re said to be incredibly smart and easy to train, although they also tend to be pretty stubborn. They’re great around people and usually have sweet dispositions. This makes them a great choice for anyone that has children.


Beagis, while they still need their exercise, make a good dog for those that live in smaller spaces. Since they are bred from hunting dogs, they do tend to chase smaller pets in the household. Beagis are also said to be generally healthy and live fairly long lives.

The Siborgi

The Siborgi, also sometimes referred to as the “Corgsky,” is a mix of a Siberian Husky and a Corgi. The Corgi shortens this breed a little bit, from its taller Husky side, and they’re typically medium in size. They can have beautiful markings, but they’re usually very fluffy and do best in cooler environments.


Siborgis typically have very even tempers and personalities, and they do great around children and other pets. This breed does need plenty of exercise, and they love to run around the dog park. Just make sure you get them socialized as a puppy so that being around other dogs isn’t a shock.

The Maltese Shih Tzu

They should really work on coming up with a more creative name for this breed, which is a mix of Maltese and Shih Tzu. Why hasn’t anyone started calling these guys Maltzus or something? This breed is known for being very gentle and kind-natured. Its loving personality makes it a wonderful dog for a family with children.


Maltzus love to play, and they need to get exercise like all other dog breeds. However, they’re fairly low energy and, since they’re small, they do better in smaller homes or apartments than their larger brethren. Plus, did we mention how freakin’ cute they are?

The Golden Rottie

This good boy is one of the best guard dogs that you could imagine. He’s a combination of a German Rottweiler and a Golden Retriever, which means he’s made up of some very smart, and very loyal, breeds. The Golden Rottie is extremely loyal to his family and will be fiercely protective of the people he loves. They do love to play and have a lot of energy, so they need to be with families that are going to keep them active and engaged.


They can be quite large, growing to be between 70 and 90 pounds, but they are gentle in nature and can act like big teddy bears. They love to cuddle as much as they love to play, and they enjoy pretending to be lap-dog sized as they sit with their owners on the couch.

The Pitsky

Pitskies are the incredible and adorable mix of pit bull terrier and husky. Huskies are fluffy good boys that hail from Siberia, and often worked as sled dogs. They can have beautiful markings and be either white and red or white and black in color. Pit bulls are stockier with less fur, and are known for being tough, as well as cute! The result of mixing these two breeds is pretty amazing. Meet: The Pitsky.


These guys are a great option if you live in a warmer climate but love huskies, since pure-bred Siberian sled dogs shouldn’t really live in Florida! This breed typically has a laid-back personality, and they make excellent companions for families.

The Shollie

Shollies are the delightful combination of a German Shepherd and a Border Collie. These two breeds are known for being super intelligent and are often used as working dogs for a variety of purposes. Shollies are incredibly smart and often very easy to train. They’ve usually got calm dispositions and are pretty laid-back on a regular basis. However, they do still love to play and prefer owners that lead an active lifestyle, that will include them in the actions.


Shollies make the perfect dog for those that love to hike, or hang out by the ocean, and they can even be trained to enjoy the water with you. This breed is very loyal and will devote their entire heart to their owners and families.

The Hug

Who on Earth doesn’t want a doggo that’s literally called a “hug?” This good-looking guy is a cross of a Siberian Husky and a Pug. Hugs usually tend to be on the larger side, thanks to their Husky side. They can also be a little stubborn – also an attribute they get from their Husky relatives. However, these guys are fiercely loyal, and make good pets for a family with children.


They love to play and have high levels of energy, which means they need to have somewhat active owners. Hugs are extremely intelligent and can even be trained as working dogs.

The Frenchton

This adorable designer dog is bred with a French bulldog and a Boston Terrier. They’re small in size, and have the signature scrunched face with a big, round head and large ears. This breed tends to be very playful and energetic and needs loads of attention and exercise to stay happy.


They usually have great personalities and are very loyal to their family. This makes them a great choice for a guard dog. Frenchtons are wonderful family dogs that can do well around children and other animals, and they make perfect companions for those that live in smaller homes.

The Chitoxy

The Chitoxy, also sometimes called the “Taco Terrier,” is a combination of the Toy Fox Terrier and a Chihuahua. These guys are the perfect example of a tiny dog with a very big attitude, and often have a whole lot of energy. The Chitoxy is also known to be pretty vocal and has a big bark for such a small frame. But don’t let their small size fool you, because this breed can actually make a great watchdog.


They’ve also been known to have a big case of “small dog syndrome,” which sometimes makes them act a lot tougher than they actually are. They require a lot of attention, but they’re small enough that they can be taken almost anywhere. Chitoxys usually have a ton of energy and need their owners to give them plenty of playtime.

The Whoodle

How adorable is this long-haired good boy, who’s a mix of a Wheaten Terrier and a Poodle. He almost looks like a sheep-dog with his eye-covering curly strands. This breed’s fur is actually known to be hypoallergenic, making them a good choice for someone who wants a dog, but may suffer from allergies from other breeds. Whoodles are known to be loyal and extremely sweet, which makes them both good guard dogs, and good family companions.

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They need plenty of time to run around, so they do best with either a large yard or a family who can take them for plenty of walks throughout the day. Whoodles are also said to be just as intelligent as they are sweet.

The Shichi

This little ball of fluff is a Shichi. He’s a combination of a Shih Tzu and a Chihuahua. They are toy-sized and adorable, with long fur that requires lots of love. These guys are another wonderful example of a tiny dog with a huge personality. They’ve been known to have “small dog syndrome,” where they think they’re bigger than they really are. But thanks to this, they make great guard dogs and are super loyal to their owners.


They can also be very cuddly, and love to curl up on your chest and watch movies. Shichis are very sweet, and small, and should be guarded from rowdy children and larger animals. They do best in a home where they will receive plenty of attention and care.

The Golden Shepherd

Golden Shepherds are a beautiful mixture of a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever. This breed tends to be wondrously smart and is said to make excellent watchdogs. Thanks to both of its parent breeds, these guys also make terrific working dogs and love to be given things to do. They’ve got great temperaments and are very loyal, and love to please their owners.

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Golden Shepherds make perfect family dogs, and they’re typically great around children. These guys are generally extremely sweet, and they’ve even been called the dog “with the heart of gold.” This makes them the perfect choice for those looking for a cuddly “lap-dog” type.

The Chusky

When it comes to “designer” dog breeds, the Chusky has got to be one of the best looking in the world. After all, it’s a combination of a Husky and a Chow Chow, two dogs which are both incredibly cute and gorgeous. If you’re interested in getting a Chusky, they would be happiest in cooler environments, since they’ve got super thick fur coats.


They would be the perfect dog for families living up North. These doggos also have very high levels of energy and need to be in a home where they’ll get plenty of exercise!

The Labbe

What do you get when you cross a Beagle with a Labrador Retriever? Well, apparently you get the Labbe, which can also be called a “Labeagle,” or a “Beagador.” Due to their calm disposition and the fact that they are very intelligent, Labbes have become a top choice for families. They’ve got a smooth, short fur coat, which sheds less than a lot of breeds.


Due to their hunting-dog nature, they’ve got a thing for digging and hiding things in the yard. They do best with families who can devote a lot of attention to them and give them plenty of exercise.

The Aussie Pom

This fluffy little masterpiece is an Aussie Pom, which is a cross between a Pomeranian and an Australian Shepherd. These guys often have a lot of energy and require a ton of attention. But that shouldn’t be hard considering how cute they are. Aussie Poms are very intelligent, and semi-easily trained. However, they tend to be very domineering and they aren’t great with other animals, especially smaller ones.


They have a big attitude and will rush head-on into danger because they think they’re bigger than they actually are. They make a great choice for a child-free family that has time and patience to devote to them.

The Cheagle

Cheagle’s are a small, loyal mix of the Beagle and the Chihuahua. Beagles, who were bred as hunting dogs, are known for their loyalty and intelligence. Chihuahuas are beloved for their size and quirkiness. The combination of these two breeds is a pocket-sized best friend that will never leave your side!


The Cheagle can be demanding and it does require attention, so don’t opt for one of these if you don’t plan on spending a lot of time with your dog! Luckily, with the feisty personality of the Chihuahua, and the hunting genes of the Beagle, these guys make excellent guard dogs!

The Double Doodle

This adorable little curly boy is the Double Doodle. Yes, we saved the best name for last. Double Doodles are a cross between a GoldenDoodle and a Labradoodle. They have a beautiful golden coat that’s less prone to shedding than a lot of other breeds, which makes them a great choice for dog lovers that have allergies. Double Doodles typically have an incredibly sweet disposition, which makes them a perfect family pet for those with children.


They love to hang out at the dog park and make friends, but they also enjoy long naps on soft blankets. They’re pretty laid-back and are well suited for even large families with small children.

The French Pin

French Pins are a mix of a French Bulldog and a Miniature Pinscher. French Bulldogs are known for being very playful, and adaptable, while Pinschers have been known to be quite stubborn. Luckily, French Pins are very sweet and loyal, although they can be pretty demanding.


These dogs are a good choice for families who live in smaller homes or cities, and that will be able to give them the attention they deserve. The breed is known for having supersized bat-like ears and a squishy, adorable face. These dogs are also known to be pretty intelligent.

The Cockapoo

These silky soft curly looking doggos are called Cockapoos. They are a combination of Cocker Spaniels and Poodles. This breeding results in the dogs having excellent fur, which is less prone to shedding than a lot of other breeds. The Cockapoo is a very chill dog with a very stable personality, which makes them a great choice for families with kids or cats.


Cockapoos are even a great choice for someone who may have animal dander allergies, as they’re known to be somewhat hypoallergenic, due to their fur type.

The Schnoodle

And we’re back to the mixed-breeds with adorable names, hence: The Schnoodle. Schnoodles are a cross between Poodles and Miniature Schnauzers, and they are unbelievably darling. This breed takes on a loyal, gentle nature from their Poodle side, while adopting the bold characteristic of the Schnauzer.


Schnoodles are also known for their soft, silky coat that’s less prone to excess shedding than some breeds. They are also said to be terrific guard dogs, thanks to their attentive inherited nature. The Schnoodle is a very smart dog that can learn things very quickly.

The Pughuahua

Pughuahuas, which are also commonly referred to as “chugs,” are a combination of Pugs and Chihuahuas. These doggos are super tiny and are the kind of pup that you can pick up and put in your purse when it’s time to go. Chugs are known for their feisty and quirky attitude and tend to be pretty vocal.


The breed is gentle and loyal, and these dogs make a great option for those living in apartments or in the city. Pughuahuas are also known to be very intelligent and are said to be fairly easy to train.

The Goberian

Goberians are the lovely cross between a Siberian Husky and a Golden Retriever. Both of these breeds are so popular that they were created since humans hated to choose between them. With a Goberian, you have the best of both worlds from two stunning and intelligent breeds. These guys often have a beautiful coat of fur with unique markings, and they can be a variety of shades, but are most often some combination of white, brown or black.


Sometimes, they inherit the Golden coat from their Retriever side. This breed typically has a very chilled-out personality, which makes them an ideal pet for families with children. They love to play, but they’re also totally fine just hanging around the house with or without their people.

The Golden Weiner Dog

This short little fella’ is a Golden Dox. He’s a combination of the loyal Golden Retriever and the short and silly Dachshund. The body of this breed is pretty odd, and almost looks like a Retriever’s head and chest area on a Dachshund’s short-legged back-end. But, it’s still adorable – and if you’re looking for a good guard dog that can also sit on your lap; he’s your guy! They are also sometimes called “The Golden Dox.”


The friendly temperament of the retriever balances out the sometimes-stubborn personality of a Dachshund and makes for a super friendly family dog. Golden Dox dogs can also be pretty vocal and are said to have a booming voice for such a little doggo!

The Miniature English Bulldog

This adorable little wonder is a mix of the scrunchy face and sweet Pug, and the brawny, but still just as cute English Bulldog. Its combination of sweet and playful breeds make it an excellent choice for families with small children. These guys make great companions for people living in smaller homes, due to their short little legs – but that doesn’t mean they don’t need plenty of exercise still.


Mini English Bulldogs don’t have super high energy levels, so they’re cool with hanging out and watching Netflix marathons with their people.

The Borsky

A Borsky is a cross of the Husky and the Border Collie. Border Collies are renowned for being incredibly intelligent work dogs, a trait inherited by most Borskys. This breed is also said to be able to learn very quickly, so he’s easily trained. This makes him a great guard dog, or any kind of working dog. Borskys are calm in nature, making them a good choice for those with children or other pets.


They’re pretty large dogs, however, so they need a lot of room to run around. They have a lot of energy and do best with families that have big yards, and/or are able to take them on long walks every day.

The Aussiedor

Aussiedors are bred between Labrador Retrievers and Australian Shepherds, two beautiful and intelligent breeds. When combined, they create a gorgeous and loyal best friend: The Aussiedor. These guys are super smart, which makes them easy to train and great guard dogs or working dogs. They can be pretty big, so they need a lot of space to run around.


They’ve often got pretty laid-back personalities, so they’re a great choice for a family. They’ve got fairly high energy levels, so they need plenty of exercise and time to run, but they also love to cuddle and lay around on the couch.

The Saint Berdoodle

This gorgeous gentle giant is a Saint Berdoodle. She’s a cross between a Saint Bernard and a Standard Poodle. This breed’s long and luxurious coat of fur is hypoallergenic, which makes them desirable by those that may be allergic to other breeds. They also don’t shed nearly as much as their fur brothers and sisters. Saint Berdoodles are known for having sweet and loving personalities, which makes them wonderful family dogs.


They are good with children, along with other dogs and even smaller pets. This breed is also known for being particularly intelligent, thanks to its fabulous hybrid genes. They are trained fairly easily and make a great choice for anyone looking for a big, sweet dog.

The Dalcorgi

Dalcorgis are a cross between a Dalmation and a Corgi. The result is a shorter-legged, shorter-haired version of the Dalmation. Dalcorgis are usually very sweet and playful and are great to use for working-dog activities, due to their high intelligence.


They can be very vocal, and they love to socialize with others, as long as it’s done from an early age. This breed has a longer lifespan than a lot of other hybrids and can live to be 15 years old or more. They have pretty high energy and require plenty of exercise and love.

The Alaskan Shepherd

These gorgeous doggos are a cross breed between the German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute. They have a beautiful, wolf-like look and have long, fluffy fur. Their coat makes them best suited for cooler states and environments. These guys are known to be incredibly smart and make great working dogs, thanks to both of their workaholic parent breeds.


They have a naturally calm personality and demeanor, making them an excellent choice for families that have children and other pets. This breed is very loyal and works well as a guard dog for their owners.

The Docker

Dockers are bred with Dachshunds and Cocker Spaniels. They may be smaller in appearance than some super-sized breeds, but they can still be fierce and they make a great choice for watchdogs. Dockers are known to be sociable dogs, and they make a good addition to a family, even those with small children and other animals. However, since these dogs are bred from hunting dogs, they can have a tendency to chase after small pets like rabbits.


Dockers like to be active, and they make good companions for people who like to do a lot of outdoor activities. These guys are incredibly sweet and will do anything to keep the peace in their household.

The Miniature Boxer

Miniature Boxers that are recognized by the dog registry are a mixture of a Boston Terrier and a purebred Boxer. However, there are some breeders that use other dogs instead of a Boston to achieve the look of a small Boxer, and call it the Mini Boxer, so sometimes they are mixed with Pugs and other similar breeds.


They are excellent guard dogs, as they are particularly loyal. They are also known to have calm personalities, making them wonderful family dogs. Sometimes, these other Mini Boxers that are bred with Pugs are called “Toy Poxers” or “Puggats.”

The Rottador

This big cutie is a Rottador. She’s a mix between a Labrador Retriever and a German Rottweiler. Both of its parent breeds are fiercely loyal and amazing guard dogs, and the Rottador takes on the desirable trait. They have fairly calm and charming personalities, and they are wonderful family dogs. However, like any dog, they need to be raised and trained properly.


If you don’t feel like you’re the best for the job – you can always send them to doggy obedience school and let the trained professionals handle it. These dogs have a beautiful, silky coat that doesn’t shed as much as some other breeds.

The Boxador

This breed sounds like the name of some robot that’s trained to scoop kitty poop – and actually, it can sort of be one of those things. Boxadors are a mix of Boxers and Labrador Retrievers, both of which are super loyal and intelligent breeds. This breed is on the larger side and will need ample space to move around.


They are a bit more low-maintenance than some other breeds, but they do still require a fair amount of exercise. Boxadors have a smooth, short coat that makes them a great choice for anyone that lives in an area where it can get pretty warm. They are also said to make a great watchdog!

The Gollie

The Gollie, or Golden Collie, is a gorgeous mix of a Golden Retriever and a Collie. Both of these breeds are typically very intelligent, so most Gollies are incredibly smart. They are also known to have very laid-back personalities and make wonderful family dogs.


Gollies do tend to have a lot of energy, so they need a lot of exercise and they do best in homes that have a large yard, or somewhere they can roam around. This breed is both loyal and loving, and these guys make an excellent family pet. They would thrive with an active family that can take them on plenty of outings.

The Yorkipoo

Yorkipoos are small dogs with big personalities. They are a cross between Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles and are known to have a lot of energy and love to play. These guys can be pretty vocal, so keep that in mind as you’re searching for the perfect breed for your family. Yorkipoos, who are also sometimes called “Yoodles,” are fiercely loyal to their owners, but aren’t particularly fond of strangers.


They can be stubborn, but they are very intelligent and easy to train once you’ve gotten past that. Yorkipoos are great for those that live in smaller environments, like apartments and condominiums.

The Labmaraner

The Labmaraner is also commonly referred to as the “Weimador,” and is a combination of a Labrador Retriever and a Weimaraner. These guys are known to be both very loving, and just as loyal. This breed makes an excellent guard dog and is willing to do anything to make their owner happy. The Labmaraner has a calm personality and is wonderful around children or other pets.


They’ve got a lot of energy and require plenty of exercise, and they do best with an active family. They love to socialize with other dogs at the dog park and make all sorts of new friends. Labmaraners are best for families without small children.

The Rat-Chi

You know, it’s pretty ironic that while so many people are scared of large dogs because they think they’re the aggressive ones, it’s actually the tiny little dogs, like the Rat-Chi, that will get you. Rat-Chis are a cross of a Chihuahua and a Rat Terrier, both of which are smaller dogs with big, big attitudes. These guys can be very playful and fun, but they can also be your worst nightmare.


Rat-Chis can be very vocal, so if neighbors are a concern – you should probably keep searching. They are very loyal to their owners, but they have a tendency towards separation anxiety. Luckily, they’re small enough to fit in your purse so you can take them everywhere.

The Bull-Pei

This squishy faced boy is a cross between a Shar-Pei and an English Bulldog. Both breeds are known to be intelligent, so the Bull-Pei can be easy to train. Although, they can also be fairly stubborn due to their bull-headed nature. These guys are pretty low maintenance, and they don’t exude a ton of energy, in most cases.


They love to just hang out on the couch and go on a few walks every day. Bull-Pei’s are another great breed for those that live in apartments or smaller homes. Although they do still love to run around the dog park, if given the chance!

The Sheepadoodle

This handsome little ball of floof is a cross between a Poodle and an Old English Sheepdog. Both of these breeds have incredible fur in their own right, hence this guy’s great coat. But not all Sheepadoodle’s coats are created equal, as some can be fairly short and others much longer. They are hypoallergenic, which makes them a good companion for those who may have allergies to dander.


They are very intelligent and one of the easiest designer breeds to train. They’re also super loving and loyal, making them the ultimate family pet! Sheepadoodle’s just arrived on Earth for the first time in 2004, and they’re currently on the rise in popularity.

 The Chiweenie

Chiweenies, AKA Chiwees, are short, stubby little mixes of a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. They’re even sometimes referred to as “Mexican Hotdogs.” Chiweenies tend to be very playful, so they do need attention and exercise, but since they’re so small they also make great pets for those who may live in an apartment or more compact home.


One thing to member though is that these dogs tend to be pretty vocal breed, so expect a lot of barking from your little man – it just goes to show how much they love you, and they want to alert you to any potential threats to keep you safe! Chiweenies may be tiny, but they’ve got big personalities, and they won’t hesitate to square up with a Rottweiler, if they feel the need to. They’re loyal and loving and enjoy spending most of their time by their people’s sides!

The Terripoo

Terripoos first originated as the result of breeding Australian Terriers with Poodles. They are small and can have a range of different fur coats. The breed is known for being affectionate and extremely loyal to their families. They have been known to be used effectively as guard dogs and can be very vocal.


Since they’re not too large, they make a good choice for dog lovers who live in condos or apartments. However, they still need to get plenty of exercise, so they will need some playtime in addition to their walks every day. It is recommended to begin socialization training at a young age for the Terripoo, as they can lean towards a dominant attitude with other animals, if you don’t. Since they’ve got terrier in them, they’re naturally a bit stubborn and they will do best with an experienced and patient owner.

The Cavachon

Cavachon’s are the offspring of the Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – both of which are little, resulting in its small size. Unlike many designer breeds, both the personality and the appearance of a Cavachon can vary from animal to animal. But for the most part, they tend to be loyal, playful and loving.


They also have hypoallergenic fur, making them the perfect choice for those with allergies. Plus, this doggo can make a great companion for seniors, families, and anyone living in a smaller sized home. The Cavachon is also said to be intelligent and easy to train. They are also pretty laid back and are usually satisfied with a 30-minute walk every day, as far as their exercise is concerned.

The Bowzer

This sweet little fur baby is a Bowzer, which is a cross between a Miniature Schnauzer and Basset Hound. The breed is known for being extremely loyal, smart and protective of their humans. They make great hunting, guard and tracking dogs, and will do well as a working dog if you train them for a particular task. The Bowzer is pretty active and requires a fair amount of exercise every day. They can also tend towards obesity if you don’t keep an eye on their diet and playtime.


Bowzer’s aren’t very vocal and will usually only bark to alert you if they think something’s wrong. Because of their medium to large size and their activity levels, it’s best for these dogs to live in a home where they will have a lot of space to run around, or at least be with an active owner who will make sure they get to go run around at the park every day!

The Pugapoo

The Pugapoo is a loving little hybrid doggo that was bred from a Poodle and a Pug. They’re known to have laid-back personalities and be both smart and adaptable. Pugapoos are typically great with small children and other animals. They can be vocal, and they will certainly let you know if there’s an intruder in the house. Although, after barking, there may not be much the 10-25-pound little guy can do for you under those circumstances!


They can adjust to living in either an apartment or a home where they have a large yard, but in either case, they do need at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. A simple half an hour stroll around the neighborhood or park will suffice. The Pugapoos coat can vary in length and color, but they don’t usually shed a lot compared to some other breeds.

The Puggle

Puggles are an adorable combination of the Pug and the Beagle that were first bred in the early 90’s. They’re pretty popular, due to the fact they are both sweet and intelligent. These guys are known for being extra playful and getting along with everyone, which makes them a perfect choice for families with children and other pets.


Although they are a smart breed, they can also be stubborn when it comes to training, so it’s best to start as early as possible. Puggles are very active dogs that need plenty of playtime and exercise, so they would be a great pet for an active family that could bring them along on adventures! If you have to leave them alone at the house during the day, make sure you leave them with plenty of toys to keep them occupied.

The Peekapoo

A Peekapoo is a cross between a Pekingese and a Poodle – and they are just way too cute. These little guys are commonly known as “teddy bear dogs,” because of their small stature and fluffy faces. They’re pretty laid-back, but they also love to play and go for walks, so they’d make the perfect companion for someone who can give them the attention they deserve.


They’re very loving and loyal, but they don’t react very well to being aggressively handled and may not be the greatest choice for a family with small children. Peekapoos are super smart and easy to train, and they tend to be fast when learning new tricks. Because of this, they’re a good choice for those who don’t have much experience with dogs (as long as you keep the above in mind!)

The Puggit

The Puggit was bred with a Pug and an Italian Greyhound. And because they are descended from race dogs – they do love to run. They tend to do best with active owners that will take them to the park every day or living in a home that has a large yard, or enough space for them to run around.


These guys are very sweet, and they’ve got a calm personality that makes them a good choice for families with children. Puggits have a short, sleek coat, which makes for low maintenance and minimal shedding, though they may also be extra sensitive to cold weather.

The Alusky

This adorable ball of floof is an Alusky; a mix between a Siberian Husky and an Alaskan Malamute. Alusky’s thick fur is perfect for those who live in areas where it never gets hot, but they can be very uncomfortable in warm weather. This means that they’re probably not the best choice for anyone living in Florida or Arizona. They’re very active pets and tend to need a lot of playtime and exercise.


These guys need to be in a home with lots of space, and don’t tend to do well in condos or apartments, unless you’re going to have them out on adventures with you most of the time, anyways! Alusky’s are medium to large in size, and they’ve got a loving and calm personality. They do great around children, and as long as they’re socialized from a young age, they do well with other animals, too.

The Lhasapoo

The Lhasapoo is a cuddly, small and playful breed, mixed using a Poodle and a Lhasa Apso. They make wonderful family dogs and are great around other animals and children. Lhasapoos are gentle, but fiercely loyal and protective of their people. Sure, they may not make the best guard dogs, but they will absolutely alert you if they think there’s something wrong.


This breed can adapt well to living in apartments, and although they love to play, they don’t need a ton of exercise every day, as long as they get their daily walks and the occasional trip to the park! But when you are at home, you can bet that your little Lhasapoo will be right there with you, most likely perched on your lap.

The Chorkie

Chorkies are wiggly little doggos that were bred from a Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier. These guys only get to be around 10 pounds maximum, which puts them in the toy-sized category. The Chorkie is loyal and loving, and a very vocal little guy.


He is super adorable but can also be considered a “yippy” dog. Because of their size, they can do very well in condos and apartments, although they do have fairly high energy levels. The Chorkie needs plenty of playtime and does great in families with children. Due to its parent breeds, it’s also an intelligent pet and picks up on training easily.

The Pomapoo

The Pomapoo is a sweet, often shy cross between a Pomeranian and a Poodle. Pomapoos love to play, but they’re also content laying on the couch with you after a hard day at work. Their Pomeranian side gifts them with their gentle personality, while the Poodle in them lends to their high levels of intelligence.


They are said to be great dogs for seniors, but they don’t do too well around young children who may be a little rough with them. Pomapoos are also known as a “teddy bear dog,” and are fiercely loyal to their people. This breed has actually been around for quite some time but has gained more popularity over the past couple of decades.

The Poochin

Poochins, also known as Chinpoos, Doodlechins, and Chindoodles, are an adorable mix of a Poodle and a Japanese Chin. These dogs are known to be very laid-back and easy to train, which makes them a great family pet or a good choice for retirees.


They often have wonderful personalities but should be introduced to other animals from a young age. Poochins can also tend towards a dominant behavior if you don’t train them properly and clearly establish yourself as the boss from the start. These little guys only grow to an average of about 5-12 pounds, but they can have a very mighty attitude!

The Boskimo

The Boskimo is a hybrid cross between an American Eskimo dog and a Boston Terrier. Although the latter have shorter, sleeker coats, Boskimos tend to inherit a fluffier fur from their Eskimo relatives and do require a good bit of grooming. These guys need to be around their owners a lot and often suffer from separation anxiety. Because of this, they wouldn’t be the best pet for someone who works long hours away from home.


If that sounds like you and you’re still interested in a Boskimo, they may be okay at the house alone as long as you begin crate training from a very young age. These good boys are known for being highly intelligent and very playful.

The Masti-Bull

Masti-Bulls are a cross between the Mastiff and the American Bulldog – meaning they get pretty big, usually growing to a weight of between 100-130 pounds. He needs a lot of exercise and room to run around, and will do best in a home that has a large, yard that’s fenced in. But even though these guys love to play, they also enjoy their down time and will love to cuddle up with you on the couch.


Because they are so large, coupled with their often-stubborn attitudes, this breed works best for experienced dog owners that have the patience and understanding for training them properly. Don’t let his big size fool you in to thinking he won’t be a great family dog, because these lovable doggos are good around kids!

The Raggle

The Raggle is a hybrid dog that was bred with the Beagle and Rat Terrier. Since both of their parent breeds are small, Raggles are typically small and weigh around 5-15 pounds. These little guys have high energy levels and love to play, so they’re best suited for an active owner that can give them the attention they need. Raggles are also highly intelligent and make great hunting dogs.


They may be small, but they’re powerful dogs for their size. This breed needs to be socialized with other animals from a young age as they can tend to be aggressive towards them, especially those of the same sex.

The Pekachon

Pekachons are small, curly-haired designer doggos that are a cross between the Bichon Frise and the Pekingese. They’re very smart and learn quickly, which makes them easier to train than some other breeds. They may be tiny, but they have big personalities and are very affectionate and loyal to their human family members.


Pekachons typically weigh between 5-20 pounds and make great pets for those who live in smaller homes. They have a moderate energy level and are usually content strolling through the park or hanging out at home, as long as they have at least 30 minutes of walking time each day.

The Bossi-Poo

This adorable little guy is a mix between a Poodle and a Boston Terrier. Bossi-Poos are considered medium size and have a silky hypoallergenic coat, which makes them excellent pets for those who may suffer from dander allergies but still want a dog.


Since both parent breeds are intelligent, these guys are super smart and pick up on their training very easily. They’re also highly affectionate and love being by their person’s side. Bossi-Poos can tend to be pretty stubborn, so it’s important to begin training as early as possible with this breed. This breed is also known for its good health.

The Valley Bulldog

This bully boy is a hybrid breed that is the result of mixing the Bulldog with the Boxer. This breed gets their name from their location of origin in the Annapolis Valley, in Nova Scotia, Canada. Since they stem from two bully breeds, they tend to be very stubborn, so obedience training from an early age is a must.


They are also best suited for experienced dog owners, and those who will be able to give them plenty of activity time. These guys are very athletic and love to run, so they would flourish in homes with large yards, or with families who will take them to the park every day. The first known sighting of this breed dates all the way back to the early 1900’s, although it has been speculated that they may have actually existed long before then.

The Mountain Mastiff

Mountain Mastiffs, or Bernese Mountain Mastiffs, are a cross between the Mastiff and the Bernese Mountain Dog. These doggos get very, very big and typically weigh between 150-200 pounds when they’re full-grown. Mountain Mastiffs are known as gentle giants, for there incredible size and affectionate, calm nature.


These big boys make excellent guard dogs and can also be trained successfully for tracking. They love to play, but more than anything, they love spending time with their humans. The Mountain Mastiff makes a great family dog, but they need to be in a home where they have plenty of space, considering how enormous they are!

The Bea-Tzu

This cute little ball of fuzz was bred with a Beagle and a Shih Tzu. Because of their super small size, they make great pets for those that live in apartments and other smaller homes. They’re sweet and calm-natured, which means they’re a top choice for families with children and other animals.


Although they’re very sweet, they can also be stubborn and they’re best left for experienced dog owners to take care of. Bea-Tzus are loving, loyal and playful, and they need loads of attention and love from their people. Unfortunately, these little guys have a slightly shorter lifespan than some other dog breeds and typically only live to be between 10-12 years old.

The Saint Dane

The Saint Dane, also known as the Bernadane or the Great Bernard, is a hybrid dog that was bred with a Great Dane and a Saint Bernard. These gentle giants make terrific family guard dogs, and they are some of the calmest and most loving animals in existence. However, they are very big (150-200 pounds) and they need a lot of space, so keep that in mind before you decide on one of these big guys!


Saint Danes are highly intelligent and easy to train, and they love to please their people. Despite their enormous stature, they can actually be quite shy and sensitive and don’t do well with yelling or high stress environments. Although, no dog should be kept in a high stress environment, really.

The Jarkie

Jarkies are small little balls of energy that were created from a Japanese Chin and a Yorkshire Terrier. Like most dogs, they really don’t fare well around small children, though they are great for families with older children who are well behaved and will respect them.


They’re small doggos and only grow to be around 8-10 pounds. Jarkies are great companions for seniors and for those living in apartments and small homes. Although they’re very playful, they’re also content just sitting on your lap and watching television. Of course, they do still need to get out every day, and they love taking trips to the park with their humans!

The Weshi

The Weshi stems from its parent breeds – the West Highland White Terrier and the Shih Tzu. Weshis are super sweet and loving, but they can also be very stubborn, and they aren’t the best choice for someone who has owned a dog before. They get along great with mostly everyone, as long as they’re socialized from a young age.


Weshis are highly intelligent, but because of their stubborn streak they aren’t always the easiest to train. But once they’ve become a part of the family, they will be your best friend and never want to leave your side. This is a very active breed that requires a lot of exercise – at least 45-60 minutes every day.

The Foxy Russel

Foxy Russels stem from the Jack Russell Terrier and the Toy Fox Terrier. They’re small little guys that only grow to be a maximum of about 20 pounds, but they’re packed full of energy. They do great with families and are good with children and most other animals.


Foxy Russels can be a bit of work when it comes to grooming, as he has a short and scruffy coat that requires some brushing and the occasional bath. But this little guy’s affectionate and entertaining personality make him worth the extra elbow grease! And, although they may be small, they’re loyal and vocal, which makes them good guard dogs.

The Porkie

Porkies are this adorable little cross between a Pomeranian and a Yorkshire Terrier. Porkies are super small and only usually weigh less than 15 pounds. They’re loving doggos and will do anything to make their families happy, although they can tend to snap at children and do best with those who are already grown up.


These dogs are pretty laid-back and have moderate energy levels, and they’re happy with a simple 30 walk every day and will be excited to come home and cuddle with you. Due to their small stature and fragility, you should keep an eye on them around any large dogs that you may have. Porkies need to have their coats brushed on a daily basis, as well.

The Ewoak

Ewoaks are a rare breed of hybrid dog that are a combination of a few different species, such as Shih Tzus, Bichons and Yorkshire Terriers – resulting in this adorable teddy bear doggo. They can come in a variety of tiny sizes including toy and teacup, and have fluffy, long hair that requires moderate grooming.


Ewoaks are said to be both playful and laid-back and make great travel companions because of the fact they are super easy to carry along with you! These guys are also great with children and were actually bred to accompany children with special needs because of their mild temperaments.

The Cairnoodle

Cairnoodles are a cross between a Poodle and a Cairn Terrier. They’re also referred to sometimes as Cairnpoos, Cairnpoodles and Poocans. These guys are loving and affectionate and love to stay by their owner’s side, but they’ve also got the stubbornness that comes along with most terriers. Because of this, it’s wise to start obedience training with them when they are puppies.


Cairnoodles are the ultimate cuddle buddies, even for those with allergies, thanks to their hypoallergenic coat. They tend to suffer from separation anxiety when their people leave them for too long, so they either need to be crate trained, or with someone who will be there most of the time. This breed is descended from two others who are highly intelligent, so they’re very smart and easy to train.

The Gerberian Shepsky

This gorgeous doggo is a mix between the German Shephard and the Siberian Husky. They’ve typically got long fur, which makes them best suited for those living in areas where it won’t get uncomfortably warm for them. They are extremely intelligent and make wonderful guard dogs for almost anyone. Gerberian Shepskys are laid-back, sweet animals with an even temperament that makes them a great choice for families.


Unfortunately, they can be prone to some health issues like their parent breeds, such as hip dysplasia and cataracts at a young age, and they generally only live to be around 12 years old. But because they’re happy and affectionate dogs, it will be an amazing 12 years for the family, for sure!

The Shelillon

A Shellion as a hybrid dog that was bred with a Shetland Sheepdog and a Papillon. They’re short, stubby, smart little guys who are said to be easy to train and very loyal to their owners. They typically have a long, bushy coat that does require a fair bit of grooming, although they still only have a single layer coat, which means it won’t be as much as some other breeds.


Shellions are highly adaptable, and will thrive in a multitude of environments, including apartments or condos, or larger homes with huge, fenced-in yards. They are loving animals who get along with mostly everyone, although they may be a bit shy around strangers.

The English Mastweiler

As you can guess, the English Mastweiler is a cross between a Rottweiler and an English Mastiff. They were originally bred to be both companion and superior guard dogs, due to their muscular stature and loyal behavior to their humans. These big boys usually grow up to be around 110-150 pounds as adults and have a short coat that doesn’t require too much maintenance.


They have very calm personalities and do well around children and other animals, although because they’re so large, they should be monitored around smaller animals, especially when they’re (huge) puppies. They are some of the sweetest doggos out there and they love to play. They do need a good bit of exercise and thrive most in homes with large yards, or with a family that can take them to the park for sufficient playtime every day.

The Bouvador

A Bouvador is a designer dog that was bred with a Labrador Retriever and a Bouvier des Flandres. These guys are a medium to large breed that generally grow to be an average of 60 pounds when they’re adults. They are highly intelligent and make great working dogs. In fact, they actually enjoy being given a job to do. Just make sure you start training them in whatever that job may be from a very young age.


They have moderate energy levels and enjoy curling up with you and lazing around at the end of a hard day at work. This breed does need plenty of space to move around, so they wouldn’t be the best choice for someone living in an apartment, or home without a yard.

The Jug

This adorable little guy is a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Pug. They have high energy levels and are said to love to run, which means they need to be in a home with a large, fenced-in yard, or with someone who will take then to the dog park for an hour or so each day.


Jugs are affectionate and loyal, and tend to get along with everyone, including children and other animals. They’re fairly small, and usually grow up to be somewhere between 10-20 pounds. This breed is also highly intelligent, and they pick up on training more easily than others. Jugs are known for being in good health, for the most part, and they live for an average of 12-15 years.

The Jafox

The Jafox is a crossbeed of a Japanese Chin and a Toy Fox Terrier. They are said to be incredibly loving dogs, and get along with other animals and children, as long as they are being nice and respectful of them. These doggos are usually very small, and only grow to an average of 6-9 pounds, which puts them in the “toy” category.


Although they may be tiny, they’re packed with energy and love to play, so they’ll do best in an active home with owners who can take them along on adventures, and to the park, etc. They will do just fine in an apartment or a condo as long as they get their daily activity time. As far as records are concerned, Jafox’s are a fairly new designer breed and have only reportedly been around since the 2000’s.

The Swissneese

The Swissneese a mix between the Great Pyrenees and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. They’re super loyal and affectionate, and they make a terrific dog for families with children, or for single owners who want a hiking companion!


They’re a fairly large breed and typically grow to somewhere between 95-115 pounds. Swissneese’s have long, thick coats, due to their ancestors, so they’re best suited for living in mild-weathered areas, not somewhere where they’re going to get overheated. Their fuzzy fur also requires quite a bit of maintenance to keep them cool – and to keep them from creating another full dog via a fur pile on your couch!

The Daniff

This big boy is a cross between the Great Dane and the Mastiff – both of which are known for their incredible sizes and gentle personalities. Daniff’s are huge, typically between 130-210 pounds, but they’re calm and loving and make wonderful family pets. They will be fiercely loyal and protective of their humans, and they do well around both small children and animals.


Don’t let their size fool you, either, because the Daniff would actually make a great dog for a new dog owner, thanks to their willingness and ease of training, and their laid-back attitudes. They also don’t require an excessive amount of grooming, since they have short and sleek coats. These guys are pretty happy with hanging out around the house with you, but they also need an adequate amount of exercise every day to keep them happy (and in shape!)

The Cavestie

The Cavestie is a crossbreed of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the West Highland White Terrier. These are small dogs that only get to be a maximum of about 15 pounds when they’re adults. They’re little bundles of energy and they absolutely love to go for walks and adventures with their humans. But even though they’re big on playtime, they also have a calm energy and love to relax, cuddled up on your lap at the end of the day.


Cavesties are highly intelligent, but they do have the famous terrier stubborn side, so they need an experienced and patient owner that will work with them through their training and give them the time they need. Their loyal and loving personalities definitely make them worth the bit of extra work, though!

The Labradane

This lovely pup is the product of a Black Labrador and a Great Dane – and what a great combination! Loyal, affectionate, and playful, these dogs inherited some of the best traits from both of their parents. Labradanes are prized for being gentle giants who form loving bonds with adults as well as young children.


The dog’s extra-large size makes them an eye-catching hit with passersby when out for a walk. Just remember that this is a huge dog, and you’re going to need enough space both inside your home and outside for exercise. You should find these mixed breed dogs in shelters and even in rescue centers for these specific breeds, so always try to adopt before you buy.

The Cavatese/ Cavamalt

This Maltese and Cavalier puppy is a vortex of cuteness! Petite, pretty, with a fabulous personality as well – that’s the Cavamalt for you. This hybrid is also known as Cav-A-Malt, Maltalier, or even a Cavatese. Whatever you want to call them, this relatively fresh designer dog breed was realized by crossing the Cavalier Spaniel with the Maltese.


In addition to being cute and adorable in size, this toy breed is popular for its easy-going and friendly attitude. The Cavamalt doesn’t need much exercise and will feel at home in a cozy apartment in a big city. Sweet-tempered and devoted, this hybrid is a natural-born charmer, so it’s no wonder that is popularity is growing so rapidly.

 The Scauzer

This mix of Scotch Terrier and Schnauzer is a sweet, very playful, smart, and outgoing breed. The Scottish Terrier is originated from the United Kingdom, but Miniature Schnauzer is originated from Germany. One of the best ways to find out the temperament of a mixed breed is to research the specific breeds found within the cross, and you can assume to get any combination of their characteristics found in either breed.


Both these breeds are known to be affectionate, alert, curious, energetic, friendly, and fiercely independent. Scottish Terrier may grow 10 cm / 3 inches shorter than Miniature Schnauzer. Both Scottish Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer are of the same weight. Not all of the designer hybrid dogs are purebred and may have other breeds in them without you being able to tell.

The Border Spaniel

The Border Collie Spaniel usually inherits the athletic body of the Border Collie and the handsome head of the Cocker Spaniel. They have a muscular build with a thick coat of hair that will usually have a slight curl to it; they will be either black and white or brown and white. As they come from Border Collies, they have an alert expression and are always keenly aware of what is going on around them.


Those on the lookout for high intensity and energetic breed should look no further than the Border Collie and Spaniel hybrid. These dogs love to run around and are equally happy to keep active by swimming, hiking, or participating in canine activities. They are extremely intelligent and intuitive; the Border Collie Spaniel needs to be stimulated and makes a very rewarding training partner.

The Dorkie

The Dorkie is a hairy hound – a blend between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Dachshund. They may be a smaller breed, but they come with a big personality as is befitting their headstrong parents. As for the Dorkie’s appearance, their Yorkie parentage is more obvious, with their coats often taking on the familiar black and tan. However, their comparatively longer back and shorter legs serve as a reminder that they also have Dachshund in them.


A well-socialized Dorkie makes for a charming canine companion. But, as a breed, they are prepared to stand up for themselves. If threatened or treated with a lack of respect, they may snarl or snap. For this reason, as with all dogs, Dorkies may not do well around small children, they can act unpredictably when taken by surprise and should be supervised around kids.

The Beaglier

Beagliers are compact, energetic, and loyal; these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents. They are a cross between the Beagle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breeds, Beaglier is also spelled Beagalier and Beagelier. These adorable pups make great family additions for active singles or families with older children in large homes or small apartments.


Despite their unfortunate status as a designer breed, you can find these pups in shelters and breed-specific rescues, so remember to adopt!  If you may be looking for a pup who is spirited and fun-loving, this may be your soulmate.

Golden Mountain Dog

So what happens when you mix a Golden Retriever with a Bernese Mountain Dog? Cuteness happens! This cross between the two popular purebred breeds will result in a large dog that could weigh anywhere between 55 and 100 pounds. Their specific appearance will be impossible to know for sure, but one thing is for certain: this dog will definitely need serious grooming!


Both the Bernese and the Golden Retrievers are large breeds. As mentioned, it’s almost impossible to know exactly how any mixed puppy will turn out. But we can gamble a guess based on their parents’ characteristics. Bernese Mountain Dog Retriever mix puppies will likely have the defined, straight muzzle and an intelligent gaze that both breeds are known for. Their ears will be floppy, and they may end up with a coat that could be either wavy or straight.

The Bernedoodle

This breed loves to play as much as they love to cuddle. Whether you are dealing with a standard, tiny or mini Bernedoodle, a Bernedoodle puppy often inherited some Bernese Mountain Dog stubbornness. Their name may have a funny sound to it, but these doggos make wonderful furry companions, and they are especially great with children.


These hybrid fluffy canines combine the best of both worlds: the intelligence and low shedding coat of the Poodle combined with the easy-going, yet incredibly loyal temperament of the Bernese. For those who have owned either of those breeds, they’ll know that the Bernedoodle is one special pup!

The Pembroke Sheltie

This adorable breed is a cross between the noble Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the sweet Shetland sheepdog. This hybrid makes for an excellent pet; it has inherited tenderness, as well as a mellow attitude from both its parents and makes one of the caring parts of the family.


The dog is a tremendous furry companion and makes an ideal pet for the first time dog owners. They are usually brave, loyal, and lively. They may not be a perfect watchdog as they don’t warn against intruders, but it doesn’t hesitate when it comes to protecting its family. Pembroke Sheltie tends to chase people and cars. They have a herding instinct inherited from both its parents, and depending upon the inheritance; sometimes they can be super active while others may develop a shy nature.

The Labernese

The Labrador and Bernese mountain dog have joined forces to make a new breed, and they are pretty hard to resist. The Labernese is a large breed, well-known for its loyalty and strong desire to work as they love being stimulated. The high-energy of the Labrador is tempered by the Bernese mountain dog’s laid-back attitude.


Both the Labrador and the Bernese mountain dog are known for their gentle nature and intelligence. They are also good with kids, so there’s a great chance that your Labernese will be an amazing family pet. When these dogs who are left alone for long periods may not get the human interaction that they need and could become destructive.

The Aussalier

The Aussalier is a new crossbreed, a hybrid between either a toy or miniature Australian Shepherd and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. There can be variations in their appearance, even within one litter. Mostly, they should be happy, friendly, and energetic animals that are very attentive to their family.


Most Australian Shepherds, whether they are standard or toy and miniature, Australian Shepherds can sometimes be described as a little standoffish, so mixed with the gentle and affectionate Spaniel, this dog breed is a welcome balance between the two.

The Imo-Inu

The Imo-Inu is a clever combination of two very loyal breeds: the American Eskimo and Shiba Inu. These pets are socially-oriented and energetic. Their lifespan is usually 12 to 15 years, and they generally weigh between 20 and 35 pounds. When fully grown, this breed can grow up to 19 inches tall. Imo-Inus generally look more like a small Akitas with a few American Eskimo features mixed in.


The most notable trait of this hybrid will be its thick coat that comes in a solid color or combinations of black, cream, tan, and red with white stripes and marks. This breed is quite new, and its date of origin is unknown, and Imo-Inus are also not yet fully stabilized in form or personality.

The Sharp Asset

Also known as the Ba-Shar, this breed is the result of a Basset Hound and a Shar-Pei, and they were first seen in the United States. The breed differs in color and can include a range, from chocolate and cream to white and black. While their coat is usually shorter and dense, it’s also water-repellent. They are known as affectionate and intelligent dogs, as well as very loyal to their owners.


They can be fairly easy to look after with their shortish fur but should be brushed at least a few times per week. They make good watchdogs but can be a little stubborn once in a while. They are great as family pets, and despite being large dogs, they could live in a smaller place as long as they had regular daily exercise routines.

The Lab Pointer

Lab Pointers are also known as Pointerdors. They are relatively low maintenance dogs–but they’re also a very hyperactive breed and require a large amount of time outdoors. They thrive when living with a family-based in rural areas with lots of space rather than being hemmed in by a small home.


They’re smart and you will them easy to train as they enjoy the mental stimulation involved, making them a solid option for new dog owners. They’re also known for being a loving and sociable breed who will easily form strong and lasting bonds with the human family in their life.

The Border Terrier

The Terrier Border Collie Mix is a breed resulting from a cross between Border Collies and Terriers. Both of these dogs may be friendly, but they’re actually quite different breeds. This can be a cross between the Border Terrier, the Jack Russell Terrier, Wire Fox Terrier, or other types of Terriers. Border Collies were bred to herd and control sheep over the hilly border between Scotland and England.


They are known for their intense stare with which they control their flock. As a dog with unlimited energy, stamina, and working drive, they make for premier herding dogs; and are still herding sheep on farms and ranches around the world. They were bred to run up to 20 miles a day for days on end, all while herding sheep.

Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix

The Australian Shepherd is very much a working dog, with intelligence and energy to match. While Dalmatians were originally bred for trotting decoratively alongside horse-drawn carriages, they are best known for their handsome spotted coat. They can make a good family pet and do well in homes with children. However, their intelligence and enthusiastic personality require an equally patient and diligent owner.


With strong herding and guarding instincts, together with the likely size and energy levels, it is best that this Dalmatian Aussie mix be supervised around small children and other household pets. As with all dogs, we recommend implementing early socialization and training methods. This can help reduce behavioral and temperament issues, ensuring the health and happiness for everyone involved!

The Cocker Jack

The Cocker Jack is a small to average-sized dog that is the result of crossing a Jack Russell Terrier and a Cocker Spaniel. This new breed is sociable and active, making an ideal blend of the two breeds. The daringness of the Jack Russell Terrier is tempered by the shy and softer Cocker Spaniel’s characteristics.


The Cocker Jack is perfect for a family, although supervision is needed with younger children who can play a little rough sometimes and may unintentionally hurt your dog. The Cocker Jack can differ considerably in appearance depending on which parent it takes after more. Whichever it may be, they will have an appealing face with large oval eyes with dark rims.

The Cocker Spaniel Golden Retriever mix

The Golden Cocker Retriever is an incredibly affectionate and playful pooch. This dog will not do well when left alone for long periods of the day. They’ll always want to accompany you on long walks, so if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors, definitely consider the Golden Cocker Retriever, and at the end of a long day of activity, they will love to cuddle up together.


This breed makes for a top-notch family dog–they’ll want to be involved in all of your daily activities, whether that’s snuggling and lounging on the couch or heading out on hikes and running errands. Although speaking about activities, the Golden Cocker Retriever is an energetic breed that will require a high amount of exercise–this is not an apartment dog.

The Rhodesian Lab

As a mixed breed, the Rhodesian Ridgeback Lab does not have definite personality traits. Any purebred dog will have been bred to have predictable temperaments. Both Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Labrador were bred as guard dogs, so they have a protective temperament and very much want to protect their family.


With genetics playing a big part in their personality, their environment is also a huge factor. How they are raised and socialized affects how they will act when they grow up. Even the friendliest breed can be unfriendly if they are not well socialized and introduced to new people at a young age.

The Pomsky

For dog lovers who want to adopt a Siberian Husky but can’t fit one in their small apartment, there’s the Pomsky, a mix between the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian. These dogs have everything that Husky fans like—those big blue eyes, those cute alert ears—but unlike their purebred relatives, they usually grow to be about 15 pounds on average.


They can be goofy, playful, and suited for a life in an apartment, the Pomsky love to be the center of attention, and with their adorable looks and whimsical antics, they often get all the adoration they want. Pomskiesget attached to one chosen family member, but they should get along with all individuals in the household.

The Bull-Pug

The Bull-pug is similar in size and characteristics to another popular breed; the Puggle. The Bull Pug is a cross between the English Bulldog and the pug. If one ever happens to run into a Bull Pug, they might hear it referred to as a “Miniature Bulldog,” seeing as these dogs resemble their Bulldog parent in every way save for size.


They usually have a well-pronounced, round head, broad set shoulders, medium muzzle, almond-shaped, black eyes, and a curly tail that is folded tightly over its hip. They have a certain ‘cuteness factor’ as the Bullpug tends to look like a Bulldog that has never stopped being a puppy.

The Bullmatian

Even though their black-and-white spots indicate otherwise, the Bullmatian is just as much Bulldog as it is Dalmatian. There’s no need to be fooled by their tough-guy exteriors: They might look like a little intimidating, but these pups are about as sweet and silly as they come.


Bullmatians are ideal companion dogs. This designer dog is known to be loving and friendly and also does very well around children. However, they have a lot of energy and will need a high amount of regular exercise as well as a variety of play sessions. If you’re a new dog owner, then you should know that Bullmatians have a reputation for stubbornness at times.

The Frug

Frugs are mixtures of French Bulldogs and pugs, but they usually don’t end up with the serious health problems that plague the purebred breeds of their parents, one trait they do tend to inherit is the stubbornness of the Frenchie. While these dogs can be difficult to train, their big personalities and affectionate demeanor make the good times well worth the more challenging ones.


Their name may sound a little funny, but personality is what counts, right? These crossbreeds make lovely pets for families of all shapes and sizes: from singles and retirees to families with older children. With adorable looks and sweet, easy-going temperament, the Frug is definitely a dream come true for many prospective pet owners!

The Labsky

A cross between the Labrador Retriever and Siberian Husky dog – the Labsky is an active, smart, and loyal breed. These adorable canines make for super devoted family pets, and as a bonus, they’re usually very easy to train and take well to learning new commands and tricks.


They definitely like to be active, so their owners need to be prepared for lots of extra-long walks. Labskies are quite intelligent and will also benefit from interactive dog toys. At home, Labskies are seen as loving dogs who enjoy being around people. A Labsky enjoys mental stimulation, and interactive toys can help keep the dog interested and alert.

Golden Dox

This incredible mix combines the Golden Retriever and Dachshund breeds. The parent breeds both have with very different personalities and physical shapes. Generally, this breed is dependable and easy-going. But it can sometimes be stubborn and threatening. A Golden Retriever Dachshund mix dog is also known as a Golden Dox.


With strong herding and guarding instincts, together with the likely size and energy levels, it is best that this Dalmatian Aussie mix be supervised around small children and other household pets. As with all dogs, we recommend implementing early socialization and training methods. This can help reduce behavioral and temperament issues, ensuring the health and happiness of everyone involved!

The Rottsky

The Rottsky is an intentional hybrid, the combination of a large and muscular guard dog from Germany, the Rottweiler, and the Siberian Husky, an ancient canine that has been an integral part of life for the Chukchi people of Russia since before written history in the area.


This is an extremely athletic animal with a great deal of endurance and while they make excellent exercise partners and are typically loyal, dependable, and protective canines, they are far too active for apartment-like settings and can become highly destructive if not given the proper amount of exercise and mental stimulation.

The Golden Akita

The hybrid mix called the Golden Akita combines Golden Retriever and the Akita. While the Akita is known as an aggressive dog while the Golden Retriever is mellow. Despite their different temperaments, both parents are loving and loyal toward their families and affectionate with children. Golden Akitas usually resemble the Akita in appearance and are taller than the Golden Retriever.


However, the coat and some features may closely resemble the Golden Retriever. The goal of crossbreeding these parents is to produce a hybrid that resembles the Akita but has the disposition of the Golden Retriever.

The Borador

But generally, they are an intelligent, active, and gentle dog with some very human aspects to their personality. This makes the borador a perfect companion for families with children or those with an active lifestyle. Sometimes used as service dogs, their high level of intellect and curiosity makes them easy to train.


They are energetic dogs that will require daily walks, loads of exercise, and stimulation like playing with their favorite toy. The Borador has fine, smooth hair all over, and their coat length is normally short to medium. They will have floppy ears, brown eyes, and a great smile! In general, they will resemble the Border Collie, with their markings and their general stockiness to them, but can carry the Labradors solid coloration and size.

The Spanador

The Spanador may not be a purebred dog, but this crossbreed combines two very popular breeds – Labrador Retriever and the American Cocker Spaniel. The best way to find out the temperament of any mixed breed is to look up the parent breeds and assume you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Most Spanadors will be smaller than the Labrador.


Their fur doesn’t grow that long and can be a number of colors, with black and red being the two most common. While their dangling Spaniel-like ears only add to their attraction, some dogs may be more prone to get ear infections, so owners should be sure to clean out their ear canals regularly.

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