6 Great Dating Sites For Animal Lovers

It’s not easy in the dating world. Finding common interests with a potential partner can be challenging. But if you are an animal lover, you might be in luck. There are plenty of sites out there that are great at bringing zoophiles together. If you need your future soulmate to love your pet as much they do you, then here are 6 sites that are perfect for just that.

Dog Lover

There are dog people and then are cat people. When it comes to dating, you really don’t want to land up in the wrong category. Here, potential matches can find their people and connect over their fluffy friends. It’s also a great way to find both human and dog compatibility. Owner of a rottweiler? That chihuahua mama might not your style. Though opposites do attract…

Animal Attraction

This not only brings animal lovers together but also creates an opportunity for them to support animals in need! With every registration, a portion goes straight to a charity of your choice. The more you log in, the more money they donate.

Animal People

It’s good to have options. You can’t have every single animal lover on one site. It would be impossible to find a soulmate. The people behind Animal People know how happy your pet makes you, which is why they’re committed to finding your perfect partner.


Pet People Meet

This site not only connects animal lovers, but it also offers a whole host of really cool video and audio greetings that feature tons of animal-related themes. Choose from a wide range of adorable gifs, videos, and audio clips featuring the cutest and funniest creatures.


This app doubles as both a way to find friendly dogs in the neighborhood, as well as meet a potential match who loves dogs as much as you do. Like Tinder, it’s super easy to use with a swipe right or left feature. Have a match? Go on a friendly dog date.

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