Adorable Dogs Who Got Caught Being Not-So-Good Boys

No question about it: Dogs are a man’s best friend. But even a best friend can upset you every now and then. While we like to think that our pups just want to please us, the truth is our furry friends can be quite the mischievous rascals. Unlike cats, however, dogs always manage to look deservedly guilty for their poor behavior.

While you might be angry if your own dog acted this way, seeing other people’s pups up to no good is oddly heartwarming. Take a look below at all the adorable dogs who got caught being not-so-good boys.

The Training Years

Training a puppy is really, really hard. But it’s made even harder if your pup can’t seem to grasp the idea of potty training.


Unfortunately for this family, their baby dog mistook the heater vent for his own personal toilet. We’re sure having their whole house smell like poop is not what this family imagined when they brought their brand new puppy home.

A Bathroom Mishap

Dogs will eat anything. If you doubt that fact, just look at the picture of this hungry pup. Whether the petroleum jelly tasted good or not, this dog was more than happy to dig into the jar in place of his dinner.


Unfortunately, the consequences were a little more than he bargained for. Wearing the diaper might not be comfortable for this puppy, but it’s a good fix for the family who doesn’t want dog poop smeared all over their house.

The Garbage Dog

While some dogs like to chew on your shoes, others will chew on literally anything they can get their paws on. For this pup, that meant raiding the kitchen to find his next chew toy.


Despite the garbage strewn all over his bed, the pup doesn’t look particularly guilty. In fact, he seems quite satisfied with himself. Maybe he thinks he was helping to take out the trash?

An Unhelpful Helper

We all love the feel of freshly laundered clothes as they come out of the dryer. Who hasn’t wrapped themselves in a warm, recently washed blanket and immediately fallen asleep? Well, this dog is no exception.


He clearly loves the warm coziness of fresh laundry. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to realize that his behavior is doing more harm than good. He’s taking a much-needed nap while his owner is likely screaming in frustration about having to do the laundry yet again.

A Farewell Gift

Dogs really love their owners, but sometimes they have odd ways of expressing their affection. This pup wanted to send her dad off with something to remember her by. Unfortunately, the best she could come up with was a big pile of poop.


That was certainly an unhappy surprise when her dad unpacked his suitcase two days later. Next time this pup wants to give someone a farewell gift, she should probably reach for her favorite toy instead.

Two Times the Trouble

In general, two dogs are better than one. But that idea doesn’t apply when you own two massively destructive dogs. Instead of hounding after one mischievous pup, you have to keep two rascals in line.


While one pup looks sufficiently guilty, the other doesn’t seem to realize that he’s been caught red-handed. One thing is certain: neither of these pups will be fetching the newspaper for the foreseeable future.

Merry Pupmas

What is it about Christmas trees that make animals so destructive? Every time the Christmas tree goes up, the chances for destruction in the house also increase.


Apparently, this dog was not on good terms with this year’s Christmas tree. Whether he was set off by all the shiny ornaments or simply wanted to protect his family from the latest intruder, we may never know. Either way, this family is going to be much more careful with Christmas trees in the future.

Destructive Dogs

Dog people will defend their dogs to the end, but these canines can get themselves into just as much trouble as cats. Your cats may claw up your furniture, but your dogs will rip them apart.


These destructive pups found their way into the laundry room, where they managed to rip apart something important. After their owner discovered their demolition, we wouldn’t be surprised if they rethought their decision to get dogs instead of cats.

A Proper Scolding

Unlike cats, dogs do seem to realize when they’ve done something wrong. While your cat will walk away without a care in the world after being scolded, your dog often looks appropriately remorseful.


In the case of this pup, the owner used the dog’s destruction as a teachable moment. After making a mess, the dog seemed to realize that he had done something truly wrong. Of course, only time will tell if the scolding was enough to turn him off his destructive ways forever.

Ignore, Ignore, Ignore

While some dogs have the good sense to look ashamed, others will stare you down and pretend that it wasn’t them who made the mess. Even if all the evidence points in their direction, they think that ignoring the problem will make it go away.


That certainly seems to be this dog’s tactic. While sitting in a messy pile of his own creation, he won’t even look down and acknowledge the disaster. If he can’t see it, it didn’t happen. That’s how it works, right?

A Bored Pup

When dogs are bored, they’ll look for anything to occupy their attention. A lack of toys or food is bound to lead to destructive behaviors.


This little thing, for example, obviously had nothing better to do than make a mess all over the floor. If you find that your pup is struggling with behavioral problems, try to redirect their attention with plenty of squeaky toys and yummy treats for good behavior.

A Chilly Dog

While some dogs steer clear of the appliances in your home, others are happy to make their bed in the most inconvenient spot. This one obviously knows that the big rectangle houses all the food. If he can get closer to snacks, he’ll do it, no matter how cold it might be.


Of course, we hope his owners discovered him before the refrigerator door closed. He certainly looks pleased with himself now, but he might be less energetic if he was trapped in the dark cold for a few minutes.

A Fluffy Wine Connoisseur

Humans may love a glass of wine, but they have nothing on this fluffy wine connoisseur. After he realized that mom probably wasn’t going to give him a sip out of her glass, he took matters into his own hands.


Unfortunately, he didn’t anticipate the glass on the floor or the resulting anger from his owners. But in his defense, he did spill the wine on concrete rather than a white rug.

Furniture Tastes Better Than Toys

No matter how many chew toys a dog has, sometimes they’re not enough. The squeaky rubber is appealing, but not quite as appealing as the furniture in their house.


This sneaky pup managed to chew on a family heirloom, taking his destruction to a whole other level. He’s giving those sweet puppy dog eyes, but we doubt his family will be willing to forgive him that easily.

The Dog Is a Sinner

Apparently, anything tastes good to a dog. From furniture to bibles, there’s nothing our canine friends won’t sink their teeth into.


While this pup probably didn’t mean anything by biting into the Holy Book, some religious people might consider his destructive ways a sin. Hopefully, if he repents, God can forgive him. He just needs to understand that if he’s going to eat a book, it probably shouldn’t be a bible.

Smelly Dog Farts

Human farts are bad, but dog farts are on a whole new level of stinkiness. If you’ve ever been in the same room with a pooch when they break wind, then you know it’s not a pleasant experience.


Imagine, then, being trapped in an enclosed space while your dog lets one rip. Even if you try to explain to the other elevator occupants that it definitely wasn’t you, it’s unlikely they’ll believe you. Now you have to deal with the smelly fart and the embarrassment all at the same time.

Cotton Swabs Make Great Snacks

Using cotton swabs to clean your ears is an oddly satisfying experience. But once you’re done using the swab, you’re supposed to throw it away. Unfortunately, this dog doesn’t understand that concept.


Instead of letting the cotton swab sit in the trash where it belongs, this pup decides a dirty Q-tip makes a perfect snack. Is it the ear wax he’s craving, or will he simply chew on anything that’s put in front of him? Whatever his reasoning is, his owners should definitely break this disgusting habit.

A Surprise Package

If your dog acts out in your own home, at least you can rest easy in the fact that they’re not torturing anyone else. How embarrassing would it be if your pup destroyed someone else’s property?


If you really want an answer to that question, just ask these owners. This naughty pup managed to ruin the UPS driver’s day, as well as anyone who was expecting those packages. He probably thought he was simply marking his territory, but we guarantee he made a big headache for his parents.

Competitive Dogs

When two dogs get together, it’s almost like they conspire with each other to misbehave. One of your dogs will do something bad, and then the other one will manage to pull off something even worse. Are they trying to one-up each other?


These pups certainly seem to have some kind of competition going on. Maybe they think getting in trouble is a good thing. Whatever’s going on in the mind of these dogs, their owners must be struggling to wrangle two naughty pups.

Toilet Paper Tastes Good

Setting goals for dogs doesn’t seem to work as well as setting goals for humans. For example, these owners might have tried to coerce their pup into leaving the toilet paper alone. Perhaps they promised him a treat if he could keep away from the bathroom for just one day.


As you can see, the pup didn’t care. Tearing up the toilet paper is such a satisfying prize; why would he need anything else?

Catnip Isn’t Just For Cats

Catnip isn’t just for cats anymore. At least, not in this house. While it’s good that the dog and cat seem to live in harmony, having a dog addicted to catnip isn’t the ideal scenario.


Now, these owners have to deal with twice the amount of toys being ripped up by a dog’s strong teeth. Plus, the cat no longer has anything to play with. You can tell by the picture that even the dog knows he has a problem. After all, he’s hiding under the bed chewing the toy in shame.

Don’t Mess With Skunks

There are few things worse than facing the wrath of a skunk. Unfortunately, this pup learned that the hard way. While he just thought he was making a new friend, the skunk certainly didn’t like his close proximity.


However, we can’t really blame the skunk. Not all animals like having their backsides sniffed by a curious dog. Getting the smell out must have been a nightmare, but we can bet this dog won’t make that mistake again.

Dogs Don’t Diet

Just like humans having a habit of overindulging, dogs also like a yummy meal. Sadly, they don’t really know when to stop.


When this dog put on a little too much extra fluff, his mom decided to put him on a diet. Unsurprisingly, the pup didn’t like that. Instead of sticking to his new meal plan, he decided to take matters into his own hands by snacking on his mom’s shoe. He certainly killed two birds with one stone – he got an extra meal, and he managed to show his disdain for his lack of food.

Toilet Seats Aren’t a Good Accessory.

Toilet seat up or toilet seat down? It’s an age-old argument with no real solution. Well, this pup decided to take matters into his own hands and end the disagreement once and for all.


The dog was probably tired of listening to his parents’ constant bickering. In his effort to help, he managed to rip the toilet seat off altogether. Now they have nothing to fight about! Didn’t he do a good thing?

A Superior Sense of Smell

A dog’s sense of smell is second to none. While that’s supposed to be good quality, it also makes our pups a little dangerous. When they sniff something they want, there’s nothing that can stop them from going after it.


Instead of waiting patiently for his new bone, this dog decided to take matters into his own hands. He managed to rip apart all the packaging just to find what he was looking for. At least it was something that was actually meant for him, rather than a package for his mom.

Total Destruction

Zombies and malevolent humans have been trying to kill The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes for years. Little did they know, all they needed was this one small dog.


In one playful afternoon, this pup managed to tear Rick Grimes to pieces. Of course, he was dealing with a much smaller version of the hero, but his total destruction is still a little impressive.

Don’t Combine Robot Vacuums and Dogs

Robot vacuums are supposed to make your life simpler, but they’re not the most discerning gadgets. They’ll pick up anything, even a dog’s poop.


Having your dog poop in your house is already awful enough. But this family’s day was made so much worse when the poop was smeared all over their floors. They might be rethinking the use of that robot vacuum now.

Second Breakfast

Just like a Hobbit, this dog isn’t content with just one breakfast. Oh no – second breakfasts are a must in this house, especially if mom’s away.


This pup managed to finagle more food from his dog sitters by pretending he hadn’t eaten yet. We’re not sure how he managed to pull off the trick, but the master manipulation did earn him a second helping of his morning food. We’re sure he’s quite proud of himself!


This dog’s mom just wanted to bring her pup a bit of culture. She brought her to art class, hoping she might learn something and become quite a sophisticated dog. Unfortunately, Barley only managed to discover a bit of food.


Instead of focusing on the paintings, Barley was focused on the treats. Her big appetite got her banned from art class forever. It looks like her dreams of becoming a famous painter are over before they even start!

Free Treats

Dogs don’t have any respect, especially when it comes to religion. While one dog was eating his family’s bibles, another dog is showing his disrespect for Buddha.


But can you really blame him? If he smells treats, he must eat. He doesn’t understand why there’s free food lying around, but he’s more than happy to take it off the neighbor’s hands.

Potato Lover

This dog also enjoys a good game of hide-and-seek. Unfortunately, he often manages to play at the worst times. In fact, he doesn’t even tell his mom he’s playing. She’s only clued into the game when she starts finding random potatoes around the house.


In the dog’s defense, at least he doesn’t eat them. He could easily munch on the entire sack of potatoes. Instead, he’s just trying to start a new tradition with his family.

Hot Rod

This sweet dog needs a little assistance with his walking. While the cart allows him to zoom around the house like a normal pup, he doesn’t use his new toy very wisely.


Instead of relishing his ability to walk, this dog decides to use his cart to torture his fellow housemate. If the dog’s in the way, he’s going to get run over. That sounds like a fair deal, right?

Papers Everywhere

Why buy a paper shredder when you could just get a dog? If you have any important documents you need to get rid of, you can pass them off to your pup and never worry about them again.


Unfortunately, we’re pretty sure this pup tore up papers that weren’t meant to be shredded. Not only that, but he then scattered them all over the house, just in case his family didn’t see his good work. Maybe one day, he’ll learn to use his powers for good rather than evil.

Dumpster Diver

No matter how hard you try to throw things away, your dog just can’t let it go. Maybe they’re more attached to material items than we imagine, or maybe they just smell food and decide they have to dig into the bag.


Whatever their reason might be, dogs have a habit of ripping apart any trash left in their vicinity. Once they’re done, their owners are left with an even bigger mess to clean up. Note to self: Keep all garbage away from dogs.

Master of Destruction

Sometimes dogs go so far above and beyond with their destruction that they have you wondering why you ever invited them into your home in the first place. This dog is definitely one of those special cases.


First, he managed to lock himself in the bathroom. Then, he used his time alone to tear through the family’s supply of diapers. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the pup then decided that he was tired of being alone, so he broke down the door. He’s a master of destruction, and we don’t mean that in a good way.

Yappy Dogs

Some dogs prefer to be quiet, but these sweet pups are basically the opposite. Not only do they enjoy barking, but they also manage to cause some serious trouble with all their loud yaps.


Imagine having to explain to a police officer that nothing’s wrong; it’s just that your dogs won’t shut up. It doesn’t sound like an entirely convincing story, even if it’s true.

A Feast For One

Dogs don’t understand that human food really isn’t very good for them. If they smell something they want, they’ll eat it. It’s as simple as that.


In this dog’s case, an entire loaf of bread went to waste. You’d think he’d be full after a few bites, but that’s just not how dogs work. If they get the chance to have a feast, they’ll take it every time.

A New Accessory

How do dogs manage to get themselves into the worst situations? When this pup went digging for food in the trash can, he walked away with a brand new accessory.


Much like the cone of shame, we can’t imagine that wearing a trash can lid around your neck is very comfortable. Still, it might be a good lesson to this pup that he shouldn’t go sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

That’s One Tough Day

Yet another example of two dogs teaming up to make trouble for their owners. These pups probably didn’t even know what trouble they were causing.


The first pup got sick and forced his parents to remove the car seat cover. However, that was the biggest mistake they could have made. Instead of a little throw-up, they then had to contend with their mess all over their car, courtesy of their second puppy. Talk about a rough day.

The Sock Thief

Finally, there might be an explanation as to where the mystery socks go. They didn’t just get up on their own two legs and escape; they were stolen by this adorable little pup. One wonders why he went for the smelly ones, though!


At least he isn’t stealing the fresh ones. This family probably is beginning to understand why their socks never make it out of the dryer.

He Did It!

Caught red-handed in the middle of little sibling spat! Clearly, big brother instantly regrets laying his paw on the little one. It looks like they’re about to get a lecture from mom to quit the rough-housing.


The little one is clearly reveling in the moment of a long-awaited justice. Now, mom knows exactly what’s going on over here.

“I’m Sowi”

This pup knows how to pull out the goods. The little tilt down and a flash of the big eyes looking at you. This is a move that can render any angry dog completely useless. While the puppy does look sorry that he ripped up everything on the porch, he knows he’s getting away with it.


Oh, well. Now there is a mess to clean up. Guess that’s what you have to accept when you get a puppy.

Stay True to Yourself

This dog certainly decided to stay true to who he is. While his parents tried to snap a picture shaming him for digging his teeth into everything he could get his paws on, he played right into his role.


When his owners say he eats everything, they really do mean everything. Even though he’s supposed to feel a little shame, the dog looks quite pleased with himself.

A Bitter Feud

Remember what we said about dogs and cats getting along? Yeah, that isn’t always the case. In this instance, the pup of the family clearly won the lifelong struggle between dogs and cats.


In the dog’s defense, he looks quite cozy sitting next to his brother. He’s just so big, and the cat is so small, so it makes sense that he would accidentally sit on him. At least, that’s the story he’s sticking to. But if the cat goes missing one day, the owners know where to look.

The Growth Chart

In this pup’s defense, his family does have a sense of humor. He’s been tearing up his house since he was just a little thing, but they don’t seem to mind. After all, it does mark just how big he’s getting.


We have to wonder, though, why does this specific door frame taste so good? If the dog keeps it up, there won’t be much of a frame left for him to chew on.

This Pup Won’t Be Shamed

You can’t help but look at this picture and laugh. The dog just seems so satisfied with himself. In fact, he seems like he’s actively looking forward to his next serving of bunny poop.


In a way, it’s sort of a relief that the dog isn’t eating his own poop. However, eating bunny poop isn’t exactly a step up. Happy as he looks in this photo, we can see why his family would want to shame him for such a nasty habit.

Explosive Farts

This poor dog looks so resigned to his fate. He can’t sleep comfortably because his farts keep waking him up. You can see the utter despair in his sweet little eyes.


Of course, the pup shouldn’t feel so bad. He has the rest of his life to sleep. A few embarrassing farts are funny for his family, even if they do rouse him from his slumber. Plus, he can always hold onto the hope that maybe one day the explosive farts will stop.

A Discerning Palette

Some dogs will eat anything. Others, however, have quite the discerning palette. This pup knows exactly what his tastebuds crave. It’s a solid piece of rubber with a foot-like smell. However, he can only dig in if the meal comes from the left side of the body.


Although the dog leaves the right shoe completely alone, there’s nothing he loves more than digging into a left-shoe feast. What is it about the left shoe that attracts him? We wish we could find out.

Hungry, Hungry Puppy

This pup saw his dad typing away at his computer day after day, and he just wanted to get in on the fun. Unfortunately, he realized pretty quickly that it’s rather difficult to type with paws, so he just decided to eat the keys instead.


One thing’s for sure: His dad will never leave his laptop open around the pup again.

A Yellow Mist

We’re just trying to picture exactly what happened here. Since the fan was running when the dog peed, we imagine there was quite an unpleasant mist that shot out.


Not only did the dog manage to ruin a perfectly good fan, but he also ensured that his pee spread across the entire room. If he wanted to mark his territory, he certainly found an efficient way to do it.

Happy Holidays

What a happy surprise on Christmas morning! This family came downstairs, excited to dig into all the presents under the tree. Little did they know, their dog decided to claim all the presents for himself.


We wonder if any of the gifts were salvageable. Either way, it was probably quite a bummer of a Christmas morning.

Look Before You Sit

When you hear that a dog licks the couch, you probably imagine a few swoops of their tongue here and there. But that’s not the case for this little chihuahua.


He licks the couch a lot. As in, there are huge puddles of wetness marking exactly where he’s been. This probably gets annoying for his owners after a while. Now, they have to look before they sit each time they approach the couch.

Smart Doggo Requires Smart Solution

We all know that if you leave something on the counter, most likely your dog will eat it….or at least lick it. This pup, however, is innovative. He knows where the goods are, and he knows how to get ‘em.


This guilty boy’s owners should be proud he was smart enough to learn to open the refrigerator door. Regardless of hunger, if there’s food reachable, he’ll eat it, and honestly, same.

Clearly Riddled with Guilt but Still a Good Boy

Okay, but would you look at that face? He absolutely knows he’s in trouble. But in his defense, he just got super into the musical “Wicked” and was just dying to try his rendition of “Defying Gravity” in full costume.


No, but in all seriousness, this pupper clearly had a run-in with a green marker, and it would seem the marker won. Wait until he gets his paws in those scented markers….

Pupper Motto: Better Out Than In

Dear Peppy, we totally understand. Sometimes you gotta let it out. It’s fairly unfortunate that your extreme flatulence could potentially be mistaken for defecation, but we’re under the impression that when you become a vet, it’s just part of the job.


That being said, maybe your owners should have your gastro-intestinal situation checked out next time you’re there…or maybe you should switch vets…

A Pair of Dentures, a Dog, and $1,000 Bucks

This little doggo made a very expensive mistake. Eating any of your parents’ stuff is an issue, but this pup just HAD to go for something of grandma’s, and of course, it just HAD to be the dentures, which cost a whopping $1,000 to replace.


Hopefully, this little guy learned his lesson, but just in case he may be scheming for round two, at least the family has learned to put the expensive do-dads out of his reach…which will either prevent further catastrophes or teach him to climb or open cabinets.

Pup Gets into Some Naughty Stuff

Okay, it’s true, puppers like to get their little snouts on all kinds of paraphernalia, but this dachshund has a bit of a naughty side, it seems.


Socks and maybe chewing on shoes is pretty standard in the dog world, but to go ahead and swallow an entire thong and then proceed to throw it back up might be a new level.

Even Puppers Like to Play Dress-Up

Our assumption is that this adorable doggo thought he was playing with a toy and got all tangled up. Either that or wearing mom’s bra is his new thing.


If our estimation is right, that bra may be a few cup sizes too big.  Either way, We’re not sure beige is his color…maybe black or if he really wants to go crazy a royal blue.

What are you waiting for? Throw it already!

“Finally, another little creature at height level for me to play with!” is probably what this pup is thinking. You can just see the anticipation in his face, waiting for his new little brother to throw the ball for him.


Alas, it seems his new friend doesn’t seem to understand the game yet. Just wait for another, oh, two years at least, and you’ll have the perfect play buddy. Patience is the name of the game…or is it fetch?

“The cat made me do it!”

We think this doggo’s face tells the whole story. Is he ashamed? Absolutely. Is it clear to him he did something wrong? Totally. Was it worth it? That remains to be seen. All he knows is the kitty litter has quite a pungent smell, and he thought, maybe, just maybe, it tastes as good as it smells.


We all know that the cat probably coerced him into it. They are clever little things, after all, and look at that face. He just looks so innocent!

Just Keep Digging, Just Keep Digging

The first step in dealing with a bad habit is admitting it. This scruffy guy has a, shall we say, obsession with tearing up the garden. Maybe his owners thought if they could get him to come clean about his “addiction,” he could start to rehabilitate himself.


Until then, we’d imagine his inner monologue sounds something like this: “just keep digging, just keep digging” (to the tune of just keep swimming, obviously).

He’s Still a Good Boy He Is

Here’s the question though, did Yoga really deserve this type of treatment? He is, after all, the loveable, backward-talking Jedi trainer from a swamp down in Dagobah.


That being said, this Doggo didn’t seem to hold Yoda in that high regard…either that or it was his way of showing affection. A backward way of expressing endearment it was.

The Intimates Are Not Safe from Doggo

This Dachshund has that look on his face like “it wasn’t me,” even though the evidence claims otherwise. He didn’t just go in and chew a small hole in the undies but totally tore them to shreds.


This pair of underwear has now been deemed unwearable. It looks like this doggo’s parents are gonna have to start hiding the intimates section of the laundry from him.  Well, that or just buy him a pair of his own boxer briefs to tear up.

In This Household, the Cat is King

It looks like this pupper’s parents are just trying to get him to grow a little bit of a spine. In the words of cats and dogs, there’s an assumption the dog is in the position of power, but in this household, that cat is king!


You can even see it in the puppy’s face. It’s unclear if the look of shame is because he wants to eat and feels bad he can’t or because he knows he’s powerless against the wily ways of the ginger feline.

A Scholarly Pup and a Poop Incident

Take a look at these two puppy brothers. Both are guilty of being bad boys, but they really took different routes to delinquency. The adorable guy on the left decided it would be a grand ‘ole idea to poop directly next to the elliptical machine.


We say it adds an extra, shall we say, “challenge” to working out. The little one on the right was only trying to educate himself with a leisurely read of Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick” but then remembered he’s a dog and can’t read, so he ate the book instead. Very legitimate move in our book.

Bark Box Blues

Yes, their mom was kind enough to order them all kinds of goodies from the internet. Yes, they have a canine-level sense of smell, and the temptation was just too great! These naughty puppies definitely finished all their treats in one sitting.


On the one hand, we can’t really blame them, but on the other hand, now they don’t have any treats, and they’ll have to wait until the next Bark Box, which will certainly be carefully stored out of reach.

Chalkboard Pig Phobia

Now in this doggo’s defense, a chalkboard pig isn’t the most common household item. You can just see on his face the fear of this, well, yes, inanimate object.


Some are afraid of clowns, some spiders, maybe even snakes, but this may be the first time that we’ve heard of someone or, shall we say, some dog, afraid of a pig. A pig that can’t move. So yeah, it’s silly.

It’s a Slippery, Slidy Slope

Now, this guy definitely plans his poop attacks. He absolutely knows what the damage will be, and if he could laugh, we’d imagine that’s exactly what he’d be doing.


This sneaky little devil can have his pick of any bathroom in the yard, but no, he just HAS to do his business at the bottom of the kid’s slide…where he knows once they got the momentum going, there’s no way to stop.

A Nasty Habit Indeed

Well, shucks…this terrier has quite a nasty habit indeed. It’s one thing to go into the trash, another thing to specifically hunt for feminine products, but it’s entirely another thing to take them from the trash and hide them…under the bed.


Is he saving them? Is it a present his mom never wanted or asked for? We may never know…

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