Crazy Disney Fan Theories That Will Make You Rethink Everything

To say diehard Disney fans are passionate is an understatement. So much so that hours and hours are spent poring over every minute detail and plot hole within Disney movies. Some fans will come across inconsistencies they might need an answer to or find links that cut across plotlines that far fewer eagle-eyed fans will notice.
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Some of these theories make perfect sense, others are outlandish and some…downright morbid. This, of course, runs the risk of entire childhoods being turned on their heads as reality meets fantasy. Here are a bunch of wild fan theories that may uncover some Disney mysteries.

Alice the Psychonaut

Lewis Carroll’s seminal novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, was one of Disney’s first book-to-screen adaptations. The fantastical world of Alice was ground-breaking in its animation techniques as Disney made sure to stay true to Alice’s bizarre adventure. Fans, however, propose that these visions were “chemically enhanced”.

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The film is littered with references to ingesting substances that bring on wild and almost mystical experiences. It’s no wonder that Alice ate what appears to be a mushroom, drinks a suspicious liquid, and encounters what could be a smoking caterpillar.

Captain Hook the Mermaid Murderer

In The Little Mermaid, Ariel’s sisters and father feature prominently. However, there is a noticeable absence of Ariel’s mother. In trying to unravel the mystery of where Ariel’s mother could be, fans have pieced together that Captain Hook, the nefarious antagonist from Peter Pan, killed her.

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They pinpoint this to the bitter rivalry between Captain Hook and Queen Coralie, queen of the mermaids. The pirates in Peter Pan are unabashed mermaid huntsmen. Working with a retroactive timeline, this may be a stretch but highly possible!

Undercover Genie

Trivia Conspiracy theorist fans can rejoice as this theory was proven to be correct by the directors of Aladdin! At the beginning of Aladdin, we are introduced to a minor character simply known as “The Peddler” who sets the tone for the movie by trying to convince the audience of the power of the magic lamp.

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Fans insisted that The Peddler and The Genie were the same people due to their in-depth knowledge of the lamp. The directors confirmed this and stated that originally the end of Aladdin would have revealed this.

Up to Heaven

A bittersweet theory that some may wish we never heard. In “Up”, the protagonist Carl stubbornly refuses to sell his home to developers after the death of his wife and is being forced to a retirement home.

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Fans theorize that the heartbroken Carl passed away too not long after his wife due to the stress of being evicted from his home. The entire plot of the movie, therefore, is Carl going “Up” to heaven in a mesmerizing voyage into the afterlife.

Boo Becomes Brave

The interdimensional travel of Monsters Inc. may have endowed Boo with some far-reaching powers. Fans believe that Boo never forgot her childhood adventures with Sulley and Mike and decided to seek them out.

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In trying to figure out how best to do so, she travels back in time to the world of Brave and gains mystical knowledge to help with her search. What especially backs this theory up? Oh, just the glaringly evident wooden carving of Sulley in her cottage.

Finding Nobody

In a similar vein to “Up”, this is an equally heartbreaking fan theory about the true story of “Finding Nemo”. Let’s first state that Nemo in Latin translates to “nobody”. The title can therefore be read as “Finding Nobody”. After Marlin’s partner is killed by a barracuda, he embarks on a mission to find his child who could have been the one surviving fish.

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The plot then becomes a story of going through the stages of grief and acceptance and Nemo is a figment of Marlin’s imagination to cope.

Gaston Gives Way to the Heroine

Fans believe that the character of Gaston was designed so as to play a pivotal role in ending the damsel in distress cliché with the 1991 release of Beauty and the Beast. The prince traditionally occupied the almost infallible position of being the one to save the day.

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Gaston was a perfect portrayal of the shadow side of this arrogance and the character of Belle was revolutionary in the fairy tale universe as being a princess who saves the day, rather than the prince. This ignited a generation of Disney heroines.

Anna and Elsa’s Jungle Brother

In another instance of eagle-eyed conspiracy fans rejoicing, the director of the 2013 smash hit film, Frozen, confirmed what fans long believed: Tarzan is a sibling of Anna and Elsa. Describing his ideas of the course of events, director Chris Buck stated that Anna and Elsa’s parents did not sink to the bottom of the ocean in their supposed shipwreck but were rather marooned on a desert island.

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He further states that their mother was pregnant while on the ship and gave, fortunately, gave birth on the island.

Elsa’s Saturnian Sorcery

The fans of Frozen did not indicate where Elsa got her astonishing magic powers. It’s simply part of the character and story and taken for granted. In a world where everyone else is seemingly magic-less, an explanation was needed.

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While fans were left scratching their heads, the producers finally revealed the source: an alignment of Earth and the planet Saturn. This was to be explained in detail by a stone troll in the film but the scene was cut in the final edit.

Cars Voices from Beyond the Grave

The anthropomorphic vehicles in Cars had an extra peculiar trait: different accents. While it’s not odd enough that the cars were fully self-aware beings who got rid of all humanity, the origin of the accents was a conundrum.

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Very insidiously, a producer of the Cars movie confirmed that the accents were inherited from the last owner of the car itself. Combine this with the knowledge that the cars eliminated mankind and it makes for a creepy conspiracy!

Ariel Finds the Frozen Shipwreck

Now that fans have confirmation that Tarzan is indeed Elsa and Anna’s brother, they have gone further down the Disney rabbit hole and connected yet another unlikely character to the Tarzan and Frozen family saga: Ariel. In The Little Mermaid, Ariel is seen exploring a shipwreck with Flounder.

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Knowing that The Little Mermaid is set close to Denmark, this makes perfect sense to be the ship of Elsa and Anna’s parents, who would have set sail from Norway in Frozen.

The Peddler Profits

As we have seen, many fan theories have been corroborated by the directors and producers of the movies themselves. Perhaps some of the more outlandish ones – such as this one – will remain unconfirmed even if true!

Some theories posit that the peddler in Aladdin had conjured the entire story right in front of our eyes. It makes sense as all of his other wares were broken and non-functional. Why would the lamp be any different? In order to make a sale, we were sold a lie.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is the Subconscious

Fans took a very, very deep dive into the psychological aspects of The Nightmare Before Christmas by speculating that each character in the movie was a physical representation of the darker side of the human mind. For example, Dr. Finkelstein, wheelchair-bound and old, is afraid of dying and creates Jack as a form of immortality.

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Oogie Boogie, the nefarious boogeyman, represents the unknown in the form of all our fears bundled into one: snakes, spiders, darkness, and greed.

Horrifying Onomatopoeia

In The Emperor’s New Groove, we all know that the animals who can talk were once actually people. Kuzco himself becomes a llama who is very intelligible. When encountering other animals though, Yzma and Kuzco struggle to understand them and there is no communication at all.

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However, when Kuzco is walking through the jungle by himself, a fly descends right into the web of a spider and begins squeaking “help me” in panic. Kuzco hears it clearly, implying that the fly was previously a human.

Woody Connects Andy to His Father

Toy Story alludes to a tragic backstory of Andy’s father. In no Toy Story movie is there any reference or acknowledgment of him. In a very telling scene, Woody is mistakenly thrown into the pile of a garage sale being held by Andy’s mom.

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When an insistent buyer spots him, Andy’s mom shuts down all his offers and states that Woody is somewhat of a family heirloom. Fans theorize that Woody once belonged to Andy’s dad who has passed and is the only connection Andy has to his father.

Belle and Jane Share DNA

Much family history seems to tie back to the far-flung land of Tarzan and the king and queen of Arendelle. In the 1999 Tarzan film, Terk is seen using teaspoons as drumsticks on a tea set.

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What stands out about this tea set though is that the teapot is almost a dead ringer for Mrs. Potts. Fans speculate that the tea set is an antique handed down from Jane’s great grandmother…Belle.

Quasimodo’s Imaginary Friends

Quasimodo’s miserable confinement to the bell tower must have wreaked havoc on his mental state. So postulate Disney fans who believe that Quasimodo’s loneliness caused him to hallucinate his gargoyle compatriots coming to life. The fans conclude that due to the gargoyles interacting with nobody except Quasimodo gives credence to Quasimodo being the only delusional enough to think of them as animated.

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Other fans counter this though by insisting that during the final battle scene, the gargoyles physically attack Frollo’s men. Slightly ambiguous but intriguing nonetheless!

Wicked Wheezy

This particular theory, which tries to paint Wheezy as an underhanded villain of sorts, has Toy Story fans divided. The genteel and almost defeatist nature of Wheezy may belie his intentions to get back into Andy’s favor.

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After being relegated to a shelf for having a broken squeaker, Wheezy is forgotten until Woody tries to rescue him from a yard sale. Wheezy does not attempt to save his own skin and doesn’t try to help Woody after Woody himself lands up in danger after the rescue mission.

Ariel and Hercules Share Mythical Heritage

A mermaid and the strongest man in Greek mythology first cousins? A simple deduction of the family tree will make this evident. Consider that Roman and Greek gods were mostly the same and only shared the difference of name. Ariel’s father is Triton who, in Greek mythology, is Poseidon.

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Poseidon is brother to the king of the gods, Zeus. Hercules is the son of Zeus. It doesn’t take much paperwork to link up the genetic lineage here. Hercules and Ariel are first cousins!

Monsters Inc. Turns things Inside Out

The interdimensional of Monsters Inc. again comes into play with the 2015 movie, Inside Out. Admittedly, this theory may have been concocted by fans to assuage themselves of heartache. In Inside Out, Bing Bong pays the ultimate price so Riley may be saved.

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However, fans point out that Bing Bong perfectly fits the profile of a Monsters Inc. denizen, and his disappearance at the end meant he simply traveled back to Monstropolis while originally having come to collect Riley’s laughter. We can only hold thumbs that this is the case!

Sulley is Skinned

An astute Monsters Inc. fan made the connection between a seemingly innocent piece of bathroom décor and a conversation had between Sulley and Randall. Randall is quite explicit in his disdain for humankind and warns Sulley that after capturing monsters, humans “make toilet seats out of their fur”. Hellhouse Pictures

Sulley disregards Randall’s rant. However, a scene from Toy Story Toons- Partysaurus Rex) displays Bonnie – the inheritor of Andy’s toys – playing in her bath and within the bathroom is a toilet seat cover clearly showing the same color and markings as Sulley’s fur!

Aladin and Jasmine Appear to Hercules

Unbeknownst to any of them, Aladdin, Jasmine, and Hercules could have been within a few vertical kilometers of each other. After finding out about his destiny with the gods, Hercules climbs a tree to peer into the constellations.

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At this point, a strikingly beautiful shooting star tears across the sky. There is something unusual about this shooting star though as one fan pointed out: it was purple. Something else very purple was traversing the night skies a millennium ago too apparently – Alladin’s magic carpet.

Snow White and the Kiss of Death

At the conclusion of Snow White, we’re all used to the fairy book ending of Prince Charming laying a full-bodied kiss on her lips, waking Snow White up from her coma-like state.

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Some fans have taken a grimmer outlook on this and surmise that the prince is actually death itself, laying the kiss of death on her and taking her into the afterlife. After a year in a coma and being poisoned, this does seem like the far more logical conclusion.

Jasmine Pulls the Strings

Jafar is one of the most memorable villains from any Disney movie. His schemes though are never elaborated upon and his pursuit of the lamp seems he just wants it for… power? A character in the Aladdin universe however that does need freedom is Jasmine.

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Fans theorize that Jasmine originally recruited Jafar to obtain the lamp so she could find liberty but instead Aladdin turned that all around when he came onto the scene and she found the freedom she was desiring.

Scar’s Cannibalistic Tendencies

A grim, grim fan theory this one is. After Scar kills Mufasa, nothing more is hinted at its eventual disposal. Now, being out in the savannah, we all know what becomes of flesh. As Mufasa famously forebode “ the circle of life”.

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We do have a very unnerving clue as to who disposed of it though. When Zazu is imprisoned by Scar, he sings the memorable song “Lovely Bunch of Coconuts”. While he sings the lyrics “some as big as your head”, Scar picks up a lion’s skull…

Cobra Bubbles Covert Connections

Lilo Pelekai, we come to understand very quickly at the start of the movie Lilo and Stitch, has been left an orphan. A very imposing social care worker appears to make sure the kids are being taken care of. It’s revealed that Cobra Bubbles was a CIA agent.

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How did a CIA agent come to watch over the interests of Lilo? Diehard Disney fans insist that Lilo’s parents were CIA operatives themselves and had entrusted Cobra Bubbles with the wellbeing of their children in the event of their demise.

Mulan Awakens the Dragon In Herself

A movie of epic proportions, Mulan combines many Hero’s Tale elements. One of these is the awakening of the great stone dragon. Mulan’s ancestors send a spirit guide, Mushu, to assist Mulan and awaken the stone dragon. Mushu’s attempts fail so spectacularly that he lands up destroying the entire structure.

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By revisiting the movie, there is a succession of events that make it clear that Mulan is indeed the dragon and had been awoken.

Futuristic Aladdin

The genie in Aladdin undoubtedly is well acquainted with modern-day celebrities and cultural tropes. So much so that he impersonates them directly to Aladdin. Perhaps we were yet again bamboozled by the peddler? Fans have come to wonder if Aladdin isn’t set far in the future, one that has seen the 20th century come and go.

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There is no semblance of modern-day technology in the movie yet the genie is well versed in an era of such.

Robin Hood and the Zootopia Dimension

Evolution might be in firm agreement with this fan theory. In Zootopia, a lion rules over the city. In Robin Hood, a lion rules – albeit it ruthlessly in contrast to Mayor Lionheart –  over the kingdom that comprises Sherwood Forest. In Zootopia, a fox protagonist saves the day, and in Robin Hood well…a fox protagonist saved the day.

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Fans have deduced that Zootopia is just the modern-day extension of Sherwood Forest where animals have evolved alongside each other to occupy very “human” attributes.

Christopher Robin’s  Ward Mates

Most literary historians will know that Christopher Robin is based on A.A. Milne’s actual son, Christopher Robin Milne. Not satisfied with this very clear explanation for the events of Hundred Acre Wood involving a range of anthropomorphic animals.

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Some diehard literalists believe that Christopher Robin is an inpatient of a mental health facility and that the characters – Tigger, Kanga, Piglet, Rabbit, and so forth – are patients he has imagined to be animals. Quite the unexpected turn for such a coming-of-age tale.

Rafiki the Meteorologist Magician

An interesting observation about the health of the Pridelands is that when Mufasa is in charge everything is in balance. The circle of life flows unabated. When Scar takes over though, the Pridelands become a desolate wasteland. One fan theory is that Rafiki is responsible for the fertility of the region and can summon the weather to his bidding.

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And, with obvious reason, Rafiki does not summon the rain while under Scar’s tyranny. Once Scar is ousted and Simba is king, Rafiki again works his magic and the land is restored.

Timon Runs a Cult

This might be the ultimate fan conspiracy theory! Timon, the very charismatic mongoose that saves Simba along with his right-hand man, Pumbaa. Timon’s wily ways and natural charisma lead one fan to believe that he seems to find young and impressionable animals to follow him.

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As stated by Pumbaa, Timon found him when he was “a young warthog” and had him adopt the chant of Hakuna Matata as he did Simba. Chanting, vulnerable outcasts, walking the landscape to a promised land… The fan might have a point.

Zazu the Turncoat

Zazu, as chief councilor for Mufasa, finds his high ranking seems to have no effect on his treatment within the Pridelands. Often derided, ridiculed, trampled on, and used as a basketball, Zazu would understandably find himself resentful. He might have remained a servant out of loyalty but often made it known that he is unhappy with Simba taking the throne.

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It might not be so far-fetched that Zazu could have been a bystander to Scar’s plans to eliminate Mufasa and prevent Simba from ascending.

Sadistic Stepmothers

It is no secret that a common archetype for a Disney villain comes in the form of a stepmother. Keen-sighted fans have taken this a step further and found a link between the different stepmothers to tie them all in together – proposing that they’re even the same person!

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A notable example of this is the comparison fans have drawn between Rapunzel’s stepmother Gothel and Snow White’s stepmother Evil Queen. Each stepmother has a dagger they intend to use to eliminate their stepdaughters and the fixation of eternal youth.

Belle Dreams Up the Beast

There was no Beast. Belle simply imagined him. Now before any Disney diehards put on their boxing gloves, there are two pertinent details here that make this a compelling fan theory. Firstly, Gaston is introduced long before the Beast. His disagreeable manner sets the tone for a very uncouth individual – mirroring the traits expected to be found in a “beast”.

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The second detail is Belle taking home a book of fairy tales, daydreaming of her ideals, and thus begins her fantasy that Gaston will no longer be beastly one day.

Relations to Rapunzel

It doesn’t need a microscope to spot Rapunzel in Frozen. Not only are Tangled and Frozen set in the same universe (as fans like to say when tying different movies and characters together) they’re set during the same historical period. Rapunzel makes a very clear appearance at Elsa’s coronation, indicating the familial ties.

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Frozen fans declare (with not much proof might we add) that when the King and Queen set sail on their ill-fated trip, they were on their way to Rapunzel’s wedding. Sounding very fangirl right now.

The Enchantress from Beauty and the Beast Hates Kids

Fans have pieced together the very strange course of events that led the story of the Beast. As we all know, the Enchantress cursed the Beast to remain in his form until his twenty-first birthday. Working backward, fans realized that the Enchantress set the curse upon the Beast when he was a whole eleven years old.


We are aware that kids can be obnoxious but transforming them into a Beast that is banished from society? A step too far. A simple timeout would be better in our opinion.

The Toy Story Hats

In Toy Story 2, Jessie (the Yodeling Cowgirl) is suffering from a traumatic episode as a result of having been abandoned by her previous owner Emily. Fans have noted that in the original Toy Story movie, Andy dons a hat identical to Jessie’s.

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Leading them to believe that Jessie comes from the same era as the rest of the roundup gang of which Woody is comprised, and ultimately leading to the thought that Emily is Andy’s mom.

Gaston Hunted Bambi’s Mother

There seems to be a never-ending supply of fan theories from Beauty and the Beast. Yet again we come across one that ties the nefarious nature of Gaston to one of the greatest Disney tragedies – the death of Bambi’s mom.

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Disney sleuths noted that Gaston, a loud and proud hunter, was flexing his muscles in a scene with the head of a doe on the wall behind him. Take into account that there is a doe drinking water in the very first scene of the movie. Coincidence? We think not.

Lady Tremaine the Black Widow

Continuing in the vein of the wicked stepmother narrative, Cinderella’s stepmother might be the most notorious of them all. The movie Cinderella begins with the tragedy of her father mysteriously passing away to what is only pinned down to natural causes. Now take into account that Lady Tremaine already had previous marriages from which she had two other daughters.

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Three marriages ending in the suspicious death of the husband? Fans can only conclude that this coincidence is due to Lady Tremaine murdering each husband and claiming the inheritance.

Maleficent’s Fertile Favor

In the opening of Sleeping Beauty, the narrator informs us that the king and queen had for “many years…longed for a child”. Their wish was eventually granted and the queen gave birth. Maleficent makes a very dramatic entrance during Aurora’s christening, bemoaning her lack of an invitation.

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Some fans believe the king and queen employed Maleficent’s magic to fall pregnant. Maleficent, feeling very indignant at the lack of invitation, condemns Aurora to die before her 16th birthday further implying she provided the life, she could take it.

The Teapot Gives Birth

Right. We may have exhausted the list of plausible theories, strayed into far-reaching but “ok I see your point” theories, and are now firmly in the “Who has the time to think this up?!” territory. Chip, as adorable a teacup as he is, does not seem to fit in the big picture.

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At the end of the movie, he’s liberated as a young boy. Sired from none other than the Beast. How does this work seeing as the Beast was 11 himself when he was cursed?

Pixar’s Swipe at Disney

Before Disney bought Pixar, it would be understandable that a friendly rivalry between the animation giants would be in play. Fans of the original Toy Story highlighted the fact that Sid, the pyromaniac delinquent who found pleasure in destroying toys, would have the full name of “Sidney”. Virtual James

If we look at the name Sidney as an anagram, the letters could be rearranged to be…Disney! Fitting then that the antagonist was their greatest rival!

Belle and Beast Meet the Guillotine

Here is it again, yet another Beauty and the Beast theory. This time straying into a grim prediction. As Beauty and the Beast is set during the Middle Ages in France, there is a high likelihood that they met their fate at the hands of the very revolutionary (and bloodthirsty) population.

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There might be some time discrepancies but the fact that any and all nobility were targeted means that Beast and Belle would have been victims during the French Revolution.

Omnipotent Pinnochio

Perhaps Gepetto was aware of this but thankfully kept it to himself. A Disney fan considered that Pinocchio might have been the most underestimated Disney character of all time thanks to his creative powers. As we all know, when Pinnochio lies his nose grows significantly.

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Consider that this would mean defying all physical law as Pinnochio would be able to create wood seemingly out of thin air. If Pinnochio were aware of the power of this, he would be able to change matters at will and wreak havoc.

Kristoff’s Creepy Clothing Item

Sven and Kristoff made for a very memorable duo in Disney’s 2013 blockbuster Frozen. Fans were endeared to their charming and eccentric natures. Fans do point out one very unsettling fact: Kristoff is wearing a reindeer pelt. Why does this not bother Sven?

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The fan theory asserts that Kristoff hunted Sven’s parents and Sven was left an orphan. Kristoff, taking pity on the orphaned reindeer, raised him and Sven has remained none the wiser. Ignorance certainly is bliss in this instance!

All Hail Hei Hei

While it may not seem obvious at first, Hei Hei might serve a far more divine role in Moana’s destiny than imagined. Although Hei Hei epitomizes the saying “bird brain”, his uncanny ability to navigate and survive dangerous situations may give hint as to his true purpose in protecting Moana as some sort of a guardian angel. He is constantly at Moana’s side.

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The fact that his presence is almost inessential yet it takes a lot to keep him around makes for a compelling argument that he’s fulfilling a spiritual duty.

Moana’s Morbid Journey

Here’s a fan theory that draws similar comparisons to the theory of Carl passing away at the beginning of Up. After setting sail to reach Maui, Moana is caught in some very tempestuous weather. This storm capsized Moana’s meager boat and she drowned.

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This might make sense as, throughout the rest of Moana’s search, she interacts with all sorts of magical spirits and deities only to have her spirit returned to her and resurrected at the end of the movie to be with her family.

Merida’s Hybrids

With three generations under our belts of Disney, we and our ancestors have all grown accustomed to the anthropomorphic reality of the Disney universe. Few of us have stopped to wonder where exactly did these hybrid beings come from?

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In finding a common thread between different cartoon worlds, fans have suggested that Merida is the very source of all the humanoids we’ve come to love. The theory insists that her magic turned animals into humans in Brave and has since undergone an evolution right up to Nick Wilde.

Hades’ Emotional Hair Dye

Ever own a mood ring? Hades’ hair in Hercules seemed to be the ultimate mood ring as it changed color according to his very capricious moods. While his hair is blue by standard, it transitions into an ebullient red rage of fire when he gets angry.

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This is slightly contradictory as pointed out by the geekier Disney fans as blue flames indicate more heat than red and orange flames. Meaning Hades’ hair should turn blue when angry! Chemistry aside, it’s a fan theory we think has merit.

Mulan Almost Cost the Chinese Army Dearly

Mulan, in the 1998 Disney movie of the same name, takes it upon herself to save her father’s life by posing as his son and joining the Chinese army. An overlooked fact is that even though Mulan’s father, Fa Zhou, may have been too old and in too poor health to fight, he was very experienced and would have provided excellent leadership to the much younger, and far more inexperienced battalion.

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Fa Zhou then was a tactical placement by the Chinese authorities and Mulan’s stunt could have proved dire!

Wall-E the Insect Savior

Spoiler alert – if you haven’t seen the movie Wall-E maybe watch it first! Fondly known as “The Plant” to fans, Wall-E fans know that by the end of the movie, Wall-E and Eve manage to save and finally plant the little seedling. A further scene shows Wall-E and Eve reunited, staring at the grown tree. DisneySingItVideos & Chill

Fans insist that this tree is identical to the tree in A Bug’s Life. This would make sense seeing as bugs tend to be almost immortal in the face of apocalypses.

Rapunzel in the First Lockdown

It has been a long-running joke that The Simpsons have a crystal ball. How about Disney writers? In Disney’s 2010 blockbuster, Tangled, we come to relive the tale of the hapless heroine imprisoned in a tower to prevent her from entering into queenship.

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Modern-day fans now realize that not only is Rapunzel “locked down” but she is locked down in the land of Corona. To top it off, the castle in which she is imprisoned is Castle Corona. Coincidence cannot get any more coincidental!

Edna Mode’s Tragic Secret

Fans remember Edna Mode as the cape-hating fashion designer from the 2004 superhero film, The Incredibles. Fans have pieced together that Edna’s utter disdain for capes is revealed in a scene that most might have taken for granted. In the scene, we learn that a young superhero named Stratogale is sucked into the jet engine of an airplane.

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The thing is that Stratogale might not have been sucked into the jet engine if it weren’t for, well, her cape. Edna’s guilt and trauma from the incident may be the reason that she despises capes.

Andy’s Very Own Monster

It would stand to reason that seeing as Andy is a child himself, he would have a monster assigned to collect his scream energy. Now, of course, none of us have actually seen Andy’s monster however in Monster’s Inc. we get a glimpse as to who it could be.

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Randall Boggs is demonstrating his camouflage techniques against a backdrop of a very particular wallpaper – the same light blue wallpaper with clouds on it that Andy has in his room. Fans are convinced this makes Randall Andy’s monster.

The Pixar/Disney Universe

Now is the perfect time to come out and say this. We have seen multiple theories tie into each other, crossing different stories and timelines. A very, very dedicated Disney fan took the time to write out an entire booklet as to provide evidence that every single world, character, and dimension in Pixar/Disney movies belong to the same universe.

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This is why we can easily see Randall Boggs crossing from Monsters Inc world into Andy’s and as to why Ariel can find the king and queen’s shipwreck from Frozen!

The Gloomier Side of the Universe

Having just stated (or in some opinions: revealed) that the Disney/Pixar universe is a real thing, there’s a fact about the cosmos that is inescapable: cataclysmic events. Fans have postulated that the anthropomorphic animals, the talking toys, and self-aware Cars are all the result of humans not existing.

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There’s an extra chilling conclusion to this theory: as previously said, Wall-E and Eve manage to plant the famous Pixar Plant tree. Wall-E and Eve represent Adam and Eve standing at the tree not dissimilar to the fabled Bible story.

Wall-E gets Rid of Humans

Scar has a contender. Wall-E is known to take apart various cleaning and disposal machines because he finds them constantly helping themselves to his meager treasures. Now, if the earth is post-apocalyptic and robots have been designed to assist with waste management, human survival would almost depend entirely on this.

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If Wall-E had disassembled SCORES of cleaning units, it would have contributed greatly to the extinction of humans.

Buy-n-Large Snatches Carl’s House

Buy-n-Large, the all-powerful megacorporation known to own earth and everything within it, makes sneaky appearances throughout different movies. There is a scene in Wall-E whereby an advertisement informs us that Buy-n-Large owns every Government institution as well.

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So, seeing as all is happening within one universe, fans have had no hesitation to indicate that Buy-n-Large was the corporation that ungraciously had Carl evicted to snatch up his piece of land.


Yeah, this theory might raise an eyebrow. Or a few thousand eyebrows. The world of Monsters Inc. is one in which no humans inhabit. Right? But according to the “everything is connected to the same Disney universe” theory, the citizens of Monstropolis could inhabit the same timeline as all the machinery, seeing as we’ve already established this is possibly a post-apocalyptic era.

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The Monsters and machines are a result of some let’s say “hybrid” combinations and have worked together to time travel to gather human energy.

The Bug’s Life Trailer

Randall is consigned to his fate in Monsers Inc. by being banished to a trailer with a very fearless mother and her son (known as the trailer folk) who doesn’t hesitate to make Randall know she’s ready for a fight. Life

By analyzing this scene, we see that this identical trailer appears in A Bug’s Life, which precedes Monsters Inc. by three years. Now this ties in well with the “no humans” theory as these could be the last survivors before the Bug and the Monsters and Machines took over.

Aladdin Inherits Someone Else’s Wish

The Cave of Wonders is quite an architectural feat. To have a cave in the middle of nowhere of such elaborate design and filled with such astounding treasure seems suspicious. Throw a magic carpet and a genie lamp in there and it gets even weirder to just be there for a lucky passerby.

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Fans believe that the Cave of Wonders is the result of someone else’s wish and Aladdin just happened to come across it.

Iago’s Brave Origins

Merida’s magic time travels yet again! In a rarity for a Disney movie, Iago is the only animal that communicates like a human. With no backstory, fans were left trying to piece Iago’s history together. As Jafar’s right-hand man, Iago must know of magic.

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And possibly have even been a practitioner of it himself. The theory goes that Iago was once a wizard himself, aligned with Jafar, who put Iago under a spell in order to hoard the magic of the lamp for himself.

Nala’s Ulterior Motives

Nothing like a romance to motivate someone. This applies to lions as well, apparently. In The Lion King, Simba is encouraged to return to Pride Rock after encountering Nala, the very enticing lioness.

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Nala herself may not have been after Simba’s affections though and was only sent to beguile the young prince back to Pride Rock so the kingdom would be free of Scar and the hyenas’ reign of terror.

Aladdin Might be a Different Type of Prince

For Genie to grant Aladdin’s wish to become a prince was not so straightforward it seems. Genie made it clear in the movie that there are rules to wishes. And bending the rules was not permitted.


Therefore, consider this: Aladdin wanted to be a prince but he had no blood to royalty. There is a loophole of sorts that the Genie could have worked with though and that was to make Aladdin’s father the King of Thieves, automatically making Aladdin a prince.

The Hyenas’ Revenge

We are simply expected to believe that the hyenas in The Lion King are de facto villains due to the plotline. But perhaps the hyenas had a reason to be so embittered with the lions? If anyone has watched a nature show, the rivalry between lions and hyenas is well documented.

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Is it such a stretch to think that perhaps the lions banished the hyenas to the Badlands, away from abundant resources to have all for themselves? This makes the story one of hyena revenge rather than scars usurping.

Nala’s Curious Pupils

It might be a decade (or two) since watching the original The Lion King and the detail of this theory might need a revisit to the movie to be taken into consideration. Scar and Nala’s eye colors are almost identical – a bright, radiant green.

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Now there are only two male lions in the movie. She cannot be Mufasa’s daughter as Simba and she becomes partners. This leaves the possibility open that Scar sired Nala! Plot twist after plot twist.

Genie’s Resurrection Resistance

When Genie is running down a list of the wish list no-nos, he mentions that he is unable to resurrect any dead people. Should that rather be unwilling to as he further mentions “it’s not a pretty sight”.

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This would lead one to think that the Genie has indeed done or at least witnessed this. This further would lead to knowing that there are zombies roaming the land as a result of Genie’s past indiscretions.

The After Life

Just to piggyback off of that, we wonder what this supposed zombie’s story must have been. Did someone try to bring back the dead because of an inheritance? A connected theory is that the cave of wonders belongs to a former owner of the lamp. Perhaps a cunning swindler tried to rob this person of their riches.

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A desperate family member could have tried to bring the dead back and change the will? Sounds a little far-fetched, we know, but aren’t imagining backstories so fun?

Mushu Saves the Day

There are some serious Mushu fans. In another undercover ploy, Mushu falsifies a letter from Fa Zhou, Mulan’s father, requesting soldiers to help with the battle. The regiment that is sent out very fortuitously encounters the marauding Hun army that is aiming to attack the Chinese kingdom.

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The resulting skirmish is the deciding factor that allows for the final victory for the Empire. This makes Mushu’s act of forgery the deciding factor for the victorious outcome and ultimately him the true savior of the Empire.

Genie’s Questionable Loyalties

The Genie has his hands full of granting wishes. Staying neutral with the power that he has may lead to some questionable moral choices. Fans have noted that he never takes into account the outcome of opposing forces and grants wishes freely. Most strikingly, he doesn’t alert Aladdin to the intentions of Jafar.

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Being aware of them, he could suggest more suitable wishes for Aladdin to make in order to overcome Jafar’s insidious plans. Instead, the Genie fulfills all of Jafar’s ultimately destructive wishes.

The Hyena’s Payment

As covered in an earlier fan theory, the Pridelands could have been affected by the forces of nature due to Rafiki’s lack of magical blessing. Now here’s another fan theory that might make David Attenborough happier. As Scar gathered a military force of hyenas, it’s only natural that they would expect payment. What does a hyena want as payment?

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Food. Imagine an unstoppable wave of hyenas eating everything in their path. This would certainly lead to ecological imbalance causing the Pridelands to become a wasteland.

Mushu’s Secret Mission

Okay. We said there are some serious Mushu fans. Here we find a theory from the opposite end of the crowd. Mushu may seem to be working for the greater good but it might have started out as a less noble mission and only ended well for all by mistake.

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Fans believe there’s a likelihood that Mulan brought such dishonor to the family that Mushu was sent to have her die in combat. This would restore the family’s honor by her dying a noble death and not assuming the throne.

The True Elephant Graveyard

Tying in with a previous fan theory of Scar giving the hyenas free rein to eat whatever (or let’s say whoever – come on, this is a Disney universe!) they wanted would lead to quite the pile of bones. Toilolo

The Badlands is scattered with elephant bones as so memorably portrayed when Simba is hunted through them. Could we be witnessing the site of an actual hyena killing field instead of a simple elephant graveyard? It adds up!

Scar’s Evil Nature Cost Him His Life

The gripping final scenes whereby Simba has outwitted and overpowered Scar show the true nature of both characters. Simba, merciful and just, provides Scar with the opportunity to escape death.

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The Lion King fans believe that this was the ultimate portrayal of character study in that Scar, being so overcome with evil and greed, could not come to understand that Simba was acting in good faith. If Scar had an ounce of nobility in him, he would have recognized this and saved his own life.

Khan the Spirit Guide

Though prominent and loyal, Khan, the horse of the Fa family, does not occupy the title and space that Mushu does as a spirit guardian. Mulan fans though refuse to let Khan become a bit player and have insisted that he is the spirit guide of Fa Zhou, Mulan’s father.

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Khan often comes to the rescue of Mulan as would any spirit guide. Due to Fa Zhou not being active in combat any longer, Khan was free to provide divine protection for Mulan.

Jafar the People’s Genie

Yes, you read that right. Aladdin fans speculate that Jafar had far more virtuous intentions of becoming an omnipotent genie. His good nature though became corrupted when he got a taste of true genie power and as they say – absolute power corrupts absolutely. What would have prompted Jafar to initially have goodwill?

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Fans have noted the social disparities of Agrabah: a clear divide between the nobility and the citizenry in terms of haves and have nots. Fans might be projecting their good natures onto this theory though.

Fa Zhou the Military Genius

Mulan’s intentions to keep her father out of battle were certainly benevolent but fans have analyzed the need for her father, Fa Zhou, to be assigned to this regiment. Fans note that Fa Zhou is a decorated military man with years of expertise.


It was not that the Empire enlisted him as a simple soldier. No, rather fans insist that it was to shape the troop into a fierce fighting machine. It does seem however that no matter which course the story took, it was going to end in Mulan’s favor.

Peter Pan and Prince Florian Might Be the Same…Spirit

As mentioned earlier, there is a fan theory that believes that Prince Florian from Snow White symbolized the Grim Reaper laying the kiss of death on Snow White and liberating her from her coma. How about Peter Pan also being the Grim Reaper in disguise?

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Fans think that never growing up is a clear sign that the lost boys have all perished and Peter Pan leads them through the afterlife. Some real evidence to this theory? The infamous quote from Peter Pan “To die would be an awfully big adventure.”

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