Celebrities Share their Strangest Parenting Secrets

With their 10,000$ gowns, flawless skin, and million-dollar houses, celebrities can often seem heavenly and celestial, unlike us, who are earthly, broke, and have visible pores. It’s incredibly easy to forget that famous people are just like us. They cry, get their hearts broken and some rumors even claim they despise Mondays.
Getty Images Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic
Getty Images Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Nothing humanizes celebrities more than parenting. We all know how astonishingly messy bringing a new life into this world can be. Rayn Rynolds’s daughters don’t always listen to him, Kim K’s children sometimes make a big mess. Get ready to read some of the biggest celebrities parenting tips and let us know if you’ve learned anything!

Don’t Let It Go to Waste

We all know that kids can be wasteful little creatures, and as parents, there’s not a lot we can do to control that. That’s where Buffy the vampire slayer comes in! Sorry did we say, Buffy? We meant Sarah, the waste slayer!

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When Sarah Michelle Gellar’s children ask for food and then let it sit on the kitchen table, untouched, she makes them pay for it, literally! Gellar recommends taking a quarter out of their piggy bank, to teach the value of both food and money.

Spilling All of the Beans

While Brad and Angelina’s marriage is sadly, over, we can’t simply dismiss the twelve years they have spent together raising six children. Parenting this many children doesn’t come easily and these two must have some helpful parenting hacks, right?

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Well, Brad offers the following tip: Don’t keep any secrets from your children, ever! Wow, that’s not what we expected. While we appreciate the sentiment, it’s difficult for us to envision this working out in either the children’s or the parent’s favor, what’s your take on this controversial advice?

Is Honesty Really the Best Policy?

Talking to children about where they came from can be an uncomfortable topic for parents. Many choose to avoid it altogether, and some wait for their children to become teenagers, but Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have a different way of approaching things.

Getty Images Photo by Stefan Matzke – sampics

They believe in being completely honest with their children about the whole thing, from a young age. They claim acting this way will decrease shame and guilt. What do you guys think? Would you take the same approach with your kids?

Breastfeeding? As If!

“Clueless” star Alicia Silverstone has a unique way of feeding her children, one that is both bizarre and well… natural. Apparently, she gets tips on how to nourish her young ones from the animal kingdom, well, from birds, specifically.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Hickey

These winged mothers usually take to chewing food before they feed it to their hatchlings. And Silverston? Well, she does the same! She isn’t shy about it either and has actually posted a video of herself feeding her son that way. While we applaud her connection to nature, we think she might have taken it too far, don’t you?

No Microwaves Allowed

The Kardashians have managed to reach a cultural status that makes us all want to know everything about them, from their beauty routines to how they raise their children. Kourtney has recently said that when it comes to her babies, she prefers not to microwaves any of their food.

Getty Images Photo by Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

She has read that using this heating device can lead to negative health effects. While scientists say there’s no problem with using it as long as you do so correctly, Kourtney favors being safe rather than sorry.

Bore Them With the Birds and Bees

Kristen Bell found that honesty CAN be the best policy when it comes to talking to your kids about the birds and the bees.

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After one of her daughters asked her where babies come from, Kristen set her at the kitchen table and started telling her about the whole thing, in detail. Bell didn’t even get to finish her first sentence about the topic, her kid lost interest and went to play outside.

Blackmail Your Kids

Model Kate Moss found a great way to get her teenage daughter to behave: blackmail. Truth is, while it’s not recommended, we can say, from personal experience, that the method is quite effective.

Getty Images Photo by Fred Duval/FilmMagic

Moss has kept most of the fabulous, expensive clothes she has gotten from designers over the years and has promised to give them to her daughter, in one condition, she has to do what her mother tells her to do. Genius!

Get Out of My Nest!

While celebrities have a lot more money than any of us could even imagine, that doesn’t mean they all fancy supporting their offspring for the rest of time.

Getty Images Photo by Barry King/WireImage

Robert Downey Jr., for example, is a firm believer that tough love is the best kind of love. Downey Jr. has been quoted saying that he believes once children become adults, they should make a living for themselves and stop relying on their parents’ dough, even if they have a lot of it.

Outlaw Everything

Known as the original Queen of Pop, Madonna has mothered over fourteen studio albums, seven Grammys, and six children. Juggling it all sounds like one hell of a hustle if you ask us, but if anyone could handle it, it’d be Madonna.

Getty Images Photo by AMOS GUMULIRA/AFP

The material girl’s parenting style isn’t exactly nurturing as she doesn’t allow sweets of any kind, or any TV whatsoever. Though the two can definitely poison young children’s minds and bodies, it seems the limitation has led to a shaky connection with some of her children.

Stay-at-Home Dad

We can only imagine how busy “Die Hard” actor Bruce Willis has been throughout his life. But despite having one of the world’s most demanding jobs, Willis believes that when it comes to children, everything should be put aside. 

Getty Images Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd.

The actor’s advice for new parents is to stay home as much as possible, especially during the miraculous first year, where each day is a new adventure. Bruce says you should play with your baby every day and put off going back to work for as long as possible. How sweet!

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

What does a guy like Tom Cruis have to say about parenting? Cruise has had an impressive acting career, but one of his most memorable moments wasn’t in any of his films — it was when he told Ophrah how much he loved Katie Holmes while jumping on her sofa.

Getty Images Photo by Jun Sato/ WireImage

The two have a daughter together named Suri. Her father believes it’s important to encourage kids to be creative and to express themselves, which is why he and Katie swear they would never tell Suri what to wear. We wonder how that works.

Sleep While You Can

We want to imagine that being Tina Fey’s child, you’d get to hear her comedy bits before everyone else, but somehow we doubt it. The successful comedian has our favorite parenting tip so far: You have to get a good night’s sleep. Can’t argue with that, can you?

Getty Images Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Fey says that it can be hard to find time to rest when you have a neverending to-do list. But, parents should prioritize sleep above all, since it’s a rare commodity when you have children. Tina naps any chance she gets and we fully support her on that.

Use Sibling Rivalry to Your Advantage

“Cougar Town” and “Freaks and Geeks” star Busy Philipps has found the perfect way to get her children to behave just the way she wants them to. And honestly, we’re upset we haven’t thought of it first.

Getty Images Photo by Rich Fury

We all know competition can be a great motivator, especially when children want to prove they are far superior to their siblings, so, Busy makes them compete about who eats more broccoli or who cleans their room better! Brilliant!

No Nannies

As people who promote sleep and advocate for it any chance they can, we have to confess that even though we are fans of Mayim Bialik, we do not encourage her patenting tip: no babysitters or nannies whatsoever.

Getty Images Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Bialik believes in spending all of her time with her children, even if that means sacrificing her social life or her night’s sleep. Listen, we appreciate the sentiment, but it sounds like a sure way to lose it, you know? This type of parenting isn’t for the faint of heart.

Who’s the Boss? The Kids Are!

Leah Remini, who we all adored on “The King of Queens” and “Kevin Can Wait” lets her kids run the show. She just can’t say no to them, which we totally get, but girl, get it together!

Getty Images Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Her daughter was still drinking her mother’s milk at the age of four because Leah just couldn’t see her little girl cry. We don’t really know if this is a good parenting tip you’d wanna emulate, but hey, at least now we know that celebrities, just like us, are not immune to toddler tantrums.

Try Everything Once

One of the weirdest pieces of parenting advice we’ve heard so far came from model and actress Pamela Andreson. She believes in encouraging her offspring to do all the things most parents try to prevent them from doing.

Getty Images Photo by ROBYN BECK

In a post on her website, Andreson admitted that she thinks teenagers should experiment with different substances in a safe environment, with their parents. How’s that for an eccentric unconventional tip?

Kids Rating Their Parents

Could you envision being Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ daughters? We can only assume that it’s pretty perfect. But hey, even though it’s impossible to think so, Blake and Ryan do mess up sometimes!

Getty Images Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

They have the perfect way to handle it, of course! Blake says they have a comment box where the children can leave tips and suggestions as to what their parents can do better. How sweet is that?

Always Pack Extra Clothes!

We all loved watching Hilary Duff as the title character in Disney Channel’s “Lizzie McGuire.” Since then, she’s had a few kids of her own! Her parenting tip comes from a painfully funny experience she had on an airplane.

Getty Images Photo by Christian Thompson

When changing her son’s diaper, she accidentally stained herself, and while she obviously had extra clothes for her adorable baby, she didn’t think of carrying any for herself… Listen to Hilary — always pack extra clothes!

Let Them Cry

One of the most controversial parenting issues is whether you should or shouldn’t let your kids cry without tending to them. Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, shared that when her first baby was born she was given the following advice from a trusted friend: No baby died from crying.

Getty Images Photo by Angela Weiss / AFP

Baldwin adheres to this rule to this day and doesn’t let tears stress her out too much. She tries to stay calm when she handles her anxious baby, which makes sense, actually.

Share Your Calander With Your Kids

Growing up in Hollywood, Drew Barrymore had a childhood that was far from normal. She even petitioned to be emancipated from her own mother at 14.

Getty Images Photo by Stefanie Keenan

Barrymore didn’t go to her mother for parenting advice, but you can bet she is trying to give her kids a better childhood than she had. To give her daughters the stability she never had, Drew shares her work schedule with them, so they can always know when she’s coming home.

Eat Dinner at 4 PM

“Bridesmaids” star Melissa McCarthy has a tip on maintaining your romantic relationship with your partner while still catering to your young ones. All you gotta do is reschedule your date night to… the afternoon.

Alamy Stock Photo

Seriously, Melissa takes her husband out to dinner at 4 PM This allows the two to have alone time and still get home in time to put the kids in bed, read them a story and kiss them goodnight. Honestly, if you aren’t still full from eating lunch, this could work.

Give Them Space

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have been together for over 30 years and in celebrity years, this means they have been together since BCE. They have raised two beautiful successful children, both have managed to not get too wrapped up in the typical Hollywood craze. So how did they do it?

Getty Images Photo by GABRIEL BOUYS

Well, it’s pretty straightforward. Will and Jada say all you gotta do is give your kids some space. The couple actually took their own advice to a new level, saying if the kids want to leave their clothes on the floor, well, it’s their clothes and their floor.

Set an Example

Sure, we have evolved, but at the end of the day, just like monkeys, we all learn by imitating, including children. This can result in some uncomfortable situations, where our kids do as we do and not as we say.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Tullberg

But don’t worry, Mario Lopez has a tip on getting your children on the right track, and it starts with you! If you want your younglings to have good character, set an example. This might prove to be a lot harder than it sounds, but Mario’s right, we could all be a little bit better. 

Preferential Treatment Is Key

In today’s day and age, we all know there’s nothing more important than equality, and no one, not even parents, want to be accused of picking a favorite or giving preferential treatment. On the other hand, Katherine Heigl is proud of treating each one of her kids in different ways.


But, she has an explanation as to why she does that! Kids are different and you can’t expect them all to respond to the same parenting methods. Makes sense!

Treat Them Like Adults

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing how innocent and trusting children are. We usually try our best to protect them from the harsh realities of adulthood for as long as possible. But, “Spider-Man” star Tobey Maguire doesn’t think shielding children is a great idea.

Getty Images Photo by Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Tobey treats his children as if they are already fully realized adults, he doesn’t sing to them, no rocking, and no toys. While we respect all parenting styles, this just makes us sad, can’t they have at least one doll? Like a Spider-Man action figure or something?

Hairy Situations

Some celebrities want everyone to know about their great parenting philosophy, but some celebrity parents are here to give us tips that really matter, about day-to-day life.

Alamy Stock Photo

Combing messy hair can be uncomfortable for both parties, which is where Chance the Rapper comes in with an amazing suggestion: make sure to apply water, Argan Oil, and Shea Butter on the baby’s hair before you start combing. Also always use a WIDE tooth comb. Problem solved.

The Naked Truth

In the 90s, Christina Aguilera was crowned as the voice of a generation, as she was an enormous force in the decade’s pop scene. With such a career, it’s no surprise that she found a way of making parenting revolutionary.

Getty Images Photo by Emma McIntyre

Aguilera admits that she walks around her house naked. Yes! The singer also has a lot of art featuring nude models on her walls. Her explanation as to why she does that? She believes it will help children grow up with less shame about their own bodies.

Shower Power

If you think of the ultimate queen of bizarre beauty trends, you think of Gwyneth Paltrow. Well, the actress also has a bizarre set of parenting rules, one of them being that a family who showers together, stays together. 

Getty Images Photo by Paul Hubble/FilmMagic

She hasn’t exactly explained what the benefits are, and while mothers do tend to take baths with their babies, both of Paltrow’s children are over the age of five. Has anyone told her about privacy?

No Hablo Ingles, Je parle français

If you didn’t get the title, that’s just because you are not a part of the Paltrow family. One of Gwyneth Paltrow’s parenting rules involves not letting her kids watch cartoons in English. At all.


Instead, the kids must watch TV only in French or Spanish. This is a pro parenting tip if you want your kids to speak more than one language. But come on, just let them watch some cartoons in English from time to time!

Yell and Shout

The lovely Reese Witherspoon rose to fame when she portrayed the iconic Elle Woods on “Legally Blonde,” and has since started her own production company. The southern belle doesn’t strike us a person who enjoys conflict, but according to her, parents have to yell at their children.

Getty Images Photo by Todd Williamson

Her reasoning: if you never find yourself losing your temper next to your child, you are just not spending enough time with them. Well, sounds like a fact, when Reese puts it like that.

Divide and Rule

Parenting one child requires grit and resourcefulness but parenting two requires a strategery, according to legend Jon Legend. Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen went for a simple yet effective method that has been available to parents since the dawn of time.

Getty Images Photo by Joshua Sudock

We call it “You take this one, I’ll take the other” and it’s a proven method that works. But when do they get to spend time together as a family?

Be Mindful

Let’s face it, having children can be extremely challenging. Even simple things, like playtime with them, can get astonishingly tedious. Well, Scottish actor Ewan McGregor has a tip on how to eliminate that boredom — just be present!


Instead of being on your phone, or thinking about all the things you have to do next, just try and really be there when you play with your child. It will mean everything to your kid, to you, and to your relationship.

Broadway Mother

Debra Messing, who played Grace in”Will & Grace” is not just an amazing actress, but also a great singer, as seen on NBC’s “Smash.” Well, her parenting tip might only apply to musical theater nerds, as she claims the best way to distract kids from their own temper tantrums is to sing broadway tunes.

Getty Images Photo by Michael Loccisano/WireImage

Debra has a lovely voice, but what should parents that weren’t blessed with singing abilities do? Singing off-key might worsen temper tantrums if you ask us.

Ask For Help

We are always behind any tip that emphasizes the importance of knowing how to ask for help. Actress Elizabeth Banks knows that many of us today feel like we have to be super moms who do it all, take care of the kids, cook, and have a wonderful career.

Getty Images Photo by Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

But that’s a goal that’s very hard to achieve, and if it is attainable, it must include a lot of help from others. Banks says she asked for a lot of help, and so should you, don’t be shy about it!


Just like the rest of us, fabulous model Gisele Bündchen had to potty train her son. Bündchen is a hard worker, and she never takes the easy way out. When it was time to potty train her son, she was no different.

Getty Images Photo by Alo Ceballos/FilmMagic

The model would let her son walk around the house, no diapers included, and when it seemed like he had to go, she would pick him up and run with him to the toilet. It’s bizarre, but according to her, it works.

Set Goals

Dwayne Johnson is a tough guy with a soft side. He cares about helping his children build self-esteem, which is why his parenting technique is all about helping his daughter set goals and accomplish them.

Getty Images Photo by John Parra/WireImage

It’s the simple things that help children gain confidence — The Rock, for example, has told his daughter that by 8 she’ll be able to fish and by 16, drive his pickup truck.

Just Say It!

The old question of how truthful should we be with our kids will forever remain open. But, one thing we can all probably agree on is Jack Nicholson’s approach to the matter.

Getty Images Photo by Lee Celano/WireImage

He thinks there is nothing more important than expressing your unconditional love for your children. It’s important to listen to them, to care about their well-being, and help them develop a rich inner life.

Don’t Listen to Other Parents

Justin Baldoni, or Rafael Solano if you’ve watched the CW’s “Jane The Virgin” is the proud father of Maxwell and Maiya. Baldoni gave us a tip that blew our minds — don’t listen to other parents’ tips.


Unsolicited parenting advice will come and go but you are the one who truly knows your child, which is why according to Justin you should follow your heart before you follow other people’s advice.

Big Boys Cry

Who wouldn’t want parenting advice from Queen B herself? Well, it’s your lucky day! Beyoncé has spoken out about what it’s like raising sons in today’s day and age.

Getty Images Photo by Allen Berezovsky

The singer said boys and men should be able to cry and show their emotions, without being afraid of being stereotyped. B thinks all children, girls and boys alike, should be able to express themselves freely. Yass!

Two Peas in a Pod

Chris Pratt’s older brother gave him a great tip he decided to share with the rest of us: don’t bother making food specifically for your children, get them to eat what you’re eating.

Getty Images Photo by Ari Perilstein

This won’t apply the first couple of years, of course, but it sounds like the kind of tip that saves time for the parents and keeps the kids disciplined, so we’re all for it.

Less Gucci, More Target

Celebrity kids are at a higher risk of becoming spoiled and entitled than most children. But, let’s face it, all parents are scared of realizing their little sweet angel grew up to think they deserve EVERYTHING.

Getty Images Photo by Albert L. Ortega

In order to keep her daughter out of that lifestyle, Viola Davis makes sure to buy all of her Daughter’s clothes from Target. Yes, no Gucci for this celebrity offspring.

Stay Humble

As parents, we always try and make sure we are doing the right thing, teaching the right lesson, and getting the facts just right because we want our kids to be the happiest they can be.

Getty Images Photo by SGranitz/WireImage

Well, according to Clint Eastwood we should spend more time thinking about what our children can teach us instead. He has said that learning from his children has been a humbling experience, and he thinks everyone should try it.

Manners Are a Must

When it comes to manners, Heidi Klum’s children are probably the kindest ones in Hollywood.

Getty Images Photo by Ignat/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

How come? Well, Klum claims she thinks manners should come before everything else. It’s critical that our young little humans will know how and when to say thank you and please, which is why the model has made sure to teach that to her kids, from day one.

Have Fun!

It’s very easy to see that most parents adore their children, they’ll tell you great stories about them and show charming pictures any chance they can. But they all still agree that parenting isn’t something they always enjoy, and we get them, it’s though!


James Van Der Beek was Dawson in “Dawson’s Creek” but today he’s married to Kimberly and the two have five children together. Kimberly says it’s important to remember to enjoy yourself and your kids, enjoy even the hard parts!

Strong Role Models

Have you heard of the saying “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are?” Well, Kylie Jenner has, and she takes the proverb very seriously, especially when it comes to her daughter, Stormi.

Alamy Stock Photo

Jenner’s advice to parents everywhere is to surround their children with good, strong role models. According to her, even at such a tender age, Stormi already has many strong women and men to emulate and learn from.

Let It Go

Since our children are so important to us, we all want to try to make sure everything goes smoothly for them. We talk to experts, have detailed birth plans, and decide exactly what our young one’s life is going to look like.

Getty Images Photo by Albert L. Ortega

Actress Jenifer Garner recommends to just let go… of all of it. Why? Well, with children, nothing actually goes according to plan, so you might as well embrace it and learn to wing it and go with the flow.

Serve Your Children

Strict parenting methods will tell you all about the importance of discipline and obedience. Javier Bardem, who has been married to Penélope Cruz since 2010 and has two children with her, disagrees with these philosophies.


Bardem claims it’s important to remember that we do not own our children. Instead, we are there to be at their service! Wow, we need time to process this!

Let Them Wear Makeup

A list about celebrity parents would never be complete with Kim Kardashian. Most have strict rules about makeup and nail polish, not allowing young girls and sometimes even teenagers, to wear them.  

Getty Images Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images

Kim, on the other, lets her daughter play around with products she doesn’t need anymore. She says it’s clear that North loves makeup, but that she will set some boundaries when it comes to darker colors.

Act Like a Child?

Now divorced, Sean Penn and Robin wright might not be the type of people we’d want to take parenting notes from. After their split, Penn was quoted saying they just don’t have the same moral view about parenting.

Getty Images Photo by James Devaney/WireImage

What he actually meant by that, remains unclear, but apparently, he doesn’t believe parents should stay over-involved in their adult children’s lives. While Wright prefers to stay in constant touch and keep parenting, Sean thinks grown-ups don’t need it anymore.

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