Animal Parents We Can Totally Relate To

Parenting can be an exciting task that comes with many ups and downs along the way. While we may look at our parenting routines as something unique to humans, they’re actually common among parents in the wild as well.

While we don’t often compare ourselves to animal parents, reading through this list of exhausted creatures will make you smile, thinking, “Yep, I’ve been there!” Not unlike parents of the human world, these animal parents likely dream about a full-time nanny, a bit of occasional privacy, and an 8-hour long nap! But, that’s unfortunately not how life works in the animal kingdom!

Here You Go

Children are always letting their curiosity get the best of them, but our pets are no better. So, when you have both a cat and a kitten in your home, you can expect that they’re going to be up to no good more often than not. While this kitty may have had good intentions (perhaps reaching for a treat for both her and mom), it’s more likely that she’s just adding to the chaos.


It’s like when your kid tries to make you breakfast in bed. Their hearts are always in the right place, but they tend to leave us with quite the mess to clean up. Fortunately for this kitten, her mom was around to help her reach those snacks. It’s one way parents can bond with their kids!

These Adorable Lovebirds

Look at these two lovebirds! The way they’re looking at their offspring with such admiration and pride resembles every new parent as they look upon their newborn in the hospital. Likely these two lovebirds are proud of the results of their combined DNA.


When 50 Shades of Grey ladybird and Tucan Sam male mated, they produced some truly unique birds. As the perfect combination of the two, this look of admiration won’t last forever. After several sleepless nights, they’ll probably start looking upon their kids with eyes of exhaustive regret.

Mama Rhino Multitasking

One of the most difficult parts of being a new parent is waking up every night to feed the baby. While humans are stuck powering through these first few months, mothers of the animal kingdom have figured out a way to multitask so that they don’t even have to move when their offspring get hungry. Take this rhino, for example.


While she’s in a deep sleep dreaming about what life was like before she had a kid, her newborn is able to safely feed itself without disturbing mom. This gives a whole new perspective to late-night feedings! If only humans could figure out a way to feed their children without having to wake up.

Whose Baby Is This?

Every mother or father has at one time, or another called their child by the wrong name. It’s only human nature! However, it’s not often that parents forget what their children look like and take home a different kid by accident. But that’s totally what this kitty mother just did!


This cat mistook this owl for one of her kittens, and it took her a while to figure out her mistake. Too long. It wasn’t until she started bathing the strange feathered kitten that she even took a second look at her baby. This photo was caught after the cat paused, suddenly realizing this wasn’t her child. Hilariously enough, the owl seems to be quite surprised too!

Play Time Is Over

Tugging on a child’s ear is a form of discipline as old as time. It causes enough discomfort to get a kid to behave without causing any actual pain, and it seems like humans aren’t the only ones to use this technique. Parents of the animal kingdom will often carry their offspring by the ear when they aren’t behaving.


That’s exactly what this mama bear is doing as she carries her child by the ear. While there’s no way of being certain if she’s bringing her furry child out of their cave for some fresh air or back into the cave where it’s safe, this mom definitely has their best interest in mind. It may look harsh, but it doesn’t hurt, and it’s actually a common way polar bears carry around their young.

The Child Leash

While child leashes have caused controversy in the past, it’s not uncommon for monkies to use their child’s tail to keep tabs on them. Human parents use them to ensure their kids don’t wander off in grocery stores or destroy another vitamin display at the pharmacy.


This monkey mom likely had different intentions when she grabbed onto her kid’s tail, though. Perhaps he was misbehaving, running off into the jungle without his mom’s permission. If people who put their kids on leashes don’t change their minds after seeing this, then they never will! They’ll just go on living looking as silly as this monkey.

When You Hug the Wrong Mom

Standing at just a few feet tall, it’s not uncommon for toddlers to accidentally wrap their arms around the wrong calves when out in public with their parents. From their perspective, most legs look the same, and it’s easy to get confused. It appears that this poor kitten has made a similar mistake.


As long as she’s getting fed, the kitten doesn’t seem to mind where the milk comes from. This new dog mom, however, appears to be quite confused by her pup’s new look. Combined with the exhaustion of taking care of her own babies and the kitty intruder, it’s possible this dog will think this is all just a bad dream.

Like Mother Like Daughter

This adorable feline doesn’t seem to mind the inconvenience her kitten has presented her with as long as she can drink her milk. All that matters to her at this moment is that she gets enough food in her stomach after all the hard work. But her kitten is also determined to get fed, and clearly, she doesn’t mind getting into this awkward position to do so.


Most parents can relate to this, especially mothers who’ve breastfed. Being a mom is certainly an overwhelming experience, as your life changes and you’re not always sure what you should do. A newborn might demand more food than we ever thought they could possibly consume, but it’s all part of their growth patterns!

If Your Child Never Took Naps

You know that exhausting feeling when your child refuses to sleep despite how hard you work to wear them out throughout the day? So, you end up on the bed beside them and hope that the combination of your presence and complete silence will eventually get them to doze off. Most likely, though, you end up falling asleep before they do.


This hedgehog duo seems to be going through the same thing. The baby appears to be wide awake, doing a big stretch, while mommy is desperate for some shut-eye. Taken right out of the parenting playbook, she might soon pretend to sleep so that the child will follow suit. Like most new parents, though, she’s going to need practice.

This Cuddly Cinnamon Bun of Love

Parents are often willing to give their kids the shirts off their backs in order to keep them safe and happy. In the human world, this means giving our kids food, clothes, and a warm place to sleep. In the animal kingdom, however, parenting is a bit different.


This adorable wolf-mother offers her pup a cozy place to nap, literally giving up her personal space. She selflessly offers her body heat to her child so that they can be nice and toasty during the cold winter months. This demonstrates more than just great parenting, but a truly picture-perfect moment.

I Love You But Go Away

Just like any parent, this weary-looking dog looks like she needs a break. Having children doesn’t mean you want them around 24/7. Everyone deserves some time off every once in a while, even from a job as demanding as parenthood. There’s no reason why she can’t get some shuteye while her pups use her as a pillow, though!


As a parent, you’re used to sharing your space with your kids. If they’re not crawling into your bed, then they’re following you to the bathroom or shouting for attention from across the room. No one said parenting was easy! Regardless, after some rest and perhaps a quick nap, she’ll likely feel better about her pups napping on top of her.

But Mom!

One thing that is absolutely mutual across every species is a child’s complete disregard for the word “no.” They all know what it means, yet they have no interest in following this particular order. It’s not just toddlers who refuse to listen to this particular word, though.


This tiny pup is clearly asking its mama for something. Those puppy-dog eyes aren’t reserved just for human parents! They work on dog moms as well. While we will never know if this pup wants to play or go to the park, one thing we know is that the begging won’t stop until they get what they want.


Once your child reaches the age where they start talking back, you just might second-guess any plans to have more kids. Parenting truly gets interesting when your toddler discovers their voice, as they quickly learn that they can say no to you. Who knew a kitten so tiny could be so loud?!


It’s not just toddlers who learn to have a mind of their own, though. This kitten looks like he has just figured out that his mouth makes noise and is giving his mommy a piece of his mind. Like all new parents, this momma cat is far from thrilled about this new development and likely preferred it when her offspring were quiet and peaceful.

No Corner Is Safe

When we want some privacy, we all have our small, safe places we like to go to. Usually, it’s the bathroom with the best lock. We tend to think none of our kids will find us in the unusual corners of our house, but alas, they always do. When they’re up against children, locked doors don’t stand a chance!


In a bid to get away from her pups, this new mom seems to have just discovered the perks of a private corner. Take a look at that adorably worn-out face desperate for some serenity and perhaps some sleep. Unfortunately, she won’t be getting much of that until her pups get older!

How Am I Going to Do This?

Traveling with kids is always a struggle, and the more kids you have, the harder it gets. If you have several children, you can probably relate to this opossum. With six young ones clinging onto her back, she’s probably questioning her decision to procreate. While they may not be on their way to Disney World, these baby opossums are certainly in for a wild ride.

Jeanette DiAnda

Walking along this narrow fence with all of her kids in tow is a skill most parents can’t claim, but based on the look in this new mom’s eyes, it may not be as easy as it looks. Likely they all got down safely, though, as opossums tend to be more nimble than most humans.


While it has been a while since Disney’s “The Lion King” was released, there are several scenes that tend to stick in everyone’s mind. One scene, in particular, shows Simba tugging at his father’s ear in a bid to wake him up. Just as Mufasa wasn’t having it, neither is this bulldog!


His pup seems to have stolen this move directly from the famous scene, as she tugs on her dad’s ear while he snoozes. Whether the pup was looking for something to nibble on or just looking for some attention, he decided that going for his dad’s ear was his best option. Either way, this pappa bulldog doesn’t look happy about it.

This Face

All parents recognize the look on this dog’s face. It’s the look that we get when we’re woken up by a crying baby in the middle of the night, knowing that our day has to start in just a few hours. Knowing that we likely won’t be able to get back to sleep. While those in the animal kingdom don’t have to get up for work, they still have to deal with late-night feedings.


They say, “The eyes are the windows to the soul,” and in this case, this dog’s soul is clearly exhausted. Staring away from the camera, she just might be wondering why her human has enough time to stand around taking pictures but hasn’t come to rescue her yet!

Interrupted Siesta

Every parent is familiar with this situation. There’s no break time for mommy and daddy when there’s a young one running around. Despite how tired they are, they’re constantly seeking our attention, and one way or another, they’re going to get it!


This rhino was enjoying a siesta when it got abruptly interrupted. Her offspring concluded that he needed some of mom’s attention and let her know by sitting on her head. She can try to keep pretending to be asleep, but kids rarely give up easily once they’ve set their minds on something!

Staying Safe In Momma’s Pouch

Many new moms will admit that they were more overprotective with their firstborn than they were with their others. This is likely because new parents are practically clueless and tend to be more nervous. It’s not uncommon for newborns to be compared to a joey (baby kangaroo).


Immediately after a kangaroo is born, it climbs into its mother’s pouch. Just the size of a jellybean, the pouch is where the joey feels safe and is able to drink their mother’s milk. It’s in the pouch that they’re able to grow until they’re large enough to take care of themselves.

Nosey Paw

We all may be guilty of booping a dog on the nose, but how many of you can say you’ve done that with a dog who came with their very own boop button? Very few! Some believe this pup was born with a paw-shaped birthmark after he was trampled on by his siblings in the womb, but we think it was put there for his humans to enjoy.


Completely unaware of the appeal his nose has, the pup is peacefully snoozing the day away. Unfortunately, as the pup grew, so did his nose. The separate spots in his unique birthmark eventually merged together, eliminating this one-of-a-kind feature. His dog parents certainly don’t love him any less, though!

When They Gotta, Go

Why do kids always find the need to announce their bathroom habits? It’s almost like if they’re not broadcasting to the world that they need to use the restroom, then they can’t go. Then there are the kids who say nothing and just go right there and then. Looking at this picture, it could be said that the same goes for ponies.


While this horse is used to her pony taking care of his business wherever he pleases, she probably wasn’t banking on him choosing to go at her feet. The exhausted look in her eyes is something every mother is familiar with. As a mother, you need to learn to pick your battles! At least he’s urinating away from her leg.

I’m Going to Close My Eyes For a Few Minutes

Every parent has been here on more than one occasion. Whether the coffee never kicked in or sleep was simply impossible, most parents have come up with a way to keep tabs on their children while getting little to no sleep. This worn-out momma bird seems to have figured it all out.


That little guy underneath his mother’s wing may be wide awake but seems to be understanding of the circumstances. An exhausted new mom came up with a way to nap while also ensuring her newborn remained safe by laying on top of them. Not only does it help her keep tabs on her chick while she rests, but this makeshift blanket keeps everyone nice and warm.

Blink Twice for Help

Snickerdoodle seems to be over the whole mommy thing and is desperately asking for help with her eyes. It’s the same look all new moms have every time they leave the house. If you aren’t a parent, then you may confuse her. Look for one that’s asking for a treat or for a walk, but most likely, she’s desperate for a break from her pups.


Unfortunately, there’s very little the human behind the camera can do to help her out. Snickerdoodle may have gotten in over her head, but her doggy anxiety will only last as long as her pups are nursing. Unlike humans, dogs start to wean their puppies in just four weeks.

Snuggle Buddies

Children make the perfect snuggle buddies. When they fall into our arms, as parents, we tend to feel a sense of calm and comfort. That emotion seems to apply to the animal kingdom as well, as we can see in the photo. This cat momma is hugging her baby tightly, demonstrating her love and maternal instincts.


Parents tend to underestimate the importance of hugging and snuggling their children. Their development heavily depends on this contact as well as the way their caretakers treat them. By simply hugging your children, you can reduce feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Who knew!?

Giving the Kids a Swimming Lesson

One distinct feature of the South American Capybara is the way they teach their offspring essential values. Similar to human parents, they give their kids the skills they need to ensure they can survive in the wild on their own. In this picture, we can see a momma Capybara doing just that.


These youngins are learning the art of swimming with their mother in the lead. This is just another example demonstrating the importance of hands-on parenting, especially in the wild. It’s essential to be able to impart life lessons to your child to help them get the best out of life!

This Is My Life Now

Kids don’t care where they sleep. Whether they’re humans or dogs, children can snooze just about anywhere. This includes on top of their parents. This pup seems to have found a sweet spot right on mom’s neck, and by the look in her eyes, they’ve been in this position for quite a while.


However, as any parent knows, waking up a sleeping child is a big mistake. Despite how uncomfortable this furry mom gets, she won’t budge until her pup does. At least one of them will be getting a good snooze in.

Nobody Told Me

New parents in the human world are fortunate enough to have a ton of resources to help get them through those first few months. Between all the books, videos, and blog posts available to us, there are few surprises after bringing home a newborn. However, things are quite different in the animal kingdom.


Cats can’t exactly pick up a copy of “What To Expect When You’re Expecting,” leaving them at quite a disadvantage. By the look on this new mom’s face, she clearly didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Perhaps she didn’t get the memo about having to feed her kittens numerous times a day. Either that or this is how this cat mom looks when she wakes up!


When you roll out of bed as a parent, the passion for parenthood can sometimes get lost, especially if you wake up in a bed covered in stale cereal and sticky toys after getting a whopping two hours of rest. You may start to wonder why you ever thought having a family was such a great idea in the first place. Lack of sleep can really do wonders for the brain!


This cat right here undoubtedly knows what it’s like to be sleep-deprived. By the look in her eyes, her litter of kittens must have kept her awake most of the night. Lovingly nicknamed “Cathulu” by the internet, and rightfully so, she’s the kind of flexible superhero that mothers often become after giving birth.

Sealing a Kiss

Just like humans, animals also show affection to their loved ones with a kiss. Take these seals, for example. This new momma adores her newborn and shows her affection without any reservations. Simply adorable!

Getty Images Photo by Freder

Every parent can agree that the first time they laid eyes on their child, they couldn’t resist giving them a ton of hugs and kisses. This just happens to be how most animals react towards a loved one. According to Winnie the Pooh, sometimes the smallest things take the most space in our hearts!

Play Time Is Over

A parent knows when all of the fun and excitement has gone too far and begins to border on danger. Parental instincts kick in and put an end to the shenanigans at once. It’s like they say, after you become a parent, you grow an eye in the back of your head.


That’s exactly what happened with this mother cat sensed that playtime between her kitten and this tiny human had gone too far. So, she quickly scooped up her baby and took off, signaling that playtime was over. It might have all been in good fun, but considering the significant difference in their sizes, it would have been only a matter of time before things went south.

He Did What?!

Despite the species, you never want to get between a mom and her child. Moms across the animal kingdom are known to be aggressive towards anyone who threatens their cubs. They don’t call women momma bears for no reason!


This lioness is certainly not messing around. She’s on a mission to confront whoever troubled her cub, and she likely won’t be taking any prisoners alive. The adorable cub clings to his mother’s side in fear, using her mother’s body as a shield of protection from whatever seems to have startled him. You definitely don’t want to be face to face with a lioness protecting her cub!

No More Candy Before Bed

Giving a child sugar close to bedtime is a huge no-no in the parenting world. The unwritten rule helps to avoid overly hyper children and sleepless nights. Despite this, however, youngins will still get bursts of energy from time to time. Since a leopard’s diet doesn’t include sugary treats, this cub is likely just in the mood to play.


However, this leopard mom certainly doesn’t look like she’s in the mood for playing. Well aware of the fact that her cub will pester her until she caves, it looks like she won’t be getting sleep anytime soon. Ah, the joyous moments of motherhood! It’s only a matter of time before this little guy has his own cubs and will finally understand his mom’s pain.

A Kiss From Baby

There are only a few things that are more precious than an impromptu kiss from a child. This momma hippo knows all about that as she steals a smooch from her baby. This tiny hippo is just a few weeks old and has a ton of charm despite being a newborn. He has character and charisma that are obvious by the way he affectionately pecks his mother.

Getty Images

This little hippo follows his mother everywhere she goes, as it’s how he will ultimately become acquainted with basic survival skills. Whenever he wanders away, however, he does so under close supervision. Momma hippo is never too far away!

New Mama

No one said being a mother is easy. Your kids not only destroy the body, but they can destroy the spirit as well. It’s a new way of life that new mothers learn to accept in time, but it seems like this cat mom just isn’t there yet. She may have given in this time around, but the fire isn’t out of her just yet.


Rather than put up a fight, this new mama figured it was easier to just lay back and let her kittens drink. She’s figured out a way to relax and feed her kids simultaneously, taking multitasking to a whole new level.

What Have I done?

A large part of parenthood is learning new ways to handle the exhaustion. While as humans, we can hire nannies or get a babysitter for a night, our feline friends don’t have the same privilege. Since those in the animal kingdom can’t just leave their kids with a sitter while they meet up with their friends for a drink, they have to resort to other ways to work through their tiredness.


Perhaps this tired mom of several kittens is focusing on what life was like before motherhood. Back when her life was carefree, and naps were plentiful. Compared to what her life has become, surely she looks back at that time as the glory days. Surely the sight of her beautiful furry babies will remind her of the joys of motherhood, though!

Leave Me Be

Here is yet another member of the animal kingdom that has mastered the art of motherhood! If being a parent could be summed up in a single picture, this would certainly be it. While she snoozes away, her kittens have access to eat with no effort on her part.


While most cats wouldn’t dream of napping in this strange position, it’s one of the few positions that allow her to multitask. When her kittens wake up hungry, she won’t even have to budge for them to have access to her milk. It’s genius!

Heart Birthmarks

While many first-time parents fear their kids will get their mother’s nose or their grandfather’s hairline, there’s also the joy of seeing a child that comes out with the features we love. They may have your partner’s smile and your eyes, adding to the already prominent bond a parent has with their newborn from the moment they arrive. Parents of the animal kingdom may have similar emotions when they give birth.

Getty Images Photo by Pucchin Dog

This mama dog may be exhausted after delivering eight pups, but she’s certainly proud of passing on her unique birthmark. Here, momma is posing with one of her newborn puppies showing off their identical heart-shaped markings. We can only hope this one-of-a-kind trait gets passed down again and again!

Proud Parents

Parents are often proud of their children, despite their shortcomings. A baby doesn’t have to grow up to be successful or even very intelligent to earn the love of their parents. Those in the animal kingdom are no different, as we can see pictured here.


As these cats look over their offspring with pride, we can see their kittens busily slurping up their food without a care in the world; they’re admiring their creations.

Babysitter Dog

Kids often see their babysitters as this fun-loving pal that is always up for new games. When they aren’t begging to stay up past their bedtime, they’re climbing all over their sitter as if they were a human jungle gym. It would seem things are no different in the animal kingdom.


This doggy-sitter is clearly worn out and in desperate need of a nap, but these rambunctious goats aren’t giving up. They’ve decided it’s play-time despite the fact that their babysitter refuses to get up. This is just a glimpse into the 5-minute video of these goats stepping all over the dog as he hopelessly tries to get some shut-eye!

My Special Place

Every cat has a special spot in the house that they’ve claimed as their own. For this cat, it’s the bathroom sink. Or it was until her kittens caught on to how cozy and quiet her special spot was. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare!


We all have our private places at home, but all that goes away when our children discover it. Unfortunately, these kittens found their mom’s special spot and decided to join her in it. There goes this mamma cat’s peaceful mid-afternoon naps!

Some Personal Space, Please

In addition to your freedom, you lose your privacy the moment you start having children. Since they can’t take care of themselves, they look to their parents for everything. From eating to napping, we can’t even use the bathroom without our kids barging in on us. After all, they have the right to!


This cat knows all about the lack of privacy that comes with motherhood. With her kittens all still learning to walk, their tiny legs can’t keep up. So, rather than walk at their pace, this impatient momma allows her offspring to ride on her back. She may be giving up a bit more privacy, but at least she knows they’ll get to where they need to be in a timely manner.

We’ve Definitely Made This Face

As a parent, we’ve all had that moment when we thought, “What was I thinking when I decided to have children?” It runs through our minds when our kids use a screwdriver to draw pictures on our new car, or when they rip off their clothes in public, or when they throw a fit in the supermarket by ripping everything off the shelves in that aisle.


Based on her expression, that’s precisely what’s going through this opossum’s mind. While she may be trapped in the middle of a major breakdown, look at how her babies remain calm. Unfortunately for this new mom, she can’t play dead to get out of this one.


All kids go through a stage of sleeping in their parent’s beds. Whether they’re having nightmares or simply prefer cuddling up to mom and dad, there’s a point in every parent’s life when their beds get too crowded. It’s not just human parents who get woken up in the middle of the night by tiny feet digging into their ribs, though.


We all know dogs have no concept of personal space, but this dog mom is bearing the weight of her huge pups. This may have been acceptable when her puppies were newborns, but now that they’re all grown up, it’s probably time they slept in their own beds. There’s no doubt that this dog mom will be feeling sore when she wakes up!

The Classic Pin

The classic cuddle and pin move is most commonly used among parents of antsy toddlers who just won’t stay in bed. As a last resort, this technique involves holding the child tight enough, so they ultimately wear out and fall asleep.


Looking at this gorilla spooning her offspring, it would appear that humans aren’t the only species that get frustrated with their kids around bedtime. This gorilla seems to be using it to calm her rambunctious young. Likely she’s desperate to get her child to sleep just so she can get some shut-eye.

This Dog Is Traumatized

Kids don’t care how tired we are as parents. They don’t understand that we’ve had a bad day at work or simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed. When our kids want to play, they’ll do just about anything to get our attention. If nothing else, kids certainly are persistent!


This dog mom knows all about having a persistent child and has clearly been battling her pup’s energy all day. Her weary yet traumatized facial expression is an obvious reaction to all of the stress her pup has put her through. The pup may think playtime is anytime they want, but they’ll soon learn that mommy needs a nap every once in a while!

Beautiful Contrast

Like most toddlers, peacocks are lovely creatures to look at but quickly lose their appeal when they start following you around. This particular peacock is leucistic, which is the condition described earlier that affects the pigment in animal skin, feathers, fur, and shells. That’s why we can see the traditional colors on this peacock’s feathers in addition to the absence of colors.


Leucistic animals are so rare in the wild as it makes them easier targets for predators. While the absence of color may sound like it would allow animals to disguise themselves more easily, the opposite is actually true. The white patches tend to make them easy prey. Fortunately, these days leucistic animals are being rescued by organizations around the world who work to protect and care for them, allowing the public to get a glimpse of these beautiful creatures more often.

Permanently Puzzled

This adorable kitty’s name is Sam, and as you can see from his photo, he has quite a unique look. Not only do his eyebrows give him a permanently puzzled expression, but they’ve earned him internet fame as well. Born in 2012, Sam has more than 237,000 Instagram followers and nearly half a million fans on his Facebook page; Sam Has Eyebrows.


According to his profile, Sam loves tomatoes and hiding from his humans. While he’s known for having one of the most innocent faces in the world, he tends to get into a bit of mischief from time to time. But with those eyebrows, how could his humans ever get upset? Imagine he trashes the room, and then he looks at you with those eyes. You probably couldn’t help but laugh!

Freckly Face

There’s nothing more adorable than a child’s sun-kissed cheeks. There’s something child-like and playful about freckles that most animals can’t pull off. This dog, however, certainly looks like a ginger pooch if we’ve ever seen one! You can’t look into his eyes without falling in love.


A combination of a Pitbull and an American Cattle Dog, he gets his reddish spots from the latter of the two. His freckled body downplays his toned physique, making him less intimidating than most Pitbull mixes. How could anyone look into those adorable eyes and not want to give them a scratch?

Illusion Cat

Unique birthmarks are often a part of parenting. Some kids want to show them off while others try to hide them, but there are certainly no children walking around with birthmarks resembling themselves like this kitty! This unique cat carries a little dark replica on her back wherever she goes.


Even though these strange markings are a pure fluke, she sure does look fabulous. It’s like having two cats for the price of one! Unlike human birthmarks, this one wasn’t the result of her DNA. Neither of her parents nor her siblings has similar fur markings. She was the only one lucky enough to have a friend permanently attached to her hip. She’ll never be lonely!

That Smile

As parents, the first time our child flashes a smile is one of the most memorable moments of our lives. Who knew something as basic as a tiny grin could melt our hearts and change our lives forever? When this little guy was found on the street, he was taken to a local animal shelter, where he melted the hearts of all who met him.


It’s not quite clear if he was born with a beaming smile or a conveniently placed mustache, but there’s no doubt that this puppy will have no trouble finding a home. How could anyone resist? Between his wagging tail, brisk stance, and puppy dog eyes, this pup takes adorable to a whole new level. There’s no doubt he’s charming everyone he meets to this day.

An Underwater Beauty

Parents love their kids unconditionally, despite any differences. In the animal kingdom, differences are celebrated and often cherished. Contrary to how it appears, this turtle is not an albino but leucistic.


Leucism is a condition where animals sometimes experience in which a limited amount of pigmentation is lost. It causes them to have a variety of colors and patterns in their fur, shell, and skin. Unlike those who suffer from albinism, leucism doesn’t cause a lack of pigment in the eyes. Coming across an animal in the wild with this condition is rare and often considered good luck.

Cookies and Cream

As parents, we all think our children are just perfect the way they are. While no one is perfect, this pup certainly comes close! This cookies&cream-looking puppy is a “Dapple Doxie,” — a nickname dog lovers use to describe spotted Dachshunds. More than just adorable, he’s photogenic as well!


This dog’s beautifully patterned fur may come from either his mom or dad, as at least one parent must be spotted in order for the gene to be passed on. Only a cold-hearted individual could ignore this adorable pup’s longing expression and fluffy ears. He deserves all of the pets and cuddles in the world!

Face Framing Ears

While you’ve seen a cat with cat ears, have you ever seen a cat wearing cat ears? Well, now you have. Even though it’s unclear why this cat’s human recently purchased a black headband adorned with a pair of cat ears from Etsy, the cat may have been born with a deformity or was injured leading to the loss of her ears, or her human could be a big Ariana Grande fan. We don’t know for sure.


What we may know, however, is that in addition to having the most beautiful green eyes, this cat just made herself more lovely by wearing this hilariously appropriate headgear. We are most definitely sure that most feline lovers will want this astonishing cat as a pet!

Best Seat in the House

Just like kids, puppies are often completely oblivious of themselves and their surroundings, which is also what makes them so unbelievably cute. However, this parent doesn’t look very amused with the fact that his pup decided he would be a chair for the day.


Maybe this puppy is just trying to get a boost so he can finally get that cupboard open and chow down whatever’s inside. As for the dog dad, he has that very familiar look of resignation we often get with our kids. He’ll probably sleep it off.

“Look At Me, Mom!”

We already know that puppies like to bite and chew on everything, including their mom. In this picture, it looks like this puppy is trying to tell his mom who’s boss! He’s the only one in the litter that has this color, so maybe he thinks he is superior and can get away with this behavior.


But moms see through everything, and she isn’t intimidated in the slightest. You can just see in this picture how much love she has for this little guy. It’s hard to be mad at your baby.

Prank Time!

Puppies are just like little kids. They are always getting into trouble and picking on their siblings. It’s just what they do. In this picture, it appears that these two Golden Retrievers are giving their brother a swirly. It’s not very nice of them, but it’s what kids sometimes do for entertainment.


When it comes time to give an explanation to their mom, they may argue that they were just trying to help him get a drink of water since there was none in his bowl. We wonder if she’ll believe them.

Walks 101

This is definitely not something you see every day, but maybe it should be. You know, if you teach your dogs to walk their own puppies, they save you the trouble of having to do it yourself! This right here is a fantastic example of parenting done right.


Though we do wonder how this papa dog is planning on picking up after his puppy with no opposable thumbs, maybe they leave that to the more advanced class.

The Puppy Did It

It looks like one of the first things this puppy learned from his dad was how to trash their human’s garden. Daddy dog even sat back and supervised his son’s impressive talent.


The puppy has also mastered the art of looking way too adorable while facing the human’s wrath. It will only be a matter of time until this puppy has puppies of his own to teach those impressive skills.

Human Babies Are Welcome Too

This mama dog wins. Not only is she creating a secure environment for her pup to grow up in, but she’s taking care of this human baby as well.


After all, she’s huge, and the babies are tiny, and she can be a good enough sofa for both of them. What a relaxing scene! Naptime and playtime must be exciting as well.

Mommy Has the Best Bed

Children sleeping in their parents’ bed is nothing new. It’s human nature. The thing is, when humans do it, the parents are usually in the mix too. In this case, the little puppy just declared ownership of his mom’s bed, leaving her to settle for the much, much smaller one meant for her offspring.


But apparently, neither pooch really minds, as it looks like they’re both snug enough to snooze the night away no matter what bed they’re in.

Hi, Mama Bear!

This mama bear is demonstrating exemplary parenting by teaching her cub how to politely give instructions to strangers. This family was looking for the nearby campsite, and the map was no help, so they figured they’d ask a local. And who’s better than these two?


At least, that what we think happened. Another option is that the bears were the lost ones. You know, they strayed a little too far from home and figured they could hitchhike their way back. You know, because they don’t give bears bus passes anymore.

And This Is How We Wake the Human Up

This little kitty is not only watching and learning but also adding its own flair to its mother’s teachings. Kitty school’s agenda on this day was to show the young ones how to glare at the human until she wakes up.


This girl looks traumatized and will probably never get a good night’s sleep again. But that just means kitty school is properly teaching this student its catlike ways.

Don’t Mess With Us

If we didn’t know any better, we’d swear this is some kind of movie poster for “Revenge of the Kitties.” We don’t know who snapped this picture or what they did to get stared down like this by this mother cat and her kitty, but we would advise them not to get too close.


This cat has definitely mastered the menacing stare-down look, and it made sure to teach it to its kitty, who would be just as frightening if he weren’t so adorably tiny.

A Tail as Old as Time

This little red fox was not finished with playtime. It doesn’t matter how tired his mom might be, he’s got some more juice left, and he makes it a point to let her know all about it.

Alamy Stock Photo

Either that or he’s just trying to keep up with the pace as his family is going somewhere new. Apparently, mom’s bushy tail has a multitude of possible uses!

Protective Pigeon

Hey, lady, no need for that look, okay?! Nobody’s trying to harm your babies; we only wanted to take a picture because they are so darn cute.

bored panda

Actually, this pigeon mom has a great reason to be so protective over her young ones. Their coat of colorful plumage is highly noticeable by predators and humans alike. Also, she’s the mom, so that’s just basic parental instinct.

Hello, Newborn!

Awww, look at that baby squirrel! It looks like the one holding it is the maternity ward nurse on her way to give him to his mother. But actually, she is the parent here.

bored panda

The look in her eyes, her tender touch, the way she holds him close, the soft nest she built for him to stay safe and comfortable — any parent could relate to that beautiful scene. Except humans are more into nurseries than nests, but you know, to each his own.

Swim Class

Teaching your child to swim is one of the best bonding experiences a parent can have with their kid. Not only is swimming a great sport but learning how to swim is an essential survival skill. And even more so when you’re a bear.

Getty Images photo by Marco Mattiussi

This beautiful grizzly is showing her cub the ropes of the river, and it looks like the little buddy is enjoying himself. Maybe even more than mom! These two certainly know how to look for the bear necessities.

Floating With Father

One of the most adorable things about otters is the way they float on their backs. An even more adorable thing about them is the way they hold hands when they sleep on the water, so they don’t drift apart.

bored panda

But the thing that takes the cake in terms of otter adorableness is this picture of a baby otter using his father as a floating device. It looks like we can all learn some parenting tricks from otters. Try that next time you take your kids to the pool.

All Aboard the Goose Train

Taking public transportation with your children can be a tedious experience. The waiting for the bus, the tickets, the fact that the bus stop is so far away — it all turns into a real hassle when you try to do that with a kid. Let alone six of them, as we see in this picture.

Alamy Stock Photo

While this beautiful family of geese is definitely in train formation, they have perfected their commute around the lake, so they don’t need transportation of any kind. With one parent in the front and another in the back, we know they will safely get to where they need to go.


Or should we say, peek-a-bear? As children in the human world, many of the things we learn are taught to us by means of games. The animal world is no different. Just look at this adorable bear/cub duo!

Alamy Stock Photo

Mama bear seems to be teaching her young how to hide from potential dangers or from potential prey. The little cub looks like he’s acing this new skill! Soon, he’ll be doing it not just for fun but as a fully grown brown bear. His mother will be so proud!

And That’s the Riverbank

Parents, you probably know that situation well. As you teach your child how to navigate this world, you introduce them to almost anything — including the home you live in. This is exactly what this swan seems to be doing.

Alamy Stock Photo

Mama swan here is showing her chicks the ways of the river. The orientation tour includes the best parts of the riverbank, what plants are good to eat, and how to stay away from pesky frogs.

Nothing to See Here, Move Along

We will do anything in our power to make sure our kids are safe and sound. Once we get a tiny whiff of someone trying to pick on our children, we immediately stand at attention, ready to unleash hell. Even if that someone is 10 times bigger than us.

Alamy Stock Photo

This seems to be the case with these swan parents and their swan babies. The second they thought their kids might be bullied by those snobby, entitled cows, they swooped in to lay down the law. Dad was shooing the cattle away, and mom made sure the kids get to safety. Excellent parenting.

What Are You Looking At?

This family of macaque monkeys could star in the primate version of “The Godfather.” While we wouldn’t go as far as saying they have any mob-like tendencies, we can sense that their family dynamic and the menacing looks are up that Corlenone alley.

Alamy Stock Photo

The monkeys with the babies clinging to them give the camera the same look we would give anyone who’s wronged our child. We wouldn’t want to be at the receiving end of such a look, but we would definitely apply it to protect our kids.

Proud Parents

These birds are called Least Terns, and it looks like they’re doing something right. After showing their chicks the basics of catching little sand eels, one of them got his first catch completely by himself!

Alamy Stock Photo

This family scene reminds us of that same moment when parents see their child riding a bicycle with no training wheels for the first time. The sheer pride on their faces, the sense of accomplishment in the little baby’s eye — it’s all there.

Good Morning, Baby

Not all parents wake up too early while questioning their life choices. Some mornings (mostly weekend mornings) are pure bliss. You wake up at a later hour, enjoy the sunshine filtering through your windows, and get a good morning kiss from your kids.

Alamy Stock Photo

It looks like this family of prairie dogs is enjoying just that kind of morning. Waking up in a beautiful, sunny field with your family by your side? The first thing on the agenda would obviously be to smooch your kid!

Can I Have Some of That?

You know that feeling when your baby starts eyeing your food? It happens around the time you start weaning them from the bottle, but they still can’t really digest all kinds of solid food. So no matter how much you love them, they can’t have whatever it is that’s on your plate.

Alamy Stock Photo

This little joey (that’s what you call a baby kangaroo, in case you didn’t know) seems to be eyeing his mother’s breakfast in the same way. Don’t worry, little buddy. Soon you’ll be old enough to hop around and graze all you want.

Fine, I’ll Come Play

Look at this tired mother. We know her. We love her. We are her. Just when she thought she got her pups tired enough, one decides playtime is far from over. Sounds like every human mother’s hopes and dreams of a proper nap.

Alamy Stock Photo

We are impressed with this furry mom right here. Not only is she putting up with that pup’s shenanigans, but she is also taking care of the siblings, as well as herself. You go, mama wolf!

Stop Bullying My Kids

Seagulls have acquired quite a pesky reputation. They’ve become so accustomed to humans they started becoming cheeky — stealing the sandwich or chips you were just about to have by the beach. This is why we tend to assume that whatever mama goose and papa goose are yelling at — it was the seagulls’ fault.

Alamy Stock Photo

Those powerful parents look just like any two human parents would look if they find out someone has been picking on their child. We wouldn’t dream of messing with them.

Want a Baby Brother? Leave Us Alone

One of the main obstacles of trying to have a second baby is that so much of your privacy has disappeared. Finding a quiet place at home where you can do what is biologically necessary to have a baby has become mission impossible.

Alamy Stock Photo

Have you ever thought of what that might be like for a turtle? They carry their houses on their backs! There are no doors to close, no privacy whatsoever! We just hope the little baby turtle isn’t scarred for life from stumbling upon his parents as they’re trying to make him a sibling.

But I Want to Go That Way!

Meerkats can’t shrug. But we have a feeling that if those two parents could, they would. They would also add an eye-roll. Human kids have their own curiosity, and as soon they learn how to walk, they wander into places they shouldn’t.

Alamy Stock Photo

This meerkat baby seems to have done the same. Just look at the sad look in his eyes. That’s exactly the look a child would have after his parents told him he couldn’t stick his finger in the socket. Good thing his parents aren’t impressed by this near-tantrum.

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